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Introduction To Iso 20022


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UNIFI is the standards proposed by ISO to develop messages for all domains of the financial industry.

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Introduction To Iso 20022

  1. 1. Introduction to ISO 20022 Author: JK Mohanty [email_address]
  2. 2. UNIFI (ISO 20022) <ul><li>ISO 20022 - UNI versal F inancial I ndustry message scheme, the recipe: </li></ul><ul><li>syntax neutral business modelling methodology </li></ul><ul><li>syntax specific design rules </li></ul><ul><li>industry led development/registration process </li></ul><ul><li>financial repository on </li></ul><ul><li>reverse engineering approach to ease coexistence </li></ul>
  3. 3. Why UNIFI (ISO 20022) Competitive Space Competitive Space Cooperative Space SME’s Tradefacilitation: ICC Rule Books, e-invoicing Cash: NCB rules, Industry Standards Securities: Rule Books, Exchanges, CCP’s CSD’s, Standardisation High Value Payments: RTGS, EURO1 and CHIPS Cards: Rule Books, Card Schemes, Cards Processors Certification & Networks: SWIFT Commercial Payments: Rule Books, Clearing Houses, Processors Financial Institutions Corporates Merchants Consumers Public Admini- strators Financial Institutions Public Admini- strators Corporates SME’s Merchants Consumers Cooperative space for business rules Cooperative space for standards FX and Money Markets: Rule Books, CLS Bank A Bank B
  4. 4. UNIFI - For whom? <ul><li>communities of users looking for interoperability and more cost-effective communications </li></ul><ul><li>Message development organisations: FIX , FinXML, VRXML, RIXML, FpML, IFX , TWIST , SWIFT , RosettaNet, OAGi , ACORD, ISTH , XBRL, CIDX, EPAS , etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Market Infrastructures (MIs): DTCC, FED, EBA, Target, CLS , Euroclear , Omgeo , etc. </li></ul><ul><li>International or national standards setters: ACBI , ISITC , ISO TC68 WGs , UN/CEFACT TBG5 , OMG, EPC , etc. </li></ul>There are also catalysts for interoperability and convergence, such as SEPA , Giovannini , MiFID, e-Invoicing
  5. 5. The registration process Business validation Official registration and publication Optional pilot testing or first implementers Submitter & users Candidate UNIFI messages UNIFI messages Submitter Financial industry group or standards body Business justification Business justification RMG Project approval & allocation to a SEG SEG Endorsement of scope and developers Submitter & RA Development & provisional registration SEG RA Repository Dictionary Catalogue R M G m o n i t o r s
  6. 6. UNIFI – Payments Model Debtor Debtor’s financial institution Creditor’s financial institution UNIFI Creditor Cash Management Direct Debits / Credit Transfers Exceptions & Investigations Credit Transfer Initiation Exceptions & Investigations Direct Debit Initiation Candidate UNIFI (in development) Advice & Statement Advice & Statement Exceptions & Investigations Cash Management Cash Management Change/Verify Account Identification Change/Verify Account Identification E-Mandates E-Mandates Creditor Payment Activation Request Creditor Payment Activation Request Creditor Payment Activation Request
  7. 7. UNIFI - Securities (equities and fixed income) Custodian Pre-trade / Trade (FIX/SWIFT) I/CSD Settlement & Reconciliation (SWIFT) Seller Clearing agent Buyer ISO 15022 UNIFI Candidate UNIFI (in development) Issuers’ Agent Issuers’ Agent Communication (Euroclear) Trade / Post-Trade (Omgeo) Registrar Registration Communication (Euroclear) Corporate Actions Proxy Voting (SWIFT) Reconciliation TPV Statement (SWIFT/ISITC) Pre- Settlement (SWIFT) Reconciliation (SWIFT) Corporate Actions (SWIFT) Pre- Settlement (SWIFT) Corporate Actions (SWIFT) Settlement & Reconciliation (SWIFT) Market Claims (Euroclear) Regulators Transaction Regulatory Reporting (SWIFT)
  8. 8. UNIFI - Securities (investment) Fund accountant Institutional investor Investment manager Transfer agent Fund Cash Forecast Report Price Report Account Management UNIFI Candidate UNIFI (in development) New plan manager Old plan manager PEP/ISA/Portfolio Transfers Order & Confirmation & Status Transfer & Confirmation & Status Statements FPP report provider, e.g. Fund manager FPP report user, e.g. Fund distributor Request for Fund Report FPP Report
  9. 9. UNIFI - Forex Ordering party Settlement party custodian Trading party Trading party FX & Loan/Deposit Advice & Allocations Central Settlement System NDF and Foreign Exchange Option Notifications NDF and Foreign Exchange Option Notifications NDF Opening and Valuation Notifications and Foreign Exchange Option Premium Notifications MTs FpML CUG (Trade Notifications) UNIFI FX order Loans and deposits Foreign exchange and currency options Interest rate swaps
  10. 10. UNIFI - Trade Services Seller’s bank Buyer’s bank TSU messages TSU messages Candidate UNIFI ( in development) UNIFI Buyer Seller e-Invoice Invoice Financing Request EBPP e-Invoice TSU
  11. 11. “ ThankYou” <ul><li>If you are interested to know more about ISO 20022, please send me an email at the following address. </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul>