CZECH DEX - Financing of Innovations


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CZECH DEX - Financing of Innovations

  1. 1. > What is a presentation about? Introduction of Czech DEX s.r.o. Group structure Field of expertise Services References Clients Contacts The source:
  2. 2. > Who we are Czech DEX, s.r.o. was established in 2007 as the joint-venture between DEX CEE and local consultants with the aim of undertaking activities in the New Europe with Head office in Prague. Czech DEX is member of Gruppo DEX network, European consultancy network with HQ in Spain and members in 12 countries across Europe. Czech DEX works as innovation and consultancy following it’s main mission: financing of innovation Czech DEX is acting in the whole Central Eastern Europe territory. Czech DEX is focusing on the financing of innovation using public financial instruments mainly: FP7, Interreg IVC, CENTRAL OP, SEE TCP, CIP and in future Horizon 2020 or COSME. Czech DEX fund rising activity in years 2008-2013 resulted in funding of 57 beneficiaries with 7,4 million euro in 19 countries. New INNOVATION FRONTIERS (AIEC and DEX Innovation Centre) were incorporated to company structure to realize group direct activities in the field of applied research, product, process innovation and improvement of innovation frameworks or services.
  3. 3. > Group Structure: Private stakeholders Financing of Innovations (CzechDEX) Innovations, applied research Regional development(AIEC) Innovation frameworks, Innovation services Network & Knowledge base Consultancy Innovation Frontiers
  4. 4. > Field of expertise: ICT applied in: Automotive Energy and renewable resources Aero and space Health Sport Science
  5. 5. > Services of Czech DEX Services offered at CEE market are very precisely set-up based on experience in serving clients and solving their needs across Europe. Czech DEX provides services to its clients in these major expertise fields: Development, Implementation and management of EU projects Research and innovation services International relations and cooperation Monitoring and evaluation Financial advisory
  6. 6. > References – project development and technical assistance Czech DEX as the author of the projects, supported the lead partners in management and implementation of the following projects: PPP4Broadband – AIEC (Agency for Innovation and European Cooperation – SEE TCP ( AUTOCLUSTERS - Automotive Cluster West Slovakia, SEE TCP ( AutoNet – Automotive Cluster West Slovakia, CENTRAL OP ( Clusters-Cord – Regional Development Agency of Ústi Region, CENTRAL OP ( InoPlaCe – Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia, CETRAL OP ( And supported the following project partners in the management and implementation of their projects: I4W (Innovation for Welfare) – Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia, Interreg IVC ( URBAN SMS – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Central OP ( PeriUrban - Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Interreg IVC ( CluStrat – National Cluster Association, Central OP Strategic project
  7. 7. > Major clients of Czech DEX: Automotive Cluster West Slovakia, Slovakia Milano Metropoli Development Agency - Italy Regional Development Agency of Ústi Region - Czech Republic Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia - Czech Republic ISMO s.r.l. - Italy Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agendy (SARIO) - Slovakia Czech University of Life Sciences - Czech Republic National Cluster Association (NCA) - Czech Republic Regional Development Agency of Piestany - Slovakia Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency - Hungary Public transportation company of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou - Czech republic
  8. 8. > Contact: Czech DEX, s.r.o. Dvořeckého 628/8 169 00 Prague 6 Czech Republic e-mail: TEL: + 420 233 310 969 FAX: + 420 485 109 360