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  • No longer training TIPS serversAll alcohol comes from Sodexo
  • Babson College Advising

    1. 1. Advising a Babson Student Organization 2012-13
    2. 2. Advisors generally…  Understand the organizational mission.  Empower students to make decisions.  Keep informed about group activities and issues.  Are aware of College policies and procedures.  Provide financial oversight when/if needed.  Act as a liaison between the organization and the College.  Provide suggestions about organizational programming.  Help students become stronger, more thoughtful leaders through the advising relationship.
    3. 3. Advisors specifically…  Provide organization leaders with reliable contact information.  Keep up to speed with group plans and events.  Contact Student Activities and Leadership (UGrad) or Graduate Programs and Student Affairs (Graduate) with questions.  Read and keep a copy of the organization charter.  Provide constructive feedback about organizational events, planning, and publicity.  Meet with the group during re-registration to set expectations.  Accept “Advisor Requests” sent by Life @ Babson via email.
    4. 4. When asked to be an advisor, it’s helpful to…  Ask the organization’s leader(s) what they expect of an advisor.  Be forthright about your availability and knowledge of the subject area.  Offer to contact colleagues who might be willing if you are not.  Review the organizational charter/constitution before committing.  Agree upon a reasonable number of events and meetings you will attend.
    5. 5. Once you agree to become/remain an organization’s advisor:       Accept the organization’s advisor request (done through Life @ Babson) Meet with the group once per semester to check in and set expectations. Stay abreast of organizational events and activities (Life @ Babson and the Dean’s eNewsletter are useful tools) Let SAL know about any questions or concerns you might have regarding group activities. Support the group by attending events when your schedule permits. Help students make connections with professionals in their area of interest.
    6. 6. Students can help their advisors by…  Providing a list of key events and dates at the start of each year (or semester).  Providing a list of reliable contact information for officers.  Sharing the minutes from group meetings.  Adding the advisor to email distribution lists if the advisor wishes.  Requesting help or advice in advance to avoid last-minute emergencies.
    7. 7. Connecting Organizations to Resources The People and Places that Student Leaders Should Know This portion of the presentation is for advisors who are, or wish to be, involved in the day-to-day functioning of the club they advise. advisors may also direct students with resource questions to SGA/GPSA, who will guide the students in the proper direction.
    8. 8. Student Government Association (SGA) and Graduate Student Council (GSC)  Allocates funding to organizations  Responsible for overseeing student organizations, businesses, and some campus-wide events  SGA/GSC information available via Life @ Babson:   Connecting Organizations to Resources
    9. 9. Life @ Babson (      Shows the hub of activity on campus! Groups use this site to register their events. Calendaring system allows leaders to plan programming on “free” nights. Each group has a page with a listing of club leaders, events, and additional information. To create an account, just hit the Login button located at the top right-hand side of the page. Connecting Organizations to Resources
    10. 10. How do I find things on Life@Babson?  Campus Links  Student Activities and Leadership  Documents    Undergraduate Student Org Manual Event Manager Training This presentation! Connecting Organizations to Resources
    11. 11. Who do I contact? We are the first point of contact when student organization leaders have questions about how to hold successful events. We are happy to direct students to the proper offices to make their event successful. Alisha Cahue Coordinator, Student Activities and Leadership For Undergraduate clubs/organizations only TBD Assistant Director, Graduate Student Affairs For Graduate clubs/organizations only Connecting Organizations to Resources
    12. 12. Dining Services  Provides catering for student organizations  Often referred to as Sodexo  Menu and contact information available at  Orders must be placed at least one week in advance  Shoestring Menu provides clubs with value meal options, but there is a delivery charge.  New policy states that students must used approved vendors for catering. Connecting Organizations to Resources
    13. 13. Canon Copy Center  Services include  Black/white and color copies  Wide format poster printing  Binding, booklet making, and folding  Located in the Central Services Building behind Public Safety  Requests 24 to 48-hour lead time on most projects  Email orders to Connecting Organizations to Resources
    14. 14. Events Management Office (EMO)  Room reservation requests completed online via Portal or by emailing Sandy at  Reserves campus space and works with Facilities to get rooms properly set up.  In conjunction with SAL/GPSA, assists clubs with large-scale events like forums  If requesting a space Sandy doesn’t control (Sorenson, PepsiCo, Chapel, etc.) fill out Room Reservation form on Life@Babson under Campus Links. Connecting Organizations to Resources
    15. 15. Media Services  For events requiring microphones, speakers, recording equipment, or additional media resources, email  Media Services asks that requests be placed at least one week in advance.  To see media capabilities of spaces on campus, visit the room reservation tool on the Portal.  Olin Hall classrooms are equipped for PowerPoint and video presentations and do Connecting Organizations to Resources not require media set-up.
    16. 16. Public Safety       Provides required safety details for events with alcohol (generally a 4-hour, $160 minimum charge) Also required for large scale events for crowd control purposes Provides van drivers’ training and certification (required to borrow College minivans) To reserve a safety detail, click here. To sign up for a van certification, click here. To reserve a college vehicle, click here. Connecting Organizations to Resources
    17. 17. TIPS Certified Servers  For undergrads: This applies to CAB, SGA, Senior Steering Committee only  Required for on-campus events with alcohol  Cost is $75 per server per 2 hours (2 hour minimum)  To reserve a TIPS Certified server, the list is located here. You may email the student directly.  Remember: Babson TIPS Certified Servers are only certified to serve beer and wine.  Sodexo servers available for $80 per server per 4 hours (4 hour minimum) Connecting Organizations to Resources
    18. 18. Sorenson Center for the Arts  This space is a popular location for events; reserve well in advance to ensure choice dates!  To reserve this space, email  Must have front of house training in advance  No food or drinks are allowed in this space Connecting Organizations to Resources
    19. 19. Events Checklist This tool is helpful in helping students think through their event planning. Please note that not all steps apply to every event.  Checked Life @ Babson, and the Babson Calendar for conflicting events  Reserved room for event through Portal or by emailing scheduling Please note that the room is not booked for you until you receive a CONFIRMATION!  Registered your event on Life @ Babson.  Room set-up requested by emailing scheduling (requested tables and chairs and provided layout)  Informed club advisor of event details via email  Added the event to club website or Facebook group  Sent fliers to LCDs in Trim, Hollister, and Reynolds. Send fliers to ?? For LCDs in Olin. Note that all fliers for LCD posting must be .ppt or .jpg and must be formatted to 16:9 ratio.  Ordered catering and tablecloths through Sodexo (; x 4943). A budget menu is available for student groups: Be advised that paper tablecloths, rather than linens, are provided with shoestring orders.  Ordered necessary media equipment by emailing If you’re unsure how to work any of the media equipment in the room you’re using, be sure to contact Media Services in advance for a demo.  Requested to have signs staked and banners hung by emailing
    20. 20. Events Checklist (continued) This tool is helpful in helping students think through their event planning. Please note that not all steps apply to every event.  Sent any necessary documents for printing by e-mailing  If serving alcohol, obtained TIPS certified bartenders or secure Sodexo bartenders.  If serving alcohol, requested police detail by contacting Public Safety at 781-329-5555.  If charging for alcohol, contacted Office of Special Events at 781-329-5273 to obtain Wellesley Liquor License 45 days in advance of event.  Directed speaker/panelists to Public Safety (781-239-5555) upon arrival to obtain a Visitors Parking Pass. You can also provide public Safety with the make, model, and license plate number of your speakers’ car and they can have the pass ready to go.  For larger-scale or complicated events, sent relevant info to all involved offices at least ONE WEEK before the event. This should be completed as a final confirmation to make sure everyone is on the same page.  If recording the event, had speaker complete the photographic consent form.  It’s always nice to provide guest speakers with a gift, so make sure to pick one up, if you have been approved for funding. For a PDF of this document and other event planning tools, visit: for undergrad orgs and for graduate orgs.
    21. 21. Any questions? Please email: Alisha Cahue Coordinator, Student Activities and Leadership Graduate Student Government