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A brief description of RFID/USN business area.

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  1. 1. U B I Q U I T O U S S O L U T I O N RFID/USN
  2. 2. C O N T E N T S 04_RFID / USN 06_XCODE, LEADING RFID / USN SOLUTION 08_RFID/USN BUSINESS AREA 10_PHARMACEUTICALS & CLOTHING 11_PUBLISHING / EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (LIBRARY) 12_AGRICULTURE, LIVESTOCK, FISHERY / FOOD & BEVERAGE / ELECTRIC & ELECTRONICS / DISTRIBUTION 13_U-BUILDING & HOME / ENERGY MONITORING 14_RESORT / HEALTHCARE & HOSPITAL / SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT 15_PROTECTIVE SERVICES / SIGHTSEEING & VIP GUIDANCE / THEME ZONE (THEME PARK) / ROAD TRAFFIC, ENVIRONMENT, & FACILITY 16_RFID / USN ARCHITECTURE & COMPONENTS 18_PRODUCT 20_TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER, LS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS LS Industrial Systems that has grown to be a leader in electrical power solution & automation solution provides technology that makes people more convenient. LS Industrial Systems that pursues customers’ happiness by building Ubiquitous Infrastructure is making their dream come true.
  3. 3. LEADING YOU TOWARD A GREATER FUTURE THAN YOU IMAGINE More convenient and advanced world than you can imagine More satisfactory solution than customers want LS Industrial Systems will make a better future with the leading solutions.
  5. 5. The technology that makes people more convenient LS Industrial Systems makes Ubiquitous world. RFID/USN D L R O W S U O T I U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM 05
  6. 6. U B I Q U I T O U S W O R L D 06 RFID/USN XCODE TM
  8. 8. “LS Industrial Systems RFID / USN aims at the world s best.” Nation’s first, world’s highest level RFID tags & readers manufacturing plant In 2004, LS Industrial Systems first established RFID Division among large enterprises in Korea. In 2005, it built the nation’s first, world’s highest level RFID products manufacturing plant. LS Industrial Systems spares no investment and development to make RFID / USN technology into the global competitive technology as well as a new growth momentum in the nation’s industry by pursuing true customer oriented business. Cheonan Plant LS Industrial Systems’s new vision ’Innovators of Innovation’ reflects its willingness to fulfill innovation of customers past the level that it gives customers value with its products and services. Innovators who transcend the innovation going beyond the customers’ expectation level, this is what LS Industrial Systems pursues. As one of the biggest RFID / USN specialists in Korea which has world top class products, process, and quality human resources, LS Industrial Systems offers RFID / USN technology standard. To lead the global market People, Product, Process PEOPLE World’s top quality R&D human resources World’s top quality professional engineers PRODUCT Differentiation of the product design Quality product performance & reliability PROCESS Nation’s biggest tags manufacturing facility World’s highest level QC center PEOPLE Research & Development RF H/W R&D Group RF Front-End / Host Interface R&D Antenna Technology R&D Group Tag/Reader Antenna / Beam Forming Technology-related R&D DSP R&D Group DSP Baseband Design / Data Processing Algorithm R&D S/W R&D Group F/W, M/W, Application R&D Possession of the nation’s best RFID / USN R&D human resources & facilities Design & Production Quality Control Part Product Evaluation & Development, Standard & PPM Management for Products Production Technique Part Material Management, Process Design, and Investment for Equipments Production Management Part Sales and Production Plan Management Production Part Production & Equipment Maintenance, Inventory Management Design Part Custom-made Product Design & Development Customer Service Part Maintenance & After-sales Service
  9. 9. PRODUCT *Refer to the Product Description PROCESS LS Industrial Systems aims at a world class production process, and have the highest level automated production facility and QC center in order to fulfill the process requirement. Particularly, various performance tests and simulation tests for the installation condition of customer’s sites are performed at QC center in the plant. XCODE is the brand of LS Industrial Systems’ Production Facilities RFID / USN Solution to lead Ubiquitous age. Keyword for Ubiquitous World RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a technology that use RF (Radio Frequency) to automatically identify people or objects. Certain information is stored in an RFID tag, and the stored information can be read by a Readers, Tags, and Antennas Readers, Tags, and Antennas reader. Production Line Inspection Line QC Center Infrastructure for High-tech Intelligent Society Basic Performance Test (e.g. Reading Range, Output Test) USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) is to detect identification information of the objects and surroundings by attaching RFID tags or sensors on all needed objects, and to utilize the information by connecting to network in real time. It is ultimately to build the environment that enables communication with any thing any time and anywhere by applying D computing and communicating function to the areas that need to be L managed. R O W S U O Expanded Performance Test T (e.g. Multiple Reading Test, Environmental Sensitivity Analysis, etc.) I U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM Performance Test at Customer’s Site (In house test) 07 U B I Q U I T O U S W O R L D RFID/USN XCODE TM 06-07
  10. 10. THINGS THAT THINK RFID/USN BUSINESS AREA You can meet XCODE, the Optimized Solution for Customers’ Environment Based on technology development, design, production, installation know-how, and past records for various applications in RFID/USN, LS Industrial Systems offers optimized RFID/USN products and solutions for customers’ environment. 2008 Warehouse of Korea Railroad Vehicle Monitoring System of LG Electronics Baggage Tags of Asiana Airlines Monitoring System of ENVICO Book Handling System of Wonkwang University Waste Management of Ministry of Environment D Casino VIP Guidance of Kangwon Land 2007 L Process Control of LG Display 2006 R CD/DVD Tags in Malaysia O Konjiam Resort System W Kangwon Land Resort System S Project of Prosecutors’ Office U Anti Theft Gate of GS Caltex O Residential Building Construction Project of Donga University Pyoengtaek Warehouse of Nonghyup T Site Management of GS E&C Project of Sanglak Food Co. Book Handling System of Inha University I Jeju-do Tourist Information Service Asset Management of ROK Navy U Total 80 projects Project of Kangwon Land Project of Kangwon Land Q Medical Waste Project of I LS Tower RFID System Ministry of Environment B Konjiam Resort System Skoolooks Clothing Tags U Ammunition Management Project Total 23 projects RFID/USN XCODE TM of Ministry of National Defense Total 11 projects 08
  11. 11. LS Industrial Systems offers various RFID/USN solutions 2009 to customers. In order to utilize advanced technology, it is important to know the technical features and its environment for the applications. Archives Management of The National Assembly RFID Module for One of Weekday No Driving System CD/DVD Tags in Malaysia Archives Management of National Archives of Korea Book Handling System of Yonsei University Rice/Powdered Milk Project in Malaysia Pilot Project of Daegu Universiade Pharmaceutical Production & Sales System of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co. Clothing Production & Sales System of Skoolooks Total 80 projects D L R O W S LS Industrial Systems U O T RFID/USN I U Q Business field I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM 09
  12. 12. Traceability / Production, Distribution, and Sales Pharmaceuticals By utilizing RFID technology in D pharmaceutical production, distribution, L R and drug store management, it allows O safe pharmaceutical distribution and W sales. S U Effect Real time inventory monitoring, O Customer management, T I Consumer protection U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM Clothing By utilizing RFID technology in clothing and textile production, distribution, and store management, it offers considerable added value to manufacturers, sellers, and customers. Manufacturing Distribution Sales Management Effect Real time inventory monitoring, Customer management, Anti-counterfeiting and 10 original product management
  13. 13. Traceability / Production, Distribution, and Sales Publishing RFID technology is utilized in D production, distribution, and store L R management for publishing materials O (Books, CD/DVD, etc) W Manufacturing Distribution Sales Management S Effect Real time inventory monitoring, U Customer management, O Anti-counterfeiting and T I original product management U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM Educational Service (Library) As RFID tags are attached on the publishing materials and RFID-based various library solutions are built, it aims at ubiquitous library. Effect Real time asset monitoring, Effective library management 11
  14. 14. Traceability / Production, Distribution, and Sales D By utilizing RFID technology in growing agricultural products, livestock products, marine products, L Agriculture/Livestock/Fishery it allows distribution and sales of the products. R Effect Origin tracking, Consumer protection O W S U By utilizing RFID technology in production, distribution, store management for food and beverage, O Food & Beverage it allows distribution and sales for safe food and beverage. T I Effect Real time inventory monitoring, Customer management, Consumer protection U Q I B By utilizing RFID technology in production, distribution, store management for electronic, medical, and U electric equipments and devices, it offers considerable added value to manufacturers, sellers, and customers. Electric & Electronics RFID/USN XCODE TM Effect Real time inventory monitoring, Customer management, Anti-counterfeiting and original products management By utilizing RFID technology in overland transportation, warehouse, marine transportation, and air Distribution transportation, ubiquitous logistics system is built. (Overland/Warehouse, Marine, Air) Effect Logistics automation, Real time logistics information service 12
  15. 15. U-Building & Home / Energy Monitoring U-Building/Home By applying RFID, sensor, network, D automation, and server technology to L R building, home, factory, etc., ubiquitous B-Information Sys. IP Exchange O building system, home network, and W factory automation are accomplished. S Integrated SI Crime Prevention U Effect Building automation, O Access control, T I Power Control Lighting Control Ssset management, U Facility management, Q I High energy efficiency, B Facility A/V Broadcasting CATV Parking Control Remote monitoring Management DAS (Distribution Automation System) U RFID/USN XCODE TM ECMS (Electrical Equipment Control & Monitoring System) PMS (Power Monitoring System) Energy Monitoring EMS (Energy Management System) By applying RFID, sensor, network, SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) DAS (Distribution Automation System) automation, and server technology to ECMS (Electrical Equipment Control & Monitoring System) photovoltaic power plant, wind power PMS (Power Monitoring System) AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) plant, and fuel cell plant, it allows USN AMR (Automated Meter Reading) based energy monitoring. 13 Effect Plant monitoring, High energy efficiency, Remote monitoring
  16. 16. Position Tracking / U-Service Resort By applying and utilizing RFID/USN D technology to facilities such as resort, L R casino, etc., it offers ubiquitous O environment. W S Effect Real time information service, U Ubiquitous leisure environment, O Real time position tracking T I U Q I Healthcare/Hospital B U By applying and utilizing RFID/USN technology to healthcare or medical RFID/USN XCODE TM system, real time healthcare for people is accomplished Effect Real time information service, Real time healthcare service, Real time position tracking Sports & Entertainment By applying and utilizing RFID/USN Monitoring RTLS Center USN-Pole technology to sports, game, and Information entertainment industries, it improves the quality of human life. 14 RTLS Tag GIS Map Effect Real time information service, Real time position tracking KIOSK /Display
  17. 17. Position Tracking / U-Service Protective Service Theme Zone/Theme Park By applying RFID/USN technology to protective service industry for By applying and utilizing RFID/USN technology and renewable energy technology D helpless single old people, children, etc., it provides customers with comprehensively to public area and park, various theme zones are built. L the best protective service. R Effect Ubiquitous environment, Real time information service O Effect Real time monitoring, W Emergency call service S U O T I U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM Sightseeing/VIP Guidance Road Traffic/Environment/Facility By applying RFID/USN technology to sightseeing, VIP guidance, etc., By applying and utilizing RFID/USN technology in order to monitor it provides customers with the best information service. roads, traffic, environment, facilities, it aims at next generation Effect Real time information service, Ubiquitous guide infrastructure & environment management. Effect Ubiquitous road traffic control system, Ubiquitous environment monitoring, Ubiquitous facility management TCS/ETCS Toll Collection System Electronic Toll Collection System FTMS FreeWay Traffic Management System 15 WTCS Wide Area Traffic Control System ATES Automatic Traffic Enforcement System
  18. 18. RFID/USN ARCHITECTURE & COMPONENTS To Build the Optimum RFID/USN Environment LS Industrial Systems’ XCODE is the Solution! You can meet XCODE, the optimized solution for customers’ environment LS Industrial Systems offers the optimized RFID/USN Solution based on its own various components and the know-how experienced in industrial device field. The leader of RFID/USN business, LS Industrial Systems leads Ubiquitous world as the Korea’s best total solution provider in RFID/USN industry through the integration technology with tags, antennas, readers, network devices, softwares, middlewares, and peripheral devices. Now, introduce RFID/USN Solution optimized to your environments. D L R O W S U O T I U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM 16
  19. 19. XCODE - System Architecture XCODE is a total solution that provides not only RFID tags, readers, sensors, networks, control devices, but also various integrated systems. D L R O W S U O T I U Q I B U XCODE - System Components RFID/USN XCODE TM RFID USN SENSING DEVICE NETWORK DEVICE & NETWORK CONTROL DEVICE CONTROL 17 Software Middleware System Integration
  20. 20. XCODE - Product Major Passive RFID Products HF : 13.56MHz UHF : 860~960MHz HF Reader HF Antenna Model : IH1306 (built-in antenna) / IH1307 Model : IH1301 / IH1302 / IH1303 Features : Features : Excellent sensing performance in various External installation environments Proximity sensing ISO 15693 support Various sizes Connection up to 16 units with RS-422, 485 Lock function 3 active modes support (Scan Mode, Master Mode, and Buffer Mode) RF Power 20dBm Dimension : 112.5 x 112.5 x 41 (mm) UHF High Performance Reader UHF Economical Reader Model : IU9003 / IU9005 Model : IU9004 Features : Features : EPC Global Standard EPC Global Standard Multiprocessor Dense Reader Mode support (Excellent sensing speed and rate) LED Alert function Dense Reader Mode support Remote monitoring function Tag moving direction sensing RF Power 30dBm LED Alert function Linux-based OS Remote monitoring function RF Power 30dBm Dimension : 190 x 137 x 70 (mm) Dimension : 330 x 227 x 55 (mm) UHF External Antenna UHF USB Type Reader Model : AU9003 / AU9007 Model : IU9011 Features : Features : External installation EPC Global Standard Dimension : Built-in antenna AU9003: 330 x 330 x 25 (mm) Around 50 mm read distance AU9007: 258 x 256 x 32 (mm) RF Power 15dBm Dimension : 92 x 48 x 12 (mm) UHF Handheld Reader UHF Staff (Librarian) Reader D L Model : IU9060 Model : XCODE-LU9001 R O Features : Features : W EPC Global Standard EPC Global Standard PDA function RFID Function S Bluetooth function U RF Power 30dBm O 2D barcode function Dimension : 300 x 400 x 45 (mm) T RF Power 30dBm I Dimension : 200 x 80 x 35 (mm) U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM Major Passive RFID Products 400 MHz Band Reader 400 MHz Band Tag Features : Features : Mesh network function Communicating function among tags Read distance of 3 ~ 400 m (Max. 15 steps) Remote monitoring function Low power consumption Reading capacity of 600 tags/reader Dimension : 85 x 40 x 15 (mm) 2.45 GHz Band Reader 2.45 GHz Band Tag Model : RU2401S Model : TU2401 18 Features : Features : Read distance of 100 m and farther Small size, lightweight Omnidirectional antenna Position tracking, emergency call, (Directional antenna) LED On/Off Position tracking Low power consumption Reading capacity of 300 tags/reader (Last for 6 months on 1hr/1day basis) Dimension : 85 x 42 x 19 (mm)
  21. 21. Major Peripheral Devices HF : 13.56MHz UHF : 860~960MHz RFID Printer POI (Point of Information) Model : XCODE-Printer Model : Barcode/RFID Function Features : Features : Barcode/RFID Function Barcode/RFID Function Multi-OS (Windows, Linux) support Touch Screen Type Metal Tag printing Equipped with large capacity hard disk Defective Tag Auto-check Wall-hanging / Standing type Dimension : 275 x 275 x 455 (mm) Dimension : 390 x 565 x 70 (mm) DID (Digital Information Display) KIOSK Model : XCODE-DID Model : XCODE-KIOSK Features : Features : LCD Panel Barcode/RFID Function Resolution 1920 x 1080 Touch Screen Type Brightness 700cd/m2 Equipped with large capacity hard disk Dimension : 42”, 47” Dimension : Option Lending & Returning Equipment RFID Gate Model : XCODE-LU9002 Model : XCODE-Gate Features : Features : EPC Global Standard EPC Global Standard RFID Function RFID Function RF Power 30dBm RF Power 30dBm Dimension : 500 x 1550 x 560 (mm) Dimension : 650 x 1780 x 152 (mm) Major Passive RFID Products (Tags) D L R O HF Tag W S U O T I U Q I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM UHF Tag 19
  22. 22. XCODE - Product Network/Control Devices PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) XGT Series GLOFA-GM Series MARSTER-K Series (National Top 10 New Technology Award) Model : GLOFA-GMR, GM1~GM7 Model : MASTER-K1000S, K300S, K200S, K120S, K80S Model : XGR, XGI, XGK, XGB(XBM, XBC) Features :CPU Processing Speed 0.1~0.5•Ïs/step Features :CPU Processing Speed 0.1~0.5•Ïs/step Features :CPU Processing Speed 28~160ns/step Max. Control 100~16,000 Points Max. Control 100~1,024 Points Max. Control 256~131,072 Points Program Memory Support Program Memory Support Program Memory Support Extension Base 2~31 Layers Extension Base 2~3 Layers Extension Base 7~31 Layers IEC 61131-1 Standard Language Support IEC 61131-1 Standard Language Support IEC 61131-1 Standard Language Support SMART I/O Series HMI Software HMI AMRS (Automatic Meter Reading System) Model : SMART I/O (Block / Extension) Model : XGT InfoU Model : XP10, XP30, XP50, XP70, XP80 Features : Features : Features : Model : AMRS EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP Integrated Development Environment for UI LCD Panel Features :Regular Reading Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Rnet Direct import PLC Software Resolution 192X64, 320X240, 800X600 Reading on demand Open Industrial Standard Architecture(OPC, OLE DB, etc) Ethernet, USB, Serial Communication Failure Compensation Powerful Script Function Dimension : 4.1”, 5.7”, 8.4”, 10.4”, 12.1” Diversified Reports Protocol Converter RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) PLT Gateway PLT Coupler (PLT: Power Line Carrier Technology) (PLT: Power Line Carrier Technology) Model : GMPC-V, GMPC-III Model : Micro RTU-II Features : Features : Model : Z-bus Gateway Model : Z-bus Phase Coupler D I-Net (LS Protocol) Input Analog (In) / I-Net (Out) Features : Features : L RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, Modbus, Status Monitoring on contact points Ethernet / RS232C RS232C / 9.6kbps PLT R DNP3.0, Ethernet Remote control Power Line Carrier Power Line Carrier O W Link to 20~80 Terminal devices S U O Main Control System T I U Q Distributed Control System Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition I B U RFID/USN XCODE TM 20 The core facility used in monitoring and controlling various industrial The Remote Terminal Unit(RTU) collects data from field instruments & processes including power plant, boilers, steel and petrochemicals. sensors and transmits the information to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System(SCADA) installed in a central control room through wire/wireless communication Process Automation System for water treatment and incineration. systems and lines, and receives control commands from the telemeter telecontrol system It uses hardware that has met the highest international standards, as well as a system to conduct online controls in real time. bus and communication network. The system is a future-oriented distributed control system that embodies a completely open system.
  23. 23. TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER LS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS Customer can determine the feasibility to introduce RFID/USN Solution based on the definite technology. From grasping the customer’s requirement to the installation condition, profitability analysis, and thorough and prompt A/S, you can now rely on LS Industrial Systems. Seminar with customer to clarify the customer’s intention and requirement Customer requirement analysis Reading condition analysis Optimum response for standard Installation by RF Analysis Team change through remote upgrade Support condition analysis Network condition analysis Thorough and prompt A/S support and design by Network Design Team System operation monitoring & Estimated management Estimating installation & Management installation system integration costs Responding the changed by the analysis results requirement from the customer cost analysis System Completion of system installation, installation & connection with upper level system Profitability Precise profitability analysis through middleware connection analysis by a calculation tool support Test/Pilot project performance Checking out the result whether it meets expected performance
  24. 24. 1026-6, LS Tower, Hogye-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA 431-848 Tel: +82-2-2034-4071~2, 4075, 4089~90, 4396 Fax: +82-2-2034-4035 w w w . l si s. b i z