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Tms Times January February 2010

  1. 1. TMS TIMES Vol. 1, Issue 3 February 2010 Spotlight on soccer—with coach shuck in all adds up! by: Kyle Bohac 1. When does soccer shooting, throw-ins, 6. What are some things season start and and goal tending. We this year’s team has really end? do drills to get those improved on or done well * Soccer practice begins skills into game like with? the first Monday after situations, and we • This team has come a Thanksgiving, with scrimmage. long way as far as Inside this issue: games starting right af- playing as a team. We ter Christmas break. have some excellent individuals that will Student Spotlight 2 2. How many games are in a season? form a good team once we are all play- • We will play 14 dis- ing the same game. Top 10 Songs for Valen- 2 trict games, one tour- tine’s...or not! nament and a cou- 7. How is playing soccer ple of scrimmages. different than other sports? What NOT to give her for 3 3. What do you enjoy Valentine’s most about coaching • Soccer involves a lot of soccer? endurance like cross country, but also Video Game Cheat Codes 3 • I enjoy getting to needs a lot of sprint- teach soccer and ing speed like track. A 5. What challenges have work with a great good soccer game has you faced this year? Birthdays! 4 group of guys. a flow like a basketball • We have a large num- game with constant 4. How long are prac- ber of players this year action except it is tices and what kind of with a vast difference spread out over a foot- Valentine’s Fun and 5 things do you get to do Games in skill levels. It has ball field. Everyone on in practices? been difficult to chal- the field needs to be • Practices are from lenge the better play- thinking and playing Valentine’s Shoutouts! 6 4:15-6:00. We work ers while still teaching offense and defense on all of the basic the basics to the new all of the time. skills like passing, players.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 TMS TIMES Student Spotlight (interview with Brianna Moors) by: Minerva Alderete 1. What is your favorite class this year, and 6. Who is your hero? why? - My brother Joshah. - Mr. Shuck’s, because my friends are there. 7. Vans or Converse? 2. What would you say is your worse subject? -Converse. -Algebra. 8. Who is your favorite band/singer? 3. What made you choose to play the saxo- - Breaking Benjamin.. phone? 9. What do you want to be when you are older? -Lisa from The Simpsons. - a doctor. 4. What is your favorite thing about TMS? 10. What are you looking forward to most about - Being a band geek! high school next year? 5. How do you spend most of your time outside - Seeing my older friends again. of school? - Playing sports. Mostly football. XD Top 10 songs for Valentine’s Day...or not! - by Erin Nevins and Justus Saucedo 5 Songs for Valentine’s Day • That’s How You Know by Demi Lovato 5 Anti-Love Songs for Valentine’s • Here Without You by Three Doors Down • Heartless by Kanye West • 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T’s • Pain by Three Days • The Only Exception by Paramore Grace • Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jump- • Knocks You Down by suit Apparatus Keri Hilson • Let it Burn by Usher QUESTION OF THE MONTH: R U LOOKING FOR LOVE...OR HAVE YOU FOUND IT? By Kirmesha Thompson Next month, the question of the month will be online—there are three surveys and three great prizes. Go to The TMS Library web- Found it! site @ Get the full Boys address and instructions in the library! Girls Looking for Love! Congratulations to Alisha Gallardo for win- ning the Valentine’s Day Basket of goodies. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Come pick it up in the library, Alisha!
  3. 3. PAGE 3 What not to give her For Valentine’s - by Darion Diaz 1. A box of chocolates, clumsily rearranged in an attempt to hide the fact that you ate all the caramel ones. 2. Any food item with the words “diet”, “light”, or “high fiber” on the label. 3. Any video starring Sylvester Stallone or Jim Carrey. 4. Flowers from a hospital’s gift shop- - or worse, a mortuary’s. 5. Any household appliance, power tool or other item from the harder side of Sears. 6. A gift certificate. 7. Cash 8. Anything you could have bought at the gas station mini-mart on the way over, even if you didn’t. 9. An apologetic look and the words “That was today?” Video Game Cheats of the month Call of Duty World at War Rockband Cheat: USA vs. Japan Cheat List Press "~" (or the key above Tab) during gameplay to open the cheats console. Type To unlock all of the songs: "devmap mak" and press [Enter] to begin cheat mode. Enter these codes for the de- Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, sired effect: Red, Blue, Blue, Red, devmap pby_fly - Play "Black Cats" devmap oki2 - Play "Blowtorch & Cork- Yellow, screw" devmap oki3 - Play "Breaking Point" Blue. devmap pel1a - Play "Burn Em' Out" - by Mystery video devmap pel2 - Play "Hard Landing" devmap pel1 - Play "Little Resistance" game player??? devmap pel1b - Play "Relentless" devmap mak - Play "Semper Fi"
  4. 4. Blood is Midnight Red, Eat and sleep My soul is pure black, he’s the one who makes me laugh, Birthdays! his smile makes my day, there’s no-way for me to explain my love for him; it grows more and more every day over-night party Have an and never fades away, just like Earth always rotating in a 360 °, all the way! How long will we last, Take a nap! no one will ever know nor find out, Gonna have a party it’ll be awhile no doubt, Now onward to the facts: I L-O-V-E everything about him, yes his awesome smile, I would figure how many inches in a mile, Go hang out anything, for what it takes to make him with a hobo smile, one thing for sure, this isn’t no lie, with my friends he’s way sweeter than apple-peachie-pie, I’m going to eat out how can I make you understand that we’re meant to be…together, for- Lie around && me♥ We asked, “What are you going to do Written by yours truly: on your birthday? -Anissa Medina Dedicated to the dude who was there for me through the tough times, Jose Villarreal.
  5. 5. Art by: Kierston Mitchell
  6. 6. Valentine Shoutouts! • “I like Melina” • “I like Summer” • “Nancy, you are the best!” • “Tahlijah, you’re the awesomest, love, S.O.S” • “Blaine, I like you!” • “I like Steven C.” • “I love Justin Bieber” • “I love Kacey, Desi, and Maddie. You’re the greatest friends” • “Jeremy Carr, you’re amazing” • “Litos, I love you silly-goose” • “Dylan Townsend, this heart beats for only you-my heart is yours” • “Love you, Dezi!” • “Jose Martinez, you are the best, I love you, I wanna go out with you” • “Kasandra, you’re my sister and BFFFFL!” • “I love M.A.T” • “You’re the best, Maddie” • “Paige, I love you” • “Dear Mayra, you are fine” Art by Veronica Garza • “Congrats on your baby, Mrs. Keith” • “Courtney Maddox, I like you a lot, you’re hot” • “I love Maddie, Kacey, Audrey, Autumn, and Minerva!” • “Mr. Fischer, you rock!!” • “Joel, I really like you a lot.” • “I like Brittney, She is like Love in a box.” • “I love you, April” • “I love you, KC!” • “Cassandra, you’re my best friend ever” • “Love you, Quirino” Art by Autumn Stabeno