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Mobile Storytelling & Intercultural Connections...

John Kuner's presentation at Community & Technology Conference 2007 about benefits of mobile storytelling when aligned with industry

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Mobile Storytelling & Intercultural Connections...

  1. 1. Mobile Storytelling and Video Sharing for Inter-Cultural Communication: How Personal Expression Leads to Job Skills John Kuner Digital Vision Fellow, Stanford University
  2. 2. Overview • Individual media creation is a growing trend that has strong impact • Personal and professional media has huge growth in the developing world • Industry and Government build on these to create new jobs and new industries
  3. 3. 3D animation, New Media photography, web design video--gaming, filming, editing, archiving… • “Web 2.0” economy is based on content creation with global interchange • Video creation is especially effective • Learn digital skills • Personal expression & life skills • View & connect globally
  4. 4. Recipe for a Story Point of View 1. Dramatic Question 2. Emotional Content 3. The Gift of Your Voice 4. The Power of the 5. Soundtrack 6. Economy 7. Pacing Source: The Center for Digital Storytelling's Cookbook (Lambert, 2006)
  5. 5. Digital Story example
  6. 6. Digital Storytelling Benefits • Individual narrative becomes digital media • Also creates a more level playing field -- kids, Ze Frank, David Letterman, and YOU all have videos on the web that anyone can access
  7. 7. Importance of Cell Phones • Cell phone market is massive • Over 2 billion sold in 20 years • Next billion in the next 3 years; mostly from developing world • Cell phones surpassing landlines
  8. 8. Mobile Education Projects • Mobile games for financial literacy • Mobile storytelling • MobilED - large information repository/community via SMS/Voice
  9. 9. MobilED diagram From:
  10. 10. Media market scale • Hollywood(USA) - $50B today • Bollywood(India) - $1B today • Nollywood(Nigeria) - $.8B today, but fastest growth • Global media & entertainment - 1 trillion in 5 years (PWC)
  11. 11. Nollywood in more detail • Started by traders -- organic growth through large distribution and many small films • Funding increasing by private equity • Even a few web advertising companies
  12. 12. However.... • Formal education difficult to get (60k spots for 160m people) • Existing training programs & higher education have huge demand
  13. 13. Case Study: Cap Digital • Competitiveness Cluster for Ile de France media industry • Worked with government , industry, and local media arts center to create Digital Pathways • Out of work youth training program for media arts industry Photo: Bay Area Video Coalition • Training program grows in conjunction with cluster
  14. 14. My Projects • DiSCO: Extending Cap Digital model to SP • E-Lounge - cultural connections • New Collaborations?
  15. 15. Conclusion • Media training around self-expression (eg digital storytelling) in an inter-cultural context • At minimum, increases self-esteem and digital literacy • When well aligned, it results in job placement and creation
  16. 16. Thank you! • Questions? • Other resources • (my website) • (Center for Digital Storytelling) • (Digital Vision Program)