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Products And Services - Is Credit Insurance Right For Your Business?


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Get to know which of our products will best protect your business. Slow pay, no pay...we pay! Download now.

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Products And Services - Is Credit Insurance Right For Your Business?

  1. 1. Products and services to meet your needs
  2. 2. About Euler Hermes ACI
  3. 3. Before doing business with anyone else, it pays to do business with us Euler Hermes ACI is North America’s oldest and largest provider of accounts receivable insurance, with local offices across the US, Canada and Mexico. Euler Hermes ACI is a member of the Euler Hermes Group, the world’s premier credit insurer. With 6,000 employees, Euler Hermes’ risk management presence spans five continents and more than 30 countries. In most of these countries, it is the number one or number two credit insurer in the market. Euler Hermes ACI provides credit management solutions for small, medium and large companies in all industries. Credit insurance from Euler Hermes ACI can help you trade with confidence, providing valuable protection against the consequences of domestic or overseas customer insolvency and non-payment. When you insure your accounts receivable with Euler Hermes ACI, you can: • Achieve financial objectives more confidently • Safely expand sales • Secure better borrowing terms • Reduce bad-debt reserves • Avoid catastrophic bad-debt losses
  4. 4. Business Advantage policy
  5. 5. Protection designed for you Euler Hermes ACI’s Business Advantage policy is designed for companies who sell within North America (United States and Canada) and have annual sales less than $10 million. Accounts receivable insurance from Euler Hermes ACI is an efficient, cost-effective way to control credit risk and safely increase sales. This accounts receivable coverage ensures you will get paid if any of your covered accounts in North America become insolvent, are slow to pay, or are otherwise unable to pay. Product highlights • Designed for administrative ease of use • Ongoing account monitoring provides early warning of potential credit risks • Protection against customer insolvency and non-payment • On-line policy management system, EOLIS, makes policy management simple and convenient • Obtain better financing terms and borrow more working capital by offering lender insured receivables as collateral • Debt collection services included in policy • Ability to increase sales to new and existing customers
  6. 6. Domestic Markets policy
  7. 7. Reduce overall business risk by insuring one of your largest assets Accounts receivable are the most vulnerable to unexpected losses, but are typically the only major asset left uninsured. Whether you are a small, mid-size or large company, Euler Hermes ACI’s industry-specialized underwriters can provide tailored risk management solutions. Product highlights If you sell only in the United States and Canada, the Domestic Markets product is for you. The Domestic • Protection against catastrophic Markets policy is an efficient, cost-effective way to bad-debt losses control your credit risk and safely increase sales. This coverage ensures you will get paid if any of your • Pre-approved coverage for covered accounts in North America become insolvent, large accounts – discretionary are slow to pay, or are otherwise unable to pay. coverage on other accounts • Ongoing account monitoring provides early warning of potential credit risks • Low-maintenance policy with instant, secure access via the Internet • Sell safely to new and existing customers • Secure better financing terms and borrow more working capital by offering your lender insured receivables as collateral
  8. 8. Multi-Markets policy
  9. 9. A tailored plan for worldwide protection Multi-Markets credit insurance A Multi-Markets policy can from Euler Hermes ACI is designed benefit your company if you: for North American companies that • are expanding into markets want to cover commercial and abroad and looking for a way political risks on their domestic to secure payment on domestic and export sales. The Multi-Markets accounts, but recognize that policy is a simple, reliable way to political risk for foreign customers insure both domestic and export is just as great as the risk of accounts receivable in one insolvency comprehensive policy. • have credit insurance on your Euler Hermes ACI’s Multi-Markets export accounts but want that policy provides protection against same protection for your non-payment, slow payment and domestic accounts insolvency caused by losses due • hold separate domestic and to commercial or political events. export policies with different Region-specific underwriters insurers, but would prefer a will work in conjunction with you single, seamless policy to support your credit decisions through access to Euler Hermes’ Product highlights database with proprietary information on more than 40 • Comprehensive policy protects against commercial and political million companies worldwide. risks in 160 countries worldwide • Safely expand sales to existing or new, foreign buyers • Instant, secure access to policy information via the Internet • Ability to obtain better financing terms and borrow more working capital • Cheaper, quicker and easier than letters of credit • Pre-approved coverage for large accounts. Discretionary coverage on other accounts • Ongoing account monitoring provides early warning of potential credit risks
  10. 10. International policy
  11. 11. Tailored program to meet your individual needs If your company is a multi-national business, the International policy can seamlessly optimize and simplify your risk management efforts. An International policy is more cost effective than having separate policies in each country. Euler Hermes ACI’s multi-national sales and service team will work with you to create a customized policy that meets your company’s specific needs. You will receive the highest quality services in risk prevention, recovery of bad debts and payment of claims. As an International customer, you will have a single point-of-contact at Euler Hermes ACI to help you manage your policy, which is available in five languages and the currencies of your choice. When your subsidiaries need assistance in other countries, a local Euler Hermes company will be there to assist. You and your subsidiaries will benefit from a global view of total group exposures, and as a result, simpler control of risks. Product highlights • Highly tailored program to meet your company’s specific needs • Flexible program; common worldwide structure or varying local terms • One worldwide policy available in five languages • Local in-country and regional service by Euler Hermes companies in more than 30 countries around the world • Risk management offices across the globe • Ability to manage policy on-line • Underwriting supported by database with proprietary information on more than 40 million companies worldwide
  12. 12. EOLIS, on-line policy management system
  13. 13. Fast, easy policy access Euler Hermes ACI provides its clients and business partners instant, secure access to policy information via the Internet, including the ability to obtain online coverage decisions. Quick coverage decisions help Euler Hermes ACI policyholders sell more competitively without the credit risk. Connecting to EOLIS enables policyholders to: • Fulfill new orders without delay by getting your request for coverage on new or existing customers answered quickly • Check current policy coverage and decision reports • Submit claims on-line and access updates on claims activity at any time • Enjoy e-mail access to their Euler Hermes ACI agent and Client Service Team members, including Underwriting, Claims and Billing department personnel • View EOLIS in four different languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German.
  14. 14. Claims and collections services
  15. 15. Get paid for what you sell When you insure your Dedicated Claims Units accounts receivable with The Claims Group within Euler Hermes ACI, you can Euler Hermes ACI is segmented count on being paid for what to help large policyholders you sell, even if one of your and first-time claims filers. covered accounts suddenly This enables us to provide faces insolvency or is Collecting non-covered claims world-class customer service otherwise unable to pay. Euler Hermes ACI Collection at the least cost to our Credit insurance from Services, Inc. (Euler Hermes customers. Euler Hermes ACI ACS), a wholly owned The Large Claims unit complements your credit subsidiary of Euler Hermes ACI handles all pre-claim activity, management processes to Holding Inc., provides clients large losses, and all claims for protect your company from with the highest quality, our larger policyholders. This the impact of unanticipated professional global commercial unit allows us to concentrate credit loss or account recovery service available. on the high value claims that insolvency. As a unique policy When Euler Hermes ACI have the greatest impact on feature, Euler Hermes ACI customers need commercial customers and to provide provides coverage for collection services for customized services. Similarly, preference claims. non-covered claims, they the First-Time Claim Unit Whether your company is turn to Euler Hermes ACS. helps first-time filers receive a small, medium or large Collection fees for Euler specialized training to resolve business, Euler Hermes ACI Hermes ACI customers are a their claim. is dedicated to helping you fraction of competitors’ fees. The Claims Group is through the claims and And through the help of the committed to handling claims recovery process. Euler Hermes worldwide quickly and efficiently so as network, Euler Hermes ACS to help take the worry out of can collect overdue accounts managing unexpected receivable from debtors insolvencies and past due regardless of their location. situations. Our recovery performance is better than industry norms.
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