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Jquery Pyproxy - Vincent Pretre


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Lighting talk: a quick technical presentation on how to use jquery.pyproxy to add lightweight AJAX in Python.

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Jquery Pyproxy - Vincent Pretre

  1. 1. Prettig Personeel jQuery.pyproxy Vincent Pretre - Zest software 14-09-10 - Plone user day - Rotterdam
  2. 2. Prettig Personeel Products.plonehrm collective.sendaspdf collective.pdftransform jquery.pyproxy
  3. 3. jQuery.pyproxy replace KSS to handle Ajax modify the DOM with Python
  4. 4. jQuery.pyproxy easy to use on both client and server side keep jQuery syntax as extensible as jQuery
  5. 5. jQuery plugin pyproxy: binds a call to an event pyproxy_call: executes an Ajax call and processes the result.
  6. 6. Python module @jquery: defines a view as callable by jquery.pyproxy JQueryProxy: object used to modify the DOM extend_grammar: defines plugins syntax
  7. 7. To infinity and beyond Limitations: chained call save the query function as parameters Used on production for months Plone & Django versions. Can be extended to other frameworks