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  1. 1. IntroduceNew concepts
  2. 2. a YouTube URL intoViewPure to watch a YouTubeclip without the “clutter.”You can right-click purify buttonto create a shortcut onto yourfavorites toolbar.
  3. 3. Another Option Download to RealplayerClick on the Download button in the top righthand corner of the video
  4. 4. Other Handy Tools• To show a middle portion of a video clip – Download to realplayer – Click on library tab • Hover cursor over video; select more; trim video • Select start position and end position • Click on save trim – Rename file and save•
  5. 5. sign in with your school gmail account
  6. 6. topics by subject areas and go down indetailed levels
  7. 7. Search topic— “Alphabet Songs”Look atfilterbyviewsdate
  8. 8. If there is avideo thatyou like, tryothers fromthe samechanneland otherslike it.
  9. 9. Khan Academy e=eduBerkely College of Music Channel Publishers
  10. 10. • 100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers 0-best-youtube-videos-for-teachers/• Character Counts u-Tube-Videos.pdf• One Hundred Useful YouTube Channels for Teachers 20/100-incredibly-useful-youtube-channels-for- teachers/
  11. 11. • 100 Informative and Inspiring YouTube Videos for Educators 010/100-informative-inspiring-youtube-videos- for-educators/• Intelligent YouTube Channels• Cybrary Man’s Educational Websites: YouTube
  12. 12. Teachers and students need to cite sources when using other’s informationYouTube Copyright Center and Copyright: General Info Creative Commons Copyright School Rebuttal YouTube’s YouTube Channel
  13. 13. Lead the way for “flipping” classrooms?A platform for online education?Text”books” use Channels?
  14. 14. Resources• Screen Shots from YouTube and Google• Information from presentation done by Sara Richardson at 2011 ITEC conference