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The language of humour


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Published in: Technology, Education
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The language of humour

  1. 1. The Language of Humour
  2. 2. Homophoneshomophones: words which sound the same buthave a different meaning & spellingWhats black and white and red all over?A newspaper.What illness do retired pilots get?Flu.
  3. 3. Homophonic phraseshomophonic phrases: syllable for syllable, phrasessound alike, but the sum of the meaning isdifferent. Not frequently found in English - have tobe forced.What happened to the snake with a cold?She adder viper nose.What did the electricians wife say when he came inlate?Wire you insulate?
  4. 4. Homonymshomonyms: words which are spelled the same but havedifferent meanings.Whats the lady copper doing up a tree?Shes working for the Special Branch.Bloodnok: You cant come in, Im in the bath,Seagoon: (off) What are you doing in the bath?Bloodnok: Im watching television.Seagoon: (off) Whats showing?Bloodnok: Nothing, Ive got a towel round me.
  5. 5. Rhymesphonetic similitudes, usually rhymes, with theappeal of homophones.What do cannibals play at parties?Swallow my leader.What is pink, wobbly and flies?A jellycopter.
  6. 6. deconstruction or pseudomorphs: false word forms.Be alert!Your country needs lerts.What do you give an injured lemon?Lemon-aidWhich bird always succeeds?A budgie with no teeth.
  7. 7. playing with rules of conversationAt customs -Customs officer: Cigarettes, brandy, whisky...Girl: How kind you are in this country. Ill have a coffee please.(Request for information mistaken for offer- same form coversdifferent functions.)Where did King John sign the Magna Carta?At the bottom.Waiter, your thumb is in my soup.Dont worry , Sir, its not hot.How do you stop a skunk smelling?Hold his nose.
  8. 8. portmanteaux: Lewis Carrolls term for two words and meanings packed into one word.If buttercups are yellow, what colour arehiccups?Burple.What do you call an overweight pumpkin?A plumpkin.
  9. 9. wordplayWhats the difference between a nightwatchman and a butcher?One stays awake, the other weighs a steak.Whats the difference between a barber inRome and a mad circus owner?One is a shaving Roman and the other a ravingshowman.
  10. 10. axial clashwhere a word changes in grammatical functioncreating another meaningHow do you make a cat drink?Put it in a liquidizer.Why did the window box?Because it saw the garden fence.How do you make a sausage roll?Give it a push.
  11. 11. Spoonerism: transposition, usually accidental, ofthe initial letters etc of two or more words.Named after Rev W. A. Spooner, English scholar,died 1930 - reputed to have made such errors inspeaking.You have hissed the mystery lectures.The Lord is a shoving leopard.You have deliberately tasted two worms (wastedtwo terms) and will leave Oxford on the town drain(down train).
  12. 12. playing with word boundariesSteven , you have acute appendicitis.I came here to be treated, not admired doctor.How could you say in one word that you hadcome across a doctor?Metaphysician.
  13. 13. playing with syntaxThe surgeon told the man that he would be in adeep sleep throughout the operation.She took the stethoscope from round his neck andtwisted it nervously in her hands.(unclear what the pronoun refers to)Mummy, Mummy, I dont like Daddy.Then leave him on the side of your plate and eatyour vegetables.
  14. 14. sexual innuendoBirdboot: Of course, she lacks technique as yet-(STOPPARDS "REAL INSPECTOR HOUND" p36)Magnus: Well I think Ill go and oil my gun.(STOPPARDS "REAL INSPECTOR HOUND" p38)