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CALL 770-850-1111                                                                                                         ...
CALL 770-850-1111                                                                                                         ...
CALL 770-850-1111                                                                                                         ...
CALL 770-850-1111What To Expect When Starting Service With PSI Security :Within a few days of starting service, youll noti...
CALL 770-850-1111                                                                                                         ...
CALL 770-850-1111Security Service Industry Questions to Think About / Part -Two :2. Does this company background check and...
CALL 770-850-1111Security Service Industry Questions to Think About / Part-Three :3. Does your current Security company in...
CALL 770-850-1111You Can Always Count On PSI Security Service!
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PSI Security Services Power Point


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PSI Security Services Power Point

  1. 1. CALL 770-850-1111 Call 770-850-1111Welcome:Need a Security Team to Protect Your Investments?Since 1989, PSI has been known as Metro Atlantas LOCAL Guard Service. James Pless, our President and CEO, created asuccessful company unique to the Security Services Industry... one that delivers big time and major league service along with adistinct LOCAL business flavor.PSIs Management Team & Administrative Staff were hand-picked from the ranks of Americas Largest Security Firms as well asState, County, and Regional Law Enforcement Agencies. From short-term temporary coverage to multi-year, multi-faceted, complete-turnkey security programs, PSI is the common-sense company that will prove its value time and time again.Providing good service starts with taking the time to listen. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive theservices you need. Our business is 100% client-oriented, and we maintain strict confidentiality.We hope youll find the information you need about our company and the services we provide in this presentation helpful. Choosingto meet with us means youre on your way to making the right security service decisions.You can always count on PSI. Contact us today at 770-850-1111. *Serving Metro Atlanta & the Entire State of Georgia with Advance Notice.
  2. 2. CALL 770-850-1111 Call 770-850-1111About PSI:At PSI our goals are… to provide the best customer service possible… to make each of our clients feel like their the only client weserve…and to forecast, plan, and execute based upon honesty and outstanding customer service.After years of experience serving a multitude of different clients, every service company finds that it has been drawn to particularmarketing segment. It’s in these following markets that proficiency develops and specialization proceeds.At PSI we can affirm our expertise in servicing the following markets:• Manufacturing and Processing• Real Estate and Big Ticket Retail• Property and Facility Management• Development and Construction• Transportation, Distribution and Logistics• Medical and Healthcare• State and County Governments• Warehousing and Storage
  3. 3. CALL 770-850-1111 Call 770-850-1111Mobile Patrol Services:Vehicle patrol services are valuable options to a security coverage program. They can either act as additions to existing Guard Services orfunction as a stand-alone program of observation and deterrence.PSI is just as flexible in its programs offering Patrol Services as we are for our Guard Services. We will work with our clients to create a Patrolschedule that will both accomplish their security goals and stay within their budget. The Patrol Supervisors will be on property as long as it takesto perform their assigned rounds, making sure to check whatever checkpoints have been highlighted and then leave your property to return laterfor their next patrol rounds. Random routine means that we adhere to a fixed schedule based upon your choices but ,we arrive at random times,attempting to vary arrivals night to night so as to not be predictable in any way.Dedicated Patrols are a more intense form of vehicle patrolling. A dedicated Patrol program means that we never leave your property except forfuel and maintenance. It consists of a private vehicle which will carry your company identification, company name, and, logo on its doors. It willnot be used at any other location and the patrol vehicle will be left at your location when not in use. Dedicated Patrols usually run on a 24 hoursa day 7 days a week or, they can be set-up to run 18 hours a day 7 days a week or, 12 hours a day 7 days a week depending upon yourcompany’s needs. Many times these vehicles will be equipped with light bars, spot lights, microphone and speaker, cell phones and or radios.Dedicated Patrols require a “Two-Year Service Agreement” with PSI as the upfront costs are quite considerable.The Patrol Service program is a great option when company’s budgets are limited.Dedicated Patrol is often the only security program a Corporation has as it involves Security Guards on duty for prolonged periods of time in avehicle that remains on your property. So, if Patrol of your property is what you need then look no further then PSI Security. You can always count on PSI. Contact us today at 770-850-1111.
  4. 4. CALL 770-850-1111What To Expect When Starting Service With PSI Security :Within a few days of starting service, youll notice some very refreshing things happening:1. Youll realize that PSI did not misrepresent its capabilities, its personnel or its prices. PSI understands your business and your industry.2. The Post-Order will be site specific and very clear as to what is expected from every Security Officer working your business.3. The verification of Insurance and Licenses and any other required paperwork came through in a timely manner.4. The Security Officers arriving to train and to work at your facility were just as you were promised.5. Youll see that PSIs Supervisors do check their assigned accounts around the clock, 365 days a year.6. Youll find any phone calls placed and or emails sent to PSI will be responded to promptly. We perceive time as our most critical element.
  5. 5. CALL 770-850-1111 Call 770-850-1111Security Service Industry Questions to Think About / Part -One:1. Are the Security Guards you’re considering trained and tested prior to assignment?The State of Georgia, unlike its close neighbor Florida, does not have regulations regarding the licensing of Unarmed Security Officers. Floridacurrently requires 24 hours plus .16 hours of initial training plus 16 hours of refresher training each year prior to License renewal in the State of Florida.What Georgia does instead is to License the Owner of the Security Guard company underthe “Private Detectives and Security Agencies” License. It’s the Owner who is being qualified... not the company. Thus, it’s at the sole discretionof the company Owner(s) to see that their Guard Service Personnel are properly classroom trained.The State of Georgia recommends a minimum classroom training time of twenty-four hours. The State does not mandate what is covered duringthose twenty-four hours. Your better Security Guard Services will have each of its candidates take a written test, offered one time (no retests),which must be passed with a score of 80% or better prior to assignment to a clients property. If your prospective provider claims to train and test,ask to see their training curriculum and tests.
  6. 6. CALL 770-850-1111Security Service Industry Questions to Think About / Part -Two :2. Does this company background check and drug test all its Security Personnel?Criminal Background Checks, Credit Investigations, Drug Test results, and other personal information items are forbiddenby Federal Law from being distributed or shared beyond the approved requestor. Unfortunately some of the largestSecurity Services providers in Metro Atlanta have been caught not doing these checks even though their omission wouldresult in fines and possible imprisonment.Integrity:What does it mean when it comes to Background Checking & Testing? Everything!Any Guard Service, no matter whom or where, which consistently happens to be the lower bidder, is cutting cornerssomeplace. Oftentimes, the corner cutting starts with inadequate screening procedures and carries over into poortraining.Bottom line is... Do you want Felons, Thieves or Criminals of any type guarding your assets? Insist on background checkson all Security Guard personnel that may be hired to work your property.
  7. 7. CALL 770-850-1111Security Service Industry Questions to Think About / Part-Three :3. Does your current Security company insist on written instructions prior to starting the service?The written instructions we refer to are called “Post Orders” in the Security Service Industry. These are the set of written requirements,inclusions, exclusions, policies and procedures that must be agreed upon by all parties before the first Security Guard arrives on site. The writtenContract or Service Agreement and the Post Orders are two very important documents. They create the business relationship. Post Orders arethe document set that controls the expectation of the security program between customer and provider. Post orders are the exchange mediumthat translates the internal perceptions into the external reality.4. Are Security Guards site-specifically trained?Most of the more common Security Guard companies will train their Security Guards when they arrive at the client’s place of business for theirfirst shift. Worse yet, they’ll use the Security Guard coming off duty to train the Security Guard coming on duty. You’re safer with a SecurityGuard company that understands and lives by the value of training. One that prepares the Post Orders well enough in advance of the start dateto be able to educate your new Security Guards ahead of time according to your desires.5. Is your current Security Guard Company’s policy for dress codes being enforced on all shifts?During the daytime when everyone is around, Security Guards are in complete uniform but, when the sun goes down, or on weekends, whoknows what you’ll find. Make one of your evaluation criteria be that the Security Guard Company’s Management Team will have to make routineinspections of their nighttime Security Guards assigned to your facility.
  8. 8. CALL 770-850-1111You Can Always Count On PSI Security Service!