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Introduction to iOS development


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Published in: Mobile, Technology

Introduction to iOS development

  1. 1. Introduction to iOS Development   Jean-Luc David
  2. 2. Why build mobile apps? $2.9B Ad Revenue 28% Web Traffic+ People are increasingly using their phones than desktops
  3. 3. What is iOS?
  4. 4. What tools are required? Developer + +
  5. 5. What is Objective-C? • The Objective-C language is a simple computer language designed to enable sophisticated object-oriented programming. • Knowing or having an understanding of C will help you understand this language • It is a C superset based and built on Smalltalk • Steve Jobs adopted it for his company NextStep
  6. 6. How do you design? Code or Storyboards
  7. 7. Demo - Godzilla Soundboard
  8. 8. Where can you learn? Tuition   $2500   
 Next Session   June 10th - August 28th Intro to iOS 
 Development   Twelve weeks   Tuesday & Thursday Evenings
 This course is for people interested 
 in learning to create iOS applications   like as Foursquare and publishing them 
 on the App Store.
  9. 9. Thank you! Jean-Luc David