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Raising Advertising Revenue for your Media Startup


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– Diane Alverio, Founder, Latino News Network

Originally presented at the event, "Women Media Entrepreneurs - Making New Ideas Happen," on Sept. 12 at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

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Raising Advertising Revenue for your Media Startup

  1. 1. The Online News Source That Clicks With Southern New England Latinos
  2. 2. English language online news sites and service serving Latinos and non-Latinos
  3. 3. Why English?  Over 1. 3 Latinos call CT, Mass & Rhode island home.  Speak English • CT – 70% • Mass – 75% • RI – 70%  Underserved by existing media Spanish Language Media  Effectively serves newly arrived.  We do not replace Spanish language media.  We are an additional vehicle by which to reach a segment of the region’s Latinos.
  4. 4. Who Are Our Readers? Latinos – Who strongly identify with Latino Heritage.  Opinion Leaders, Legislative Leaders, Elected Officials  Business Owners, Homeowners, Professionals, Latinos employed in trades, service industry, public sector and civil servants and college students. Non-Latino – Who want to better understand issues and concerns of Latinos.  Legislative  Government  Business owners and employers in public and private sector
  5. 5. What news do we offer?  Stories our readers can’t find in other local media o Latino Business Districts o Congressional Hiring Records o Greenwich school has over 50% Latino students o Univision Snubbed by Obama on Syria o Scholarships for Latinos o Latina Birth Rates Down o Immigration/Jobs Your State. Your Stories.
  6. 6. Why did we create this as a business model instead of a non–profit?  Latinos essential to the economic base of the region.  Only growing population/consumer base.  Our readers are attractive segment of Latino population to advertisers. 
  7. 7. Business Case Advertising  U.S. Census figures indicate a changing southern New England Region.  National Hispanic Annual Buying Power $1.2 Trillion. Connecticut: $10,551,221 Massachusetts: $13,533,401 Rhode Island: $2,426,300  Media vehicle needed to reach this increasingly English speaking segment of Latinos.
  8. 8. Business Case Editorial  Mainstream media slow to include Latinos in coverage.  Most coverage negative.  Don’t have news staff with knowledge of these communities.  Increase visibility of Latinos.  Change Public Opinion. Content Key To Success
  9. 9. Marketing Partnerships  Advertising Agency  Media Partners  Community Partners & Campaigns
  10. 10. Media Partnerships  We provide news articles to 12 local newspapers and four national online sites.  No cost at this point.  Value: Branding, name recognition, traffic.  Journalistic Credibility.  Extends our editorial reach to 1.790+ million readers/viewers/listeners. Op-Ed: Latinos Could Extend State’s Economic Reach Sunday, September 8, 2013
  11. 11. Community Partnerships Extends Our Reach Among Latinos. Strategically and geographically selected. Value to us:  Links on their website  Promote, share our stories
  12. 12. Partnership – Community Campaigns  ‘Borinqueneers’  American Heart Association  Puerto Rican Parade
  13. 13. Advertising  Affinity Sponsors/Advertisers  Government Agencies  Educational Institutions  Foundations Trends, Public Information Campaigns
  14. 14. Regional Advertising  Provides Opportunity for Revenue Growth.  Increases Added Value to Advertiser.  Growth Opportunity – Subscription News Service. Three states are in close proximity to each other Springfield, Mass is 25 minutes from Hartford, CT – Providence, R.I, is 1 hour from Hartford
  15. 15. Profitability  • Financially self- sustaining within four months of 2012 launch. • Able to support all three sites.  • Online - 6 weeks. • Current Focus is on growing readership. • Provides additional product for regional advertisers.
  16. 16. Challenges Advertising  Business community still lagging in understanding this market – view it as one homogeneous group.  We receive some ads in Spanish Editorial  Need more boots on the ground.  More Latino writers, Contributors .  Grow Traffic to site.
  17. 17. 2025 What will we look like?  Region’s Latino Population is Young.  Population Growth Projection Is Highest Among all Ethnic Groups.  Latinos Increasingly Diverse –changing stereotypes.  Unlike other previous ethnic groups, will continue to identify strongly with heritage.