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One problem and one solution when using Deep Security as a Service on the cloud.


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Deep Security User Night #4

Published in: Technology
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One problem and one solution when using Deep Security as a Service on the cloud.

  1. 1. One problem and one solution when using Deep Security as a Service on the cloud. Deep Security User Night #4 2017/02/21 Jun Kudo
  2. 2. Who? Name • Jun Kudo Keyword • iret Inc. AWS/Azure Solution Architect for cloudpack • Microsoft MVP for Azure • LOCAL(Hokkaido) • EdomaeSec • SecPolo • Open Source Conference • JAZUG/JWASUG • Serverless Conf • LinuxCon • ISOC-JP SNS • Facebook > level69 • Twitter > jkudo
  3. 3. Outbound Control 出口対策
  4. 4. One Problem on the cloud. Deep Security as a Service is URLs access only. Outbound Security Group. Azure/AWS/GCP is Port Base Policy. Not URL Base Policy.
  5. 5. Result. システム全体で出口対策として、Outboundを制限するものの DSaaS導入のため 80/443をFull Open必要. File、Web Reputation を含め Smart Protection Server が Port 80/443 Full Openしないと使えない. But,FileUpload/C&C Server use port HTTP80/HTTPS443.
  6. 6. One Solution on the cloud. It can not be solved with a security group Outbound URL Filtering. Proxy or Firewall(UTM) Appliances. -Squid/haproxy -Apache/nginx -Paloalto networks -Cisco ASAv (ASA 5500 Virtual Appliance) -Sophos UTM -Fortigate
  7. 7. Ex) Squid Setting. /etc/squid/squid.conf acl localhost src acl localnet src acl Safe_ports port 80 acl Safe_ports port 443 http_access deny !Safe_ports acl SSL_ports port 443 acl CONNECT method CONNECT http_access deny CONNECT !SSL_ports no_cache deny all http_access allow localhost http_access deny !localnet acl whitelist dstdomain "/etc/squid/whitelist" http_access allow whitelist http_access deny all http_port 3128 coredump_dir /var/spool/squid visible_hostname hogehoge
  8. 8. Whitelist Pattern. URLs accessed by Deep Security ActiveUpdate server: ActiveUpdate feedback server: Web Reputation server: (for JP language only) Smart Scan server: (for JP language only) /etc/squid/whitelist
  9. 9. DSaaS Agent Setting. Proxy Setting. Proxy Server IP Address : # /opt/ds_agent/dsa_control -x "dsm_proxy://“ 各エージェントで設定する必要がある. 他のシステム影響されない. 台数が多ければAnsibleなどで構成管理ツールで実行.
  10. 10. Management console Smart Protection Server Settings - Fire Reputation - Web Reputation System Settings - Proxy
  11. 11. End. Outbound Control when using DSaaS on the cloud. - URL Filtering only. - Do not use security groups. - Proxy or Firewall(UTM) Appliances.
  12. 12. Thanks.