YOUmedia @ ILF Annual 2013


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Presented by Jeremy Dunn, Director of Learning @ Chicago Public Library
October 2013

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  • Added elements:Production-centeredShared purposeOpenly networked
  • One of our librarians said, How can I change this?Shut the game off one day and started asking questions. What were your best and worst experiences playing a particular game?
  • Taylor had a really great idea. The conversation was robust, it was student-centered, and there was a really meaningful exchange of information.Why not transfer this energy about video gaming
  • Naaaahhhhhhhh. Thanks Taylor, but no thanks.
  • Let’s Play ZORK! – a text-based adventure game.
  • Thus was born the Library of Games
  • Examples of goals: User polls for topicsLive streaming of gamesEsports – professional gaming leagues
  • Feature: A Review or an essay on a topicPersonal Choice – Is connected to the feature, but gives a special focus on a particular topic or question.
  • Editorial: Is it time for a game about 9/11?
  • Takeaways: The kids decided what they were good at; it’s imperative to let them take the lead in this context where attendance is not required, and you want them to continue to choose to be there.The librarian realized that she had to act like just another member of the podcast. She thought she could be on the side and “facilitate”; the kids didn’t accept that and so she is one of the group and participates in the same way that they do.
  • Opens on July 8 and is meant to be a 6-month trial to explore Maker Lab’s in libraries. Is it a good fit? If so, what works and what doesn’t? Equipment, programs, partners.
  • CNC Milling MachineLaser CutterVinyl CutterMakerbot ReplicatorsIntro to Maker Lab 3D BustsLaptop Skin DesignAcrylic Key Chains3D Design StudioTemporary TattooPrint CraftMuseum Scan
  • Key concept in workshop design – Low floor, High ceiling
  • YOUmedia @ ILF Annual 2013

    1. 1. Chicago
    2. 2. Research: Mimi Ito HOMAGO
    3. 3. HOMAGO
    4. 4. HOMAGO Design Hanging Out
    5. 5. HOMAGO Design Messing Around
    6. 6. HOMAGO Design Geeking Out
    7. 7. Space Design: Challenges & Lessons Learned
    8. 8. There is more than one way to HOMAGO!
    9. 9. Meet Niq, Graphic Design Mentor BX3oybTA/edit?usp=sharing
    10. 10. Niq BX3oybTA/edit?usp=sharing
    11. 11. YOUmedia: Branches
    12. 12. YOUmedia: Branches
    13. 13. YOUmedia: Branches
    14. 14. YOUmedia: Branches
    15. 15. Teens at the Harold Washington Library Center
    16. 16. Penny Bender Sebring, Eric R. Brown, Kate M. Julian, Stacy B. Ehrlich, Susan E. Sporte, Erin Bradley, and Lisa Meyer
    17. 17. YOUmedia Users: • 350-500 individual teens visit weekly. • 39 percent reported attending weekly for over a year. • 40 percent are African-American males. -- Penny Bender Sebring, et al. Teens, Digital Media, and the Chicago Public Library
    18. 18. YOUmedia Users: -- Penny Bender Sebring, et al. Teens, Digital Media, and the Chicago Public Library
    19. 19. YOUmedia Users: • • • 89 percent believe it's cool to be excited about interests at YOUmedia. 57 percent report improving one or more digital media skills because of YOUmedia. Over half report YOUmedia helping to improve school work, writing, and relationships with adults. -- Penny Bender Sebring, et al. Teens, Digital Media, and the Chicago Public Library
    20. 20. YOUmedia Users: • Nearly 75 percent report a greater awareness of post-high school opportunities because of YOUmedia. • 65 percent report a connection with at least one adult in YOUmedia. -- Penny Bender Sebring, et al. Teens, Digital Media, and the Chicago Public Library
    21. 21. New Research: Connected Learning "Connected Learning occurs when a young person is able to follow a personal interest or passion with the support of peers and caring adults and can link this interest or learning to academic achievement, career success, or civic engagement." -- Penny Bender Sebring, et al. Teens, Digital Media, and the Chicago Public Library
    22. 22. YOUmedia Programming
    23. 23. Harold Washington Library Center Workshop Schedule
    24. 24. Challenges, Best Practices, Lessons Learned: Niq on program design
    25. 25. Case Study: Video Gaming
    26. 26. Let’s Blog!
    27. 27. Building a podcast Use Google and Twitter to plan Three seasons per year Identify goals for each season
    28. 28. Program Structure Roles for each podcast: Host, Producer and Feature Producer Content Options: Feature, Personal Choice, Editorials, Reviews Learning the Craft
    29. 29. Partnerships and Collaborations
    30. 30. "Hive Chicago is a network of civic and cultural institutions dedicated to transforming the learning landscape by creating opportunities for youth to explore their interests through connected learning experiences."
    31. 31. CPL Maker Lab IMLS Grant
    32. 32. Future Direction YOUmedia as catalyst for institutional change Development of Pathways (career, post-secondary, vocational, etc. Mentor models Effective measurement and evaluation Expand reach to unserved youth
    33. 33. Meet Matt, YOUmedia CyberNavigator
    34. 34.
    35. 35.
    36. 36. Resources: • • • • • • • •