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Integrative marketing


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Integrative marketing

  2. 2. Interactive marketing • The newest channels for communicating and selling directly to customers are electronic through various transactions. • All types of marketing when done in internet including promotional activities and e-marketing. • Website viewer thus feels that he is in close communication with the website owner • is an excellent example of the use of interactive marketing, as customers record their preferences and are shown book selections that match not only their preferences but recent purchases.[1]
  3. 3. Examples • Maruti’s DIL SE program
  4. 4. Advantages • Companies can send tailored messages • Consumer’s response and interest can be known . • Effective in reaching people during day Disadvantages • Bogus clicks • Skip messages • No control
  5. 5. Stratagies (placing ads and promotions online) • Websites • Microsites • Search ads (google image search ad)
  6. 6. •Display ads (banner ads)
  7. 7. Contd.. • Interstitials • Internet specific ads and vedios.( Example : youtube, my space vedio , google vedio etc.) • Sponsorships • E-mails
  8. 8. Sponsorships