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2014-15 Teacher Evaluation


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2014-15 Teacher Evaluation

  1. 1. Date: Name: Appraiser: 3/17/2015, 9:29 AM - 10:14 AM (Revised: 4/1/2015) Jared Lamborn14-15, 2nd Period U.S. History (7342) Samba Goddard Teacher Objectives and Proficiency Review, Part I - Level 1 Teachers School: Humble Middle School Teacher Information U.S. History/8th Grade Subject/Grade Level EE P BE U DOMAIN I: ACTIVE, SUCCESSFUL STUDENT PARTICIPATION IN THE LEARNING PROCESS 1. Students are actively engaged in the learning process and are successful in learning 2. Evidence is present that students are challenged through instruction at a high cognitive level and through connections to life applications. Comments Strengths, areas to address, or explanation of rating
  2. 2. EE P BE U DOMAIN II: LEARNER-CENTERED INSTRUCTION 3. The instructional content is aligned with appropriate and clearly stated goals and objectives. 4. The instructional content includes basic knowledge and skills, as well as central themes and concepts. 5. The instructional strategies are aligned with learning objectives and activities, differentiated student needs, and life applications. 6. The instructional strategies promote application of learning through critical thinking and problem solving. 7. The teacher uses appropriate motivational and instructional strategies which successfully and actively engage students in the learning process. 8. The teacher makes effective use of available technology. 9. The teacher uses instructional materials which are equitable and acknowledge the varied characteristics of all students. Comments Strengths, areas to address, or explanation of rating
  3. 3. EE P BE U DOMAIN III: ASSESSMENT AND FEEDBACK ON STUDENT PROGRESS 10. The teacher uses a variety of assessment/feedback and aligns these strategies to monitor and assess academic progress. 11. The teacher provides positive reinforcement for student learning and provides opportunities for relearning when necessary. Comments Strengths, areas to address, or explanation of rating EE P BE U DOMAIN IV: MANAGEMENT OF STUDENT DISCIPLINE, INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES, TIME AND MATERIAL 12. The teacher interacts with students using techniques of discipline-management that establish a positive classroom environment and promotes self-discipline. 13. The teacher effectively and efficiently manages time, materials, and instructional strategies. Comments Strengths, areas to address, or explanation of rating
  4. 4. EE P BE U DOMAIN V: CLASSROOM COMMUNICATION 14.. The teacher uses appropriate and accurate written, verbal, and non-verbal modes of communication with students. 15. The teacher's interactions are supportive, courteous, respectful, and encouraging to all students in a way that reinforces student learning. Comments Strengths, areas to address, or explanation of rating Overall Comments Multiple students participated. Most students paid attention throughout the lesson. Students behaved well. Strengths, areas to address, or explanation of ratings. Date of conference (if applicable) An intervention plan must be developed for a teacher whose performance meets any of the following circumstances: * An Unsatisfactory in one or more criteria * Below Expectations in two or more criteria New Matrix Group Date: Date:Samba Goddard, AppraiserJared Lamborn14-15, 2nd Period U.S. History