Mest fellowship sg 2011


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Mest fellowship sg 2011

  1. 1. Meltwater Entrepreneurial School ofTechnology (MEST)
  2. 2. Agenda1. Meltwater in a Nutshell2. MEST Overview3. What you can expect joining MEST4. What to expect living in Ghana5. Teaching Fellowship6. Selection Criteria7. Job profiles and Experiences
  3. 3. Meltwater in a NutshellFounded 2001 in Oslo 800 employees Initial funding: $15.000Global #1 player 50+ offices Always ProfitableWorldwide expansion 18.000 clients Zero Debts
  4. 4. What we do for our clients
  5. 5. Some of our valued clients
  6. 6. The Meltwater Flower Strategy Meltwater Infra- Meltwater Press structure News Meltwater Talent MEST New Ventures
  7. 7. MEST OverviewNot-for-profit NGO fully funded and run by Meltwater Group
  8. 8. It all started with an idea…. Jørn Lyseggen Founder & CEO Meltwater Group
  9. 9. Our VisionTo create wealth and jobs locally in AfricaBy training and mentoring young Africans to start their own softwarecompanies and compete successfully in the global market place.We want to create rock star software entrepreneurs that can inspiregenerations to follow in their footstepsOur focus is on Accra, Ghana, but once we succeed we hope that asense of pride and hope will ripple across the African continent andencourage similar initiatives everywhere.It is our hope that the companies hatched through the Meltwaterprogram will inspire a future prosperous technology industry inAfrica.
  10. 10. Entrepreneurial Program in 3 phases 1. Training 2. Incubation 3. Mentoring MEST MINC Mentoring• 2 year full-time paid 1-2 year incubation of Start-up company traineeship business ideas based on commercially active on software concept the global market place• In-house training in commercial software seed funding and Supported by a mentor development and Infrastructure provided by program consisting of entrepreneurship Meltwater world-class executives and entrepreneurs• Full paid hostels and Open for qualified graduates three meals per day of MEST• Allowance Accra, London, San Francisco
  11. 11. Why is Meltwaterdoing this?• Fundamental belief in people – talent is equally distributed across the world, what differs are the resources and support given to some and not others• Giving back – wanting to have an impact beyond the direct economic effect of our business operations• Maximizing the impact• Focus on education/training – “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”• Influencing future generations – creating positive role models, who prove that globally competitive software can come from Africa• Software as a vector for growth – a high-growth space, where products can be competitive with minimal upfront capital investment and limited resources
  12. 12. Why Ghana?1. English speaking2. Good educational system3. Gov. support of technology4. Good Infrastructure5. Politically stable and secure6. Easily accessible fromUS/Europe/Asia
  13. 13. MEST Training• Started in February 2008• 2-year fully-funded training• High potential university graduates in Ghana• Hands-on training in soft. development & entrepreneurship• Personal development and mentorship• Trained by international faculty team• Preparation for incubator application• Currently Class 2011 and class 2012 is enrolled• One new class enrolled in August every year
  14. 14. The Opening of MEST 11th February 2008
  15. 15. Graduation 2010
  16. 16. MEST Incubator• Founded in February 2010• Provides support & seed funding• Currently includes 7 companies: Leti Games, Streemio, Nandi Mobile, Retail Tower, Arto Connect, Tutamee, Esanoya• New projects pitching June 2011• Meltwater Foundation minority equity stake• Face 3: External mentors Mentorship program
  17. 17. MEST Success Stories• LETI GAMES: Created an iphone app called iWarrior. Has been heralded as Africa’s first 3D computer game!• NANDIMOBILE: Created a feedback system via SMS. Was labelled as “Best Company” at February’s Entrepreneurs conference LAUNCH in San Francisco!
  18. 18. What to expect joiningMEST
  19. 19. MEST Values
  20. 20. Our values are chosen in order to:• Help us do our job better• Help us set expectations to each other• Guide us in making right decisions in our daily work
  21. 21. Generosity
  22. 22. Positive Thinking
  23. 23. Standards
  24. 24. GPS
  25. 25. Curriculum
  26. 26. The Curriculum• Software Development – Internet applications – Mobile applications• Entrepreneurship• Business• Seminar• Executive Guest Lecture Series
  27. 27. An overview of theTraining Program
  28. 28. What to expect living inGhana
  29. 29. Aluguntuguntu street
  30. 30. Teaching Fellowship
  31. 31. • Senior Faculty • Professionals recruited from the USA and Europe who have worked on commercial state-of-the-art software development• Teaching Fellows • Fellowships awarded to gradates of a computer science, engineering or business degree at a reputable international university
  32. 32. Teaching Fellow
  33. 33. Teaching Fellowship• Start date in Ghana: 01 August• Duration: 1 year• Meal plan & housing: Offered by MEST• Health insurance: Offered by MEST• Stipend: $1000 USD per month• Travel: 1 paid roundtrip per term
  34. 34. What to expect as aFellow• More responsibility than you expected• Personal and professional challenges• Long hours• Unique working/living conditions• International experience• To learn and develop as a person
  35. 35. Selection Criteria
  36. 36. Selection Criteria• Strong Technical or Business background• Teaching Potential• Drive/Stamina• Team player• Communication Skills• Personality & humor• Intelligence
  37. 37. Job profiles
  38. 38. General CriteriaAn Ideal Candidate’s Qualifications:• Ability to work in a team, and to deal with ambiguity• Good verbal and written communication in English; good presentation skills• Drive and ability to handle hard times• Intelligence - Social awareness• Warm, easy to get a long with personality• Ideally: Worked in Start-Up environment before• Loves our vison and wants to contribute to the team
  39. 39. Job Profile: Technical Teaching FellowYour qualification should include (e.g.) :• Programming proficiency in one of the following languages: Java, C++, C#, PHP• Experience with relational databases and SQL• Knowledge of object-oriented programming and design• Bachelors degree in computer science or related field• Understanding of the entrepreneurship/business and software industry
  40. 40. Job Profile: BusinessTeaching FellowYour qualification should include (e.g.) :• Bachelors degree in business and/or entrepreneurship• Creativity/brainstorming techniques and business idea generation• Basic understanding of finance, accounting, marketing and strategy• Understanding of the entrepreneurship/business and software industry• Business plan writing and evaluation skills
  41. 41. Application ProcessThe Application Process is as follows:- APRIL 11th – Applications due through our website: April 11th – April 24th – Phone interviews- April 24-30th – Phone conversation with local Teaching Fellow - Not an interview; used as a chance to ask questions- Early May – Group interview in Singapore- Early May – Individual interview for successful candidatesStart Date in Ghana: August 2nd 2011
  42. 42. www.meltwater.orgFacebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and LinkedIn
  43. 43. Thank you!