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Winwin shortsales

  1. 1. WELCOME TO SHORT SALE CENTER AT WIN WIN REALTY GROUP Home Real Estate Short Sales Mortgage Real Estate Agents Home Values Real Estate Hotline: (877)-261-6526        Short Sale Hotline: (813)-777-5130        Mortgage Hotline: (888)-392-8640 Real Estate Agents Short Sale Real Estate Center Need To Short Sale Your Home? Get Free Consultation Today Short Sale Hotline: (813)-777-5130 If you are like many across our great country that have fallen on hard times, money has become tight and bills areCALL AMY STIER (877)-261-6526 increasingly getting harder to pay. Are you avoiding phone calls from your mortgage lender because you cannot come up with the monthly payment? Think foreclosure is the only option left? Consider a short sale as an alternative to foreclosure. In the News What is a Short Sale?Saturday, Mar 06, 2010 A short sale occurs when the lender agrees to sell your home for less than what is owed on the mortgage becauseForecast Report Update: ARST Short you are experiencing a financial or economic hardship. Why would the bank be willing to do such a thing? ASale From Pre-Market High Up 4.6% - foreclosure costs a lot of money for all parties involved. If through a short sale, the bank and lender are able to some portion of their money without having to pay all the fees involved with a foreclosure, it is usually a betterFri, 05 Mar 2010 21:05:08 GMT+00:00 investment.view full article While a short sale sounds like an easy alternative to foreclosure, it is a complicated process with many moving parts.Short Sale Seattle - Short Sale Win Win Real Estate agents have experience with short sales and can help you navigate smoothly through theBellevue - Foreclosures Seattle - experience. We know the questions to ask, the steps to take, and we have many of the answers that you will (press release) Our agents established relationships with lenders give Win Win Realty Group an outstanding reputation within theFri, 05 Mar 2010 01:30:21 GMT+00:00 real estate industry.view full articleHoping to prevent stock meltdowns,SEC passes short-selling rules -Washington Post PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW TO GET FREE SHORT SALE CONSULTATION:Thu, 25 Feb 2010 03:59:32 Name:GMT+00:00 Address:view full article City, State Zip:     Email: Phone: Comments: 5 6   Word Verification:   Submit   Clear ABOUT OUR SHORT SALE PROGRAM Short Sale at Win Win Realty Group. We offer free consultation of short sale process. If you have any questions with short sale qualification, please contact us today at (813)-777-5130. Tools: mortgage calculator | school reports | lenders loss mitigation Menu: home | real estate | short sales | mortgage | field partners | contacts E-mail: Win Win Realty Group © 2009