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Woodfit Brochure

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  1. 1. Woodfit Limited, Moydrum Road, Athlone, Co.Westmeath, Ireland ¦ tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦ fax: +353 (0) 90 647 9220 ¦ email
  3. 3. CONTENTS Company Overview Background Innovative Design Acoustic Panels Use: Need & Why Good Design and Acoustics Veneers Finishes Acoustic Soft Walls WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  4. 4. Wexford Opera House Solid Walnut
  5. 5. WOODFIT ACOUSTICS Woodfit designs, manufactures, supplies & installs specialist and standard off the shelf sound absorbing/diffusing timber panels which are used in the fit-out of areas in which critical acoustic performance is required. Our expertise in acoustics enables us to assess a client’s acoustic requirements, configure a design based on our diverse range of products and on completion of installation, certify the acoustic performance. Our products range from standard to bespoke custom made elements.This end to end service is unique in our industry where other manufacturers specialise in supply only. Our aim is to provide a reliable, customer friendly service producing standard and bespoke products in various designs, sizes, colours and finishes. Our expertise in acoustics enables us to assess a client’s This fully integrated package and our excellent acoustic requirements, configure the design based on our reputation for craftmanship and skill ensure we diverse range of products. are the first choice for all acoustic requirements. WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  6. 6. Marine Institute Solid Ash dricon treated
  7. 7. BACKGROUND This service covers and specialises in support for Woodfit was established in 1979 since then we have been at the forefront in joinery manufacture and have • AUDITORIUMS recieved many awards for our product. In recent years • CONCERT HALLS we have invested heavily in research into acoustical • TV STUDIOS wall and celing panels and are now at the cutting edge • CASINO’S in their manufacture, supply and installation. • CONVENTION CENTRES Woodfit offers a wide choice of wall and ceiling • COUNCIL CHAMBERS acoustic products in standard or highly customised • BOARDROOMS curved and complex shapes.We provide a variety of • UNIVERSITIES finishes including fabrics in natural or synthetic textiles, • LIBRARIES solid wood, painted coatings, natural wood veneers • COURT ROOMS and manmade eco-friendly veneers. All fixing details • PARLIAMENT BUILDING are custom designed to suit the specific application. • SHIP THEATRES NIGHTCLUB & LOUNGES This provides Architects and Designers with the ultimate creative flexibility whilst still achieving the • CHURCHES critical acoustic specifications. • CINEMAS • AIRLINE LOUNGES Accredited Finalist at WAF 2009 Woodfit acoustic products have been tested to the for Wexford Opera House, Ireland • RECEPTION LOBBY’S highest standards.These tests were carried out in • SCHOOLS accredited independent testing laboratories and Opus Timber Award 2006 • CANTEENS copies of test results are available on request. • MUSEUMS for The Marine Institute Headquar ters, Co. Galway Woodfits team of consultants will provide assistance • NIGHT CLUBS The Irish Joinery of the Year 2003 with everything from the initial conception right for The Helix, Mahony Hall, DCU through final installation. • HOTELS WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  8. 8. Scaled model of state of the art theatre wall
  9. 9. INNOVATIVE DESIGN Your choices define you By choosing Woodfit you send out an unequivocal message recognised in Ireland and now we are ready to be chosen the world over.We will deliver the finest As each project moves into the manufacturing quality performance and ingenious designs which are process, two contrasting yet complementary elements the hallmark of the Woodfit name. come into play: State of the Art technology and traditional craftmans skills. At Woodfit, we believe in setting it right from the start. To achieve this we spend time and resources at design We utilise the most modern construction processes, stage with the architect or designer using computerised such as CAD/CAM - Linked CNC Machinery, software.This process allows our experienced Advanced five axis profiling and vacuum infusion technicians and acousticians to alter shapes and details mouldings ensuring every project is millimetre perfect. thereby optimising performance and guaranteeing the Its then down to our highly skilled workforce of success of each project. technicians and craftsmen to ensure that the finish and fitting of every project is totally flawless. Exceptional quality is just as evident in the level of equipment and appointment that goes into every project.These are the elements that give Woodfit a significant edge over our compeditors.We source the finest materials from around the world for you to choose from, including a selection of beautiful woods, fabrics, leather and veneers.You can then sit down with our talented team to create the look you want whether it’s chic minimalist or more traditional.The result will be a project worthy of expression. WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  10. 10. Marine Institute Quarter cut mismatch Maple veneered wall panels, solid Maple table and radiator covers
  11. 11. Line ar B ore Relationship between the classes and the reference fire scenarios for building products excluding floorings acc. to EN 13501-1 ACOUSTIC PANELS Classification acc. Euro class Contribution to fire / aspired safety level to DIN 4102 Woodfit offers a wide range of surface finishes and Products for which no reaction to fire F performances are determined B3 accessories for walls and ceilings. A wall or ceiling in 12 ar wood or fabric immediately provides a room with Line Products capable of resisting, for a short E period, a small flame attack without B2 aesthetic charm while offering fire protection substantial flame spread. combined with acoustic properties. Products satisfying criteria for class E and capable of resisting, for a longer period, a B2 In contrast to similar companies who offer a generic D small flame attack without substantial flame spread. panelling,Woodfit has the ability to design, test and In addition, they are also capable of undergoing thermal attack by a single burning item with manufacture acoustic panels to any architects or 6 ear sufficiently delayed and limited heat release. designers requirements. Acoustic panels can be flat, Lin curved slotted or perforated to achieve any design. As class D but satisfying more stringent requirements. Additionally under the D B1 thermal attack by a single burning item they have limited lateral spread of flame. B1 Below are examples of panels already used and tested on various projects. As class C but satisfying more B 28 stringent requirements. ear Lin Satisfying the same criteria as class B for the SBI-test according to EN 13823. In A2 addition, under conditions of a fully developed A2 fire these products will not significantly contribute Linear 6 Linear Bore Linear 12 to the fire load and fire growth. Class A1 products will not contribute in any r 24 stage of the fire including the fully developed ea Lin A1 fire. For that reason they are assumed to A1 be capable of satisfying automatically all requirements of all lower classes. Linear 24 Linear 28 WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  12. 12. Wexford Opera House Panelled in Solid Walnut
  14. 14. The Helix, Dublin City University, Ireland Panelling in Steamed Beech MDF
  15. 15. USE, NEED AND WHY 1. Fire safety and noise reduction is one of the many reasons to use our product.Woodfit’s acoustic wall and ceiling products are based on purpose made sound absorbing / diffusing timber panels which are designed to reduce sound reflection and reverberation times.They control reverberation time in rooms and allow for sound absorption in circulation spaces. 2.Acoustic application is the forefront to Architectural design. Acoustics is a big feature in all new and existing buildings. Acoustic consultants are employed on all large / small scale construction projects around the world.Woodfit’s acoustic products can be installed into new or existing 3. Fire safety requirements Woodfit’s panel meets buildings without requiring any major building works. the fire regulations for ceiling and wall cladding to These products can be made available to the global public localities such as meeting rooms, concert market as an “off the shelf ” product at competitive halls, hotels, airports terminals and other similar prices or alternatively be custom made for Architects public areas.Woodfit’s panels can be provided in and designers as a complete package from design, class 1 which is European class C and Class O supply, installation, testing and final sign off. which is European Class B-S3. Panels which are perforated or slotted are complimented with mineral wool backing to eliminate the possibility Woodfit’s acoustic products can be installed into new or of ignition behind the panel, this also provides added insulation within the building that can existing buildings without requiring any major building works attribute to reductions in heating costs. WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  16. 16. Colmstock House Panelled in Lace Wood veneered panels
  17. 17. DESIGN & GOOD ACOUSTICS Whether your project is an auditorium, hotel, university, office or music studio, architects and designers must consider every aspect of the acoustic environment they create. Good acoustics create comfortable spaces. Certain sounds need to be directionally steered while others are reduced or eliminated. It is therefore recommended to consult with an acoustician in order to achieve the required results. Woodfit can help in this process to create an aesthetically satisfying and acoustically adjusted environment. Sound absorption is attained by using perforated/ slotted panels or fabrics in combination with mineral wool and air space. Certain sounds need to be directionally steered Our various acoustic patterns are tested and documented to achieve known sound absorption while others are reduced or eliminated co-efficients for both walls and ceilings. WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  18. 18. Private Office Office with Maple Veneered MDF panels, and solid Maple office desk
  19. 19. Burl The most sought after figure; burls have circles of random cell growth NATURAL VENEERS & SOLIDS Quilted A "high-end" figure with rolling iridescence in distinguished clusters Curly Cross-grain ripples of shimmer where Every wood species has its own colour and grain. cell orientation is uneven The skilful use of the trees innate character creates veneers that are entirely unique in structure and Spalted/ Dark lines often caused by fungus or colour tone. Ambrosia insects; very rare in veneer form As wood matures, colour tones vary, as is the case Birds Eye Dots of dense wood cells typically found with veneers. Differences in colour and character are in maple but can occur in others inherent to wood´s attraction. However, certain interiors aspire to create a stable and uniform Mottled Angular rays of shimmer with sharp edges; impression which some natural veneers cannot highly iridescent, creates a bold statement provide over wide areas most veneers can be book matched. Pommele Resembles rain drops cascading down a window; has a very eye catching effect Quilted A "high-end" figure with rolling iridescence in distinguished clusters NATURAL VENEERS Natural is our most popular wood veneer selection. Quartersawn Sliced to yield a very straight grain; some veneer species such as oak show These veneers possess all the beauty and character nature provides.The veneer’s colour tone matures with This traditional cut creates a "cathedral" Flat Cut grain which is often compared to the look time and thus no two veneers are exactly alike. of solid lumber Natural and unique. WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  20. 20. HD-engineered 1tbt7t332y32 HD-engineered 02-2E37500XV ENGINEERED VENEERS Manmade eco-friendly veneers HD-engineered 02-EBN2A954V These products are engineered to precise design HD-engineered 02-EBX2R53300Y17 specifications which are tested to meet national or international standards. HD-engineered 03-EBT1C107FN2A30 Engineered wood products may be preferred over solid wood in some applications due to certain comparative advantages: HD-engineered 03-TBT1B198600P • Man-made, it can be designed to meet application specific performance requirements. • Large panels of engineered wood may be HD-engineered 04-EBF1P39800F230 manufactured from fibres from small diameter trees. • Engineered wood products are often stronger and less prone to humidity-induced warping than HD-engineered 7T23500Y17 equivalent solid woods, although most particle and fiber-based boards readily soak up water unless they are treated with sealant or paint HD-engineered EBF1E20700XV Engineered Veneers have a variety of strengths and are customised to cater for vast number HD-engineered TBT1E20800XV14 of applications
  21. 21. RAL COLOURS, LACQUERS, HIGH GLOSS & FRENCH POLISH A clear lacquered finish is by far the most common maintenance-free and durable finish for most wooden and painted surfaces. As an alternative to this type of surface treatment we can provide a range of other finishes. Although the results of these special surface treatments can be both exciting and appealing, colour consistency is imperative for successful results. Due to the nature of certain woods/veneers it can be very difficult to achieve the desired result and we therefore advise customers to confer with us on the suitability of finishes. Woodfit have a full range of colours, below are a few specials we can offer Black Crackle Blue Sparkle Beige Marble Effect The results of these special surface treatments can be both exciting and appealing Cream & Black Cobweb Red & Black Splatter Purple & Gold Splatter WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  22. 22. FABRIC COLOUR CHART Dubai Modern High School Fabric Walls
  23. 23. FABRIC PROFILES ACOUSTIC SOFTWALLS Woodfit also supply and install acoustic fabric walls.There is a vast range of colours and design patterns to choose from. FABRIC COLOUR CHART • FR Screen Range • Composition: 60% Viscoe, 40% Wool. • Weight: 290g/m² +/- 5% • Width: 165cm +/- 2% usable • Maintenance: Wipe clean with a damp cloth FLAMMABILITY BS 476 Part7 Class 1, BS 476 Part 6 Class 0 when treated with Camreflam. Other fabrics can be specified by architects and designers FABRIC PROFILES Here are graphs of different types of fabric profiles we use to fix fabrics to walls. WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦
  25. 25. WOODFIT LIMITED ¦ Tel +353 (0) 90 647 8555 ¦