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Blog Post Assignment #3InstructionsChoose 1 of the following 3 blog post options. Please write a creative and original pos...
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Blog post assignment3


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Blog post assignment3

  1. 1. Blog Post Assignment #3InstructionsChoose 1 of the following 3 blog post options. Please write a creative and original post that includes anintroduction, body, and conclusion. Since this is a blog post I will be asking you to use blogformat….please see the following: • Include a title (title should reflect the blog post option you chose) • Use at least one piece of media (picture, video, sound, etc…) • No more than 250 wordsThis will be a graded blog post (25 points) so PLEASE give me some quality work here. Listed below youroptions, pick well and don’t let me down!Choose One of The Following Options: • There is a new technology movement in colleges on the east coast, but this movement is not trying to improve the use of technology in education. The movement is the removal of technology from the classroom. Colleges such as George Mason in Washington, D.C. are outlawing student laptop use during class lectures. They say that it is more of a distraction than a help for students. Where do you stand on this issue? Write a blog post supporting one side of the argument. • Recently Forbes Magazine named Fayetteville the number 7 on their annual Best College Sports Town List. Forbes took into consideration crime rate, education system, lifestyle, and overall success of athletic programs. I know we didn’t need Forbes to tell us that Fayetteville is awesome, but what I want you to do is tell me what it is that YOU value about Fayetteville and why we deserve to be on this list. • The Oscars were held this past Sunday and people around the world watched as actors and directors were awarded for various categories. One of the common complaints during Oscar time is “I’ve never heard of that move”. Your job is to geek a movie that you felt like was the best film from this past year. Write a review on why you believe the movie you picked deserves to be considered for film of the year.