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Succession Planning Tips with Software


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For Succession Planning and Talent Management OrgChart Analytics software is a powerful software that turns the organization chart into a diagnostic heat-map, making it easy to see where the opportunities and problems are in the organization. Publish to PowerPoint and Flash. Download at Free for 30-days at

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Succession Planning Tips with Software

  1. 1. OrgChart Analytics Talent Visualization Tool by Proactively Visualize and Manage the Talent in your Workforce
  2. 2. OrgChart Professional Used by thousands of corporations, government agencies, universities, and hospitals world-wide
  3. 3. Typical Organization Chart Where is the talent?
  4. 4. OrgChart Talent Visualization Tool The Talent Visualization Tool allows companies to proactively manage their current and future talent needs Background • Users find OrgChart Pro v5 enables tracking of important HR/personnel data such as performance, diversity, readiness for promotion and vitality (years in position). • Companies desperately need a visual tool that gives management a clear and concise assessment of organizational talent strengths and gaps. Features • Extensive custom visual formatting options turn the chart into a diagnostic ‘heat map’ • Automated rules and markers enable one-click transformation of the entire chart • A variable legend communicates meaning of every color and shape • Hierarchical, conditional calculations enable summary of headcount, classes, salaries, and demographics Benefits • Management now has a tool that gives a powerful visual of all talent in one place. • Trends in the organization’s talent can be can be assessed over time • Fast & Easy to use. Uses • Succession Planning, Diversity Management, Asset Distribution, Re-Organization
  5. 5. Before View The organization chart before applying heat map markers
  6. 6. After View Using automated rules, the chart easily shows target characteristics
  7. 7. Reports View reports for each strata of talent
  8. 8. Rules & Automatic Legend Create conditional formatting rules Dynamically generate the legend
  9. 9. Diversity Planning
  10. 10. Diversity Planning
  11. 11. Vitality / Years in Job
  12. 12. Vitality / Years in Job
  13. 13. Performance View
  14. 14. Visualize your workforce – Automatically! • The organization chart comes alive with color and style, making it easy to visualize any aspect of the organization. • Custom rules will quickly highlight any area of importance or concern
  15. 15. OrgChart Analytics OrgChart Pro provides powerful analytics to visualize, understand, and manage your workforce Available as an add-on to the OrgChart v5 Corporate program. For more information contact: