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Engage101 what-is-engagement

  1. 1. mBuzz Sales EducationEngage 101:What is Social Engagement?
  2. 2. Agenda I. Presentation (45 minutes) • What is Social Engagement? • Stages of a Social Business + Use Cases • Identifying Social Stages II. Q&A (15 minutes) • Please use the Chat functionality to send Questions during the presentation III. Individual Office Workshops (60 minutes) • Build your slides (15 minutes) • Present your slides to your team (5 minutes each)1
  3. 3. What is Social Engagement? • What is it? • Socially active versus socially engaged…what’s the difference? • What are the goals of social engagement? • How do I identify a socially active business?2
  4. 4. Stages of a Social Business Meltwater Buzz Engage Module Marketing Module Monitor Acquire Engage Develop Monetize Example: Dell Outlet3
  5. 5. Stage I: Monitoring Company Profile • Are focused on the analytics of brand mentions on social networks • May have established social accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but not very active • Not actively promoting their social presence through other marketing activities • Primary goal is to understand brand sentiment, themes and volume on social networks • MOST larger brands are beyond this stage4
  6. 6. Stage I: Monitoring • Understand social conversation and brand sentiment Goals • Determine volume • Passive Social Activity • Some posts • Brand mentions Metrics • Brand sentiment • Themes • Comprehensive platform Pain Points • In-depth analysis & reporting • Quick synthesis of data5
  7. 7. Monitoring Use Cases • Marketing strategy • Enhancing customer service These are the actual use cases • Media planning that survey • Search engine optimization respondents cited for their social • Search engine marketing monitoring efforts • Display advertising optimization Source: WebLiquid and RSW/US, July 2011 Survey8
  8. 8. Example of Stage I (Monitoring) Company: Morgan Stanley • No links to social accounts on website • No “official” Twitter account • Very aware of Twitter: • Morgan Stanley’s Twitter Initiative (WSJ) • Highly regulated industry • Reputation and brand are important9
  9. 9. Stage II: Social Contact Acquisition Company Profile • Moving beyond passive listening • Established social accounts on Twitter and Facebook • Not a huge number of followers / Likes • Posting content and responding to inquiries • Promoting their social presence through other marketing activities • Primary goal is to develop their social presence10
  10. 10. Stage II: Social Contact Acquisition • Build awareness Goals • Drive fan base (follows, likes) • Understanding • Post curated and original content Social • Direct engagement • Drive contacts to social Activity • Monitoring • Twitter Followers & Facebook Likes • Social shares Metrics • Brand mentions, sentiment • Themes • Finding social community • Developing social presence Pain Points • Identifying best content and channels • Understanding their audience11
  11. 11. Contact Acquisition Use Cases • Brand awareness • Brand affinity • Basis for social marketing campaigns and growth • Social contests and crowdsourcing • Community development12
  12. 12. Example of Stage II (Acquisition) Company: Cigna • Social links from their website (but not prominent) • Developing their following through unique content and engagement • Active on Twitter and Facebook but not a huge amount of engagement • Content strategy13
  13. 13. Stage III: Social Engagement Company Profile • Formal goals and strategy • Dedicated resource(s)/staffing for social media • Proactively engaging new people in direct conversation • Active response and escalation process • Very interested in understanding value, return • May be using a free tool and unhappy with limitations • Analytics are very important14
  14. 14. Stage III: Social Engagement • Drive awareness • Find and engage current/potential customers Goals • • Participate in and develop social community Develop trusted relationships • Promote advocacy Social • • Regular posts and content sharing Original content designed for social sharing • User-generated content campaigns Activity • Direct engagement and proactive outreach • Twitter @messages and mention • Twitter re-tweets Metrics • • Facebook comments & shares UGC participation • Mentions & Sentiment • Finding/identifying target customers, influencers, advocates • Managing direct conversations (identification, workflow) Pain Points • • Managing brand-related conversations Determine best content and channels • Understanding success, growth15
  15. 15. Social Engagement Use Cases • Brand awareness and development • Customer development • Community development • Customer service • Product research • Sales promotion & support16
  16. 16. Example of Early Stage III Co: Hoover’s Inc. • Social links from website (not prominent) • Mostly content posting; occasional engagement • Active on Twitter and Facebook • Using free tool for engagement (Hootsuite) • Lots of “Fans”…but now what?17
  17. 17. Example of Mid/Late Stage III Co: Lush Cosmetics UK18
  18. 18. Example of Stage III Co: Lush Cosmetics UK19
  19. 19. Stage IV: Relationship Development Company Profile • Has developed a social contact base • Has developed a social media strategy & goals • Either for short term (campaign) or long term (integrated marketing, customer support, etc.) • Has started to drive that strategy • Looking to drive deeper engagement that will lead to one or more actions or results that are measurable and impactful20
  20. 20. Stage IV: Relationship Development • Drive relationships with contacts to specific actions or Goals results • Cultivate social community to drive advocacy • Coordinated social campaigns (opt-in) Social Activity • All other primary social content & activity • Campaign metrics (opt- Metrics in, actions, participation, mentions, etc.) • Core metrics • Selecting/segmenting social targets Pain Points • Measuring and evaluating campaign effectiveness21
  21. 21. Relationship Development Use Cases • General opt-in: Marketing newsletter, offers, downloads, notifications, etc.) • Campaign opt-in: Opt-in/sign-up for specific campaign, including updates, social participation • Campaign participation: Upload, vote, raise awareness, etc.22
  22. 22. Example of Stage IV (Relationship) Co: Rubbermaid Corp. • Social links from website • Integrated content (blog, Twitter, FB) • Utilizing contests via connected blogs to draw and promote • Active and engaged on Twitter and Facebook • Opt-in opportunities for email, promos, etc. • Still an opportunity!!!23
  23. 23. Stage V: Monetization Company Profile • Using social media to drive commerce • Offers • Promotions • Sales leads • Coordinated efforts with other media and properties • Website • Advertising/SEM • Print and media • Events & sponsorships24
  24. 24. Stage V: Monetization Goals • Drive action with measurable impact Social • Specific campaign promotional activity (posts, DMs, coordinated media) Activity • Primary social activities • Campaign metrics Metrics (revenue, redemptions, downloads, etc.) • Primary social metrics • Campaign management Pain Points • Campaign measurement • Identify true influencers25
  25. 25. Monetization Use Cases • Social offers/sales promotions • Coupons • Time-limited sales • Social contests and sweepstakes • Crowdsourcing26
  26. 26. Example of Stage V (Monetization) Co: BestBuy • Many ways to engage with the company • Social part of corporate culture; anyone can participate • Focused on supporting their main business • Social is part of their integrated marketing strategy and executed extremely well • They still aren’t immune to mistakes!27
  27. 27. Identifying a Prospect’s Social Stage Where to Look What to Look For • First, one stage may not follow another…this is the Website Social links & prominence Wild Wild West! Blog Social links (share this) • What you’re looking for are the 3 pillars: Twitter Followers Listed • Goals – Activities – Metrics Engagement Content Tools used Facebook Likes Engagement Content Integration/Campaigns28
  28. 28. Social Business Summary Stage Goals Social Activities Metrics Pain PointsMonitoring Understand Little or none Volume Coverage Measure Sentiment In-depth analysis Quick understanding of dataContact Awareness Posting Followers / Likes Social communityAcquisition Connection Cross-media promo Social shares Social presence Direct engagement Volume & sentiment Best content, channels Contests Understanding audienceDirect Direct conversation Posting Conversation volume Finding targets /Engagement Drive awareness Original content Comment volume influencers advocates Engage community UG content Participation/sharing Managing Inbox Drive advocacy Direct engagement Sentiment Managing brand convos Outreach Best content, channels Analysis (growth)Relationship Drive actions Social relationship Campaign metrics SegmentationDevelopment Cultivate campaign messages (opt-ins, sign-ups) Measuring campaigns community Primary social content Primary metrics Drive advocacy & activityMonetization Drive purchase Social campaigns Desired outcomes Campaign management Primary social content (redemptions, sales, Campaign measurement & activity downloads) Identify true influencers 29 Primary metrics
  29. 29. Workshop 1. Each team member should research a prospect and create slides: 15 – 20 1. Select one of their active prospects, research their social activity & determine stage minutes 2. Determine a potential pain point and create 2 – 3 slides to pitch the problem and solution 2. Each team member should present their slides to their office group for feedback and to share ideas (3 – 5 minutes each) 3. Post your slides to the mBuzz Intranet: • Name it: Engage101-[StageName]-[CompanyName].pptx Monitoring Development Acquisition Monetization Engagement • Post it: Post your slides to the mBuzz Intranet at: – https://workspace.meltwaterdrive.com/mwgroup/mbuzz/sales_education/engage_101/engage_101_workshop 1. Take the mBuzz Sales Education survey (Password: engage): • http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YYWWXNL30