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8th grade social studies curriculum map


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8th grade social studies curriculum map

  1. 1. 8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum Map 2011 Woodland Jr. High – Mr. McClungIntroduction to Global Studies/Class intro/Rules, Personal Accountability – basic U.S. info – what isglobalization?, vocab, states, capitals, 2-letter abbreviations. Aug 15 – 26Geography Aug 29 – Sept 23 Vocabulary – terms in italics from frameworks, any other basic Geog terms Five themes of Geography Movement G.3.8.1, G.3.8.2, G.3.8.3 HEI G.3.8.4, G.3.8.5SEPTEMBER 11/Terrorism Maps and globes G.1.8.2, G.1.8.3, G.1.8.4, G.1.8.5, H.6.8.35 Rivers G.1.8.1CONSTITUTION DAY C.5.8.1 Geog Culture/Diversity G.2.8.1, G.2.8.2, G.3.8.3 UNIT ASSESSMENTCivics Sept 26 – Oct 14 C.4.8.1, C.4.8.3 – forms of gov’t/political parties H.6.8.10 (kings w/ types of govt’s) World Organization activity C.5.8.6 ASSESSMENT - Civics project – each student gets a country C.5.8.2, C.5.8.3, C.5.8.4, C.5.8.5Economy Oct 17 - Nov 4VOCAB Economy/ies, regions, supply and demand, global market, scarcity, inflation, GDP, productive resources, opportunity costs, limited resources, traditional/market/command economies, productivity, human capital, human resources, capital resources, natural resources, industrialization, entrepreneurship The Great Depression and the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis
  2. 2. History Nov 7 – Dec 14H.6.8.1, H.6.8.2 – any timeALL 8th SS CLASSES ***Illustrated timeline activity (overall from 1200- WWII) R (Renaissance) H.6.8.36, H.6.8.37, H.6.8.15 (bubonic/black death plague) E (European Exploration) H.6.8.6, H.6.8.7, H.6.8.11, H.6.8.22, H.6.8.31, H.6.8.33, H.6.8.35 P (Protestant Reformation) H.6.8.3, H.6.8.4, H.6.8.5 (Protestant/Counter Reformation) S (Scientific Revolution) H.6.8.9, H.6.8.12, H.6.8.13 I (Industrial Revolution) H.6.8.14 18th and 19th Century H.6.8.32, H.6.8.29 H.6.8.16 – H.6.8.21 WWI H.6.8.23, H.6.8.24, H.6.8.34 WWII H.6.8.40, H.6.8.25, H.6.8.26, H.6.8.27, H.6.8.28, H.6.8.38 (Holocaust)2nd Semester – Arkansas History1st Quarter – Arkansas HistoryIssue books – State Econ – bridge from Econ may have been covered in semesters 1 & 2Intro (symbols) Geography/State and Local Gov’t/Early ArkansasTerritorial Period StatehoodSecession, Civil War, ReconstructionProgressive Era (SS framework) H.6.8.15 (small pox, TB, influenza)2nd QuarterWWI, 1920s, Flood of 1927, Drought, DustbowlGreat Depression, New Deal (SS framework) H.6.8.15 (polio)World War II, Internment Camps, Central High, 1960s H.6.8.38 (Holocaust)1970s – Present (incl Pres Libraries) H.6.8.38 (Kosovo w/Clinton)