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  2. 2. Four Functions• Declarative• Interrogative• Imperative• Exclamatory
  3. 3. What would you find in…?• An instruction manual• An advertisement• A conversation between friends• A school report• A story• A newspaper report• A speech
  4. 4. Game time!• Declarative – left hand up• Interrogative – right hand up• Imperative – both hands up• Exclamatory – wave both hands
  5. 5. Task Sheet• Follow the task on the sheet, reading the two extracts.• How does sentence type link to audience? Write up a point on each text, comparing the two.
  6. 6. Read the Baghdad Blog extract• How do the sentences used fit with the five definitions?• Do you prefer one or two definitions over the others?
  7. 7. Types of sentence:• Major – Simple (one clause only) – Multiple/compound/complex (more than one clause linked together)• Minor – Formulae (for stereotyped social situations) – Interjections – Proverbs (or pithy (concise or forceful) sayings) – Abbreviated forms (in postcards, instructions, commentaries) – Words/phrases (used as exclamations, questions and commands)