CEN WS-LT report on PT interoperability of registries


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Introduction to the CEN WS-LT work item on interoperability of registries

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CEN WS-LT report on PT interoperability of registries

  1. 1. ! PT Interoperability of Registries Joris Klerkx joris.klerkx@cs.kuleuven.be K.U.Leuven, ARIADNE http://hmdb.cs.kuleuven.be/ http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be 42nd meeting of CEN/ISSS/WS-LT June 21st, 2010, Warsaw 1
  2. 2. Objectives Enable the interconnection of learning object repositories (LORs) To increase LORs impact in making relevant content available By specifying how a network of registries can be set up with existing standards and specifications
  3. 3. Connections to all the networks querying one registry Federated Search Harvester Example Set-up Registry 1 SQI OAI-PMH CC RSS MC SQI SPI MC OAI-PMH CC SPI MC SQI Registry 2 SQI CC OAI-PMH MC SRU/W CC Synchronization MC SQI RSS SPI MC OAI-PMH Registry 3 CC SPI SQI MC SQI OAI-PMH CC MC SQI RSS CC MC OAI-PMH MC SRU/W SPI CC SPI MC SQI Data Model CC MCSRU/W Query, Insert/Update & Synch
  4. 4. PT Tasks T0: Selection Team Members T1: Related Work T2: Proposal specifiation for a LOR registry T3: Reference Implementations T4: Revision of proposal (T2), based on feedback T3 T5: Discussion & Consensus Building T6: Public Commenting Phase T7: Dissemination of Results
  5. 5. PT Timing Selection of Team Members Discussion & Dissemination Consensus Building
  6. 6. Project Team Members (T0) Joris Klerkx, KULeuven Alberto Abian, UAH David Massart, EUN Axel Maroudas, Devplus Fredrik Paulsson, UMU Stefaan Ternier, OUNL Daniel Rehak, ADL Frans Van Assche, KULeuven Christian Stracke, Uni-Due
  7. 7. Project Website (T7) https://sites.google.com/site/registriyinterop/home
  8. 8. Project Discussion Group (T5) http://groups.google.be/group/registryinterop/topics #cenior
  9. 9. Current Activities Capturing Related Work Use Cases (open call) Monthly Meetings May 7 May 27 June 14
  10. 10. Related Work ARIADNE/GLOBE Registry METEOR’s Web Service Discovery Infrastructure (MWSDI) JISC Information Environment Registry (IESR) CORDRA / ADL registry (ADL-R) The OCKHAM NSF / NSDL Registry Educational Software and Technology Application Registry Tool (EdSTART) etc. The ARIADNE Registry of LORs, Jose Luis Santos, Joris Klerkx, and Erik Duval, submitted.
  11. 11. Use Cases Template for Use Cases available http://sites.google.com/site/registriyinterop/file-cabinet
  12. 12. Data Model Defines what data the registry will hold about the repositories Base ourselves on the IMS LODE registry data model, which is itself an application profile of ISO2146 - Registry Services for Libraries and Related Organizations.
  13. 13. Reference Implementation 1 IMS LODE data model Ariadne Registry deployed for ASPECT & GLOBE http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/ariadne-registry/
  14. 14. Add a new Target Repository name: ASPECT project SPI Target: http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/aspect-ws/services/SPI OAI-PMH Target: http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/aspect-ws/services/oai SQI Target: http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/aspect-ws/services/SqiTarget Session management: http://ariadne.cs.kuleuven.be/repository/services/ SqiSessionManagement Synchronous Languages supported: PLQL LOM result
  15. 15. Simple Search Interface Generic query: http give us all the results Concrete query: metadataCollection.identifier.entry=dum_rvp_cz (plql1)
  16. 16. Interested? Join discussion group Next PT meeting see project website - calendar doodle on-going
  17. 17. http://www.icoper.org/ http://aspect-project.org/ http://www.role-project.eu/ http://www.stellarnet.eu/ Questions? ariadne@cs.kuleuven.be Thanks! 17