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The Ealing COSIE Project


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Janet Rudge + Dorota Juszkiewicz, London Borough of Ealing

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The Ealing COSIE Project

  1. 1. The Ealing COSIE Project Janet Rudge & Dorota Juszkiewicz Warm homes for health: Building fuel poverty and health partnerships 16 July 2013 REGENERATION & HOUSING 1
  2. 2. Ealing statistics Population • total: 338,500 • over 65 years old : 36.227 (10.7%) Health • 118 recorded excess winter deaths in Ealing in 2009-10, similar to average for England • 216 early deaths from heart disease and stroke in 2009-10, significantly worse than for England • Circulatory and respiratory diseases accounted for 59% of admissions in 2011, and for 45% of deaths among people aged over 65 Fuel poverty • Estimated 9.3% households fuel poor in 2011 (11,141 homes) 2 Source: Ealing Health Profile 2012, Census 2011, JSNA 2012, DECC fuel poverty statistics 2011
  3. 3. The COSIE Project (Cold weather support in Ealing) • Short term project funded by the Warm Homes Healthy People Fund • £205,000 grant for winter 2012-2013 • Joint project leads form LBE Sustainability Team and Ealing Public Health • Took lessons from and improved on first year’s scheme (also called COSIE) 3
  4. 4. Project aims Reduce cold housing and adverse effects on health with priorities for: • Long term, meaningful improvements • Increased referrals and improved targeting • Improve emergency cold weather planning and preparedness • Evaluation for future scheme design 4
  5. 5. Project delivery partners Groundwork • ‘Green DoctorsTM ’ for energy advice visits Handyperson service (LBE HIA) • Boiler services / repairs Age UK • Benefit checks and fuel debt advice Ealing CCGs • Referrals to Green DoctorsTM CAG Consultants • Fuel poverty awareness training Ealing CVS / Community Network • Promotion 5
  6. 6. Project design: long term improvements • Tailored energy advice in the home – target of 450 visits • Free energy saving measures: • draught-proofing, radiator panels, hot water cylinder jackets, chimney balloons, ‘Owl’ energy monitor • Winter warmth pack • microwaveable hot water bottle thermos mug, fleece blanket, CO monitor, advice pack, thermometer card • Referrals to other services • Handyperson service • Age UK • London Fire Brigade 6
  7. 7. Project design: referrals and targeting • Briefing note distributed to referral agencies, council & NHS staff • Training offered in fuel poverty awareness to frontline staff • Thermometer card widely distributed • ECVS publicised through • website and newsletter • personal calls to member groups • Articles in ‘Around Ealing’ – council magazine goes to all homes • Green Doctors’ outreach work (eg mosque, GP group) • Project leads gave talks (eg Ealing Hospital, Church older people’s group, OT group, Voluntary Sector Older People’s Forum, GP group) • Link with GPs, Integrated Care Pilot and Ealing Hospital • Included in Big London Energy Switch publicity to Taxi card holders 7
  8. 8. Project promotion A5 size thermometer card (inner pages) 8
  9. 9. COSIE referral process 9
  10. 10. 10 Around Ealing - Dec / Jan edition
  11. 11. Project outcomes • 783 Green Doctor visits and 29 telephone advice calls made • 65 frontline staff trained • 84 boiler services / repairs, 33 major boiler repairs / replacements, 85 emergency heaters delivered • c. 200 referred to Age UK, including for benefit checks • c. 100 referred to LFB for smoke alarms • 2 Green Champions trained by Groundwork – to provide more permanent legacy for helping residents in the borough • Profile of those helped: • 43% >75 years • 57% disabled / long term conditions* • 40% fuel poor* • 7% families with children <5 years* • 72% in receipt of benefits *% of 653 visits (those recorded) 11
  12. 12. Item in April edition of Around Ealing 12
  13. 13. Feedback 13 (Resident is fuel poor, on benefits, disabled) (Resident is fuel poor, on benefits, disabled) (Resident >75, on benefit, disabled) Added value (74 yrs old, with disability, low income, on benefit) This client was identified in urgent need of boiler upgrade and helped through DECC Fuel Poverty Funds. (Resident disabled, on benefit, fuel poor) “I did not know how to organise transport for a hospital visit and the Green Doctor made some phone calls to sort it out for me and also get help with appealing for a disability card” Client has no direct heating or hot water source, they are using a kettle to heat water for washing and cleaning, and electric room heaters and an old calor gas fire that produces fumes. “Marvellous, life changing.” “Wonderful. I didn't realise the kettle uses so much electricity. And I had a terrible draught coming in under the door, I can feel the difference already” “Very grateful and reassuring, all the detail etc. also overwhelmed by all the presents, it's Christmas all over again”
  14. 14. Reasons for success •Joint project leads – Sustainability and Public Health •Partnership working between agencies •Building on previous year’s project – re-using project name / brand becoming known •Excellent delivery by Green Doctors – spending up to 2 hours per visit and giving extra value •Able to coordinate with DECC funding for more long term improvements •Link with Integrated Care Pilot 14
  15. 15. Lessons for the future •Need to streamline referrals process / develop a single point of referral, funds allowing •Engaging with health •Timing – need earlier in winter •Permanent project needed rather than short term availability to increase confidence among health / other staff to refer •Both early start and longer term scheme would help with publicising and advance planning 15
  16. 16. COSIE delivered … “Brilliant, an angel has flown into my room.” (74 year old Ealing resident, with disability / long term condition) 16 … green angels?
  17. 17. For further information contact Janet Rudge, COSIE Project Lead Sustainability Team Ealing Council Sustainability Team 020 8825 9394 Dorota Juszkiewicz, Public Health Specialist for Mental Health, Older People, Alcohol and Physical and Learning Disabilities. Ealing Council Public Health 02088256308 17