Wii Wednesdays: King Pin


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Wii Wednesdays: King Pin

  1. 1. Wii Wednesdays: King Pin! _____________________________________ Name _______________________ Math TeacherUse the data you collect while playing 10 pin bowling to complete the following tasks. Player Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3 Frame 4 Frame 5 Frame 6 Frame 7 Frame 8 Frame 9 Frame 10 Total Tasks: 1 . R ec o rd the n umb e r o f pin s each p la y er kn o cks d own p e r f ram e . 2. Usin g t he f re quen c y cha rt, r ec o rd ho w o ft en spe cifi c n u mb e rs o f pin s a r e l eft stan din g . 3. Cr eat e a histo g ram usin g the data in y ou r f re quen c y cha rt . 4. Calc ula te th e pe rc en t p e r in te r val in t he histo g ram . Frequency 65 5. Calc ula te th e # of pins left standing % per interval me asu r es o f 60 0 55 cen t ra l t en d en c y f or th e data y o u 0-2 1 50 hav e c ol le cte d . 6. Cir cl e t he w o rd s 2 45 3-5 on t he m ath w o rd wal l that y ou 3 40 6-8 n ee de d t o kn ow in o rd e r t o d o 4 35 thes e ta sks . 5 30 9-10 7. Use the da ta y ou’ v e c ol le ct ed 25 6 Measures of Central an d th e t e r ms in 20 Tendency t h e math w al l t o 7 sel ec t p la y e rs 15 f or y ou r t ea m . 8 10 Mean Co mp l ete th e w ritin g e x e rcis e 9 5 Median on t he la st pag e 10 0-2 3-5 6-8 9-10 to jus tif y yo u r choi ces . Mode Page 1
  2. 2. Circle the math vocabulary words Strike!! MATH Word WALL that you needed to know in order to complete these tasks. Watch out, Gators! National champs The Pender County pinheads have Total Proportion Sum Product Come to town to show off their Factor Unit Rate Quotient Average Skills and have bowled a PERFECT Game! (AllStrikes!) In the space below, explain Percent Probability Ratio Equal Which measure of central tendency will be Mean frequency Median interval impacted the most by the pinheads’ totally tremendous talents? Be sure to use the math Operation Perimeter Fraction Convert vocabulary that you circled in the word wall increase Denominator Unit Scale because We need to know, mathema tically, why this measure was effected more than the others. Measure Numerator Reciprocal Multiple How long does your paragraph need to be?? As Range histogram Outlier Difference long as it takes! (Use another sheet if you need to!)________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 2