Your Brand Is Your Only Real Asset


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This keynote presenation was given at the annual SDMA conference, Market to the Max, held in Seattle, March, 2009, by Curt Doolittle, CEO, Ascentium

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Your Brand Is Your Only Real Asset

  1. 1. Your Brand is Your Only Real Asset An exploration into a pure theory of marketing Curt Doolittle, CEO Ascentium Market to the Max, Seattle March 11, 2009
  2. 2. Brand in a social and economic context What will happen after we’ve jumped off the cliff?
  3. 3. The Castle is beautiful, but how did it get there? Draft #1 Presented to Jean McCarthy Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008
  4. 4. For 2000 years, the only way to raise capital was to tax
  5. 5. Historically, our identities have grown out of our culture
  6. 6. And Our cultural identities have been based on our Myths
  7. 7. After World War II, Our Myths were created by Advertising
  8. 8. And Mass identities were created by Mass Market Brands
  9. 9. From the farms to the new Eden, we all shared the same suburban dream
  10. 10. Our Advertising Myths were Aspirational (though we never worried about the consequences)
  11. 11. And then that ordered world of uniformity broke apart
  12. 12. Customer Loyalty in the New Age Our identities were stolen and now its time to get them back
  13. 13. Our shared common identity was fragmented by politics, global communication and technology.
  14. 14. Even National identities began to give way to brand identities
  15. 15. Brands replaced flags as symbols of new shared identities
  16. 16. And then, even brand identities began to shift.
  17. 17. From utility to aesthetics: We started changing the way we consume. We began to define our own brand.
  18. 18. Today when with the help of technology and information, we make up our own minds, our own aesthetic.
  19. 19. And this individual aesthetic we call Micro Identities
  20. 20. And we become our own brand
  21. 21. Brand Measurement And the falsehood of measuring anything else
  22. 22. In the world of Mass Advertising, Metrics were easy to define.
  23. 23. The Explosion in technology and channels has produced a lot more data about the brand
  24. 24. But there’s a big difference between data and knowledge
  25. 25. And knowledge only becomes an asset when its all about the brand.
  26. 26. For at the end of the day, the brand is the value
  27. 27. Changes in Technology And its impact on Consumer behavior
  28. 28. Technology believes in objective Truth
  29. 29. Marketing believes in subjective Truth
  30. 30. It’s a lot harder to measure subjectivity
  31. 31. The world of precisely engineered machines is over
  32. 32. The Neuron is the tool of the future
  33. 33. The Marketing Organization of the Future Beyond illusion in a Post American dream universe
  34. 34. The time has come to take off the mask
  35. 35. And Stop being afraid of your customers
  36. 36. The old way to tell stories belongs in a book
  37. 37. It’s not about mirrors anymore
  38. 38. It’s about seeing, listening and learning
  39. 39. And whomever can do that, will make a big splash
  40. 40.