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Moving forward school libraries & expository text


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Published in: Education
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Moving forward school libraries & expository text

  1. 1. Links/ResourcesThe Common Core State Standards:English Language Arts &Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and TechnicalSubjectsNational Institute for Literacy: What Content-Area TeachersShould Know About Adolescent LiteracyKuhltha, Carol Collier: Guided Inquiry: School Libraries in the21st CenturyDuke, Nell K: The Case for Informational TextTayloe, Kate B: Content Area Literacy Session 4School Library Displays BlogCox, Tamara: Mr. Dewey, I Bid You AdieuLibrary Journal: It’s Fine To Drop DeweyBrown, Stan: How To Read A Math BookMiller, Donalyn: The Book WhispererJohnson, Mary J: Changing Spaces for Expository Reading.School Library Monthly.School Library Monthly: Common Core and SchoolLibrarians: An Interview With Joyce Karon