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Indians and explorers


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Indians and explorers

  1. 1. THE FIRST PEOPLECh. 5 Section 2Paleo-Arkansans Archaic Woodland Mississippi*Answer Questions for all four prehistoric native Arkansan groups.* Starts on p. 110 in book. 1. What crops did they grow, or specialize in? / What did they eat? 2. What tools did they use or invent?/ What resources did they have? 3. What were their dwellings like? / How did they live?
  2. 2. Indian Tribe NotesOsage Indians1.)What tools did they use or invent?The used the bow and arrow2.)Where did this tribe originate from?The originated from Southern Missouri3.)What unique rituals did they participate in?Osage attribute their origins to events associated with Wakondahs separation ofair,earth,and water from the primordial Middle Waters.4.)What crops did they grow, or specialize in?They didnt grow crops they were hunters.5.)What were some traditions of these people...think dress, social classes, ect...lived in permanent villages and grew corn squash a pumpkin in addition to theBuffalo they killed.6.)What were their dwellings like?The Osage dwellings were rectangle and made of small tree trunks covered withanimal skins, and mats woven out of brush. Many families lived in the same houses.7.)What type of unique clothing did they wear?They dressed in animal skins, the men wore leggings, women wore shirts and dresses.8.)Any additional information not covered aboveThey did not really live in Arkansas, their houses were in southern Missouri. theyhunted in Arkansas.QUAPAW INDIANS1.)What tools did they use or invent?They used bows and arrows, clubs and spears2.)Where did this tribe originate from?Mississippian Tribes3.)What unique rituals did they participate in?The participated in the Caddo Harvest Ritual and the Pow Wow4.)What crops did they grow, or specialize in?Squash, beans, and corn they also fished and hunted5.)What were some traditions of these people...think dress, social classes, ect...The family was the basic unit of Quapaw social organization. Groups of familiesrelated through the males were joined into clans. Clans were usually named foranimals. Clan members believed they were descended from a common ancestor.6.)What were their dwellings like?
  3. 3. Villages consisted of long, rectangular houses in parallel rows and columns.In the middle of these houses, there was usually an open area for dances in festivals.7.)What type of unique clothing did they wear?The Quapaw women wore deerskin went topless in the summer.Crazy animals. Men were naked or wore loincloths and leggings in the winter. Robeswere also worn by both sexes8.)Any additional information not covered aboveEvery village had a leader that was advised by a council of old men.Affairs were dealt with by villages, but affairs that dealt with the whole tribe werediscussed on a bigger (stage)Caddo1. What tools did they use or invent?A tool that they invented was the salt industry- poured water through sand to dissolvethe salt and then boiled the water to evaporate the moisture.2. Where did this tribe originate from? (Hint, the answer is not Arkansas)Tribe originated from Southwest Arkansas3. What unique rituals did they participate in?One of the unique rituals they participated in was painting their bodies because theythought it made them more attractive. They also put tattoos all over themselves.4. What crops did they grow, or specialize in?The Caddo Indians grew tobacco.5. What were some traditions of these people…think dress, social classes, etc…Some traditions of these people were some woman used body and face paint,drumming, and they made salt.6. What were their dwellings like?There dwellings were small family farms, outdoor fireplaces, and gardens.7. What type of unique clothing did they wear?They wore cloth made of plants and tanned deer skin.8. Any additional information not covered above.Some additional information is that they had an important "industry" making salt thatthey tarded in the shape of a brick.