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Enlyten start up-toolkit[1]


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Enlyten Start Up Tool Kit

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Enlyten start up-toolkit[1]

  1. 1. Start-Up ToolkitSt t U T lkit Tools designed to ensure a successful start for your enlyten business 1
  2. 2. Start-Up Toolkit | Launching Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTable of Contents| ToolkitContent Page(s)Day One: Checklist 3Orientation to Distributor Replicated Web Site 4Orientation to Distributor Online Back Office 5Support & Training Resources Form 648 Hours Checklist 7First Seven Days Checklist 7Goal Setting 8-12 Yale Study 8 The Anatomy of Goal Setting 9 Goal Setting Worksheet 10 The Law of Cause an Effect 11 Keys to Success 12Three Basic Skills 13 Prospecting 14 Recruiting 15 Overcoming Objections 16 One Minute Infomercial 17 Three-Way-Calling 18 Three-Way-Calling Script 19 Follow-Up 20Your First Goal – Business Builder 21Focusing on developing Business Builders g p g 22Building Your Prospect List 23 Memory Jogger 24 Prospect List (200) 25-32 2
  3. 3. Start-Up Toolkit | Launching Your BusinessDay One | Checklist Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitEnrollment__ Enroll Online as a Fully Active Independent Distributor by completing the online application__ I d Independent Di t ib t - $99 95 d t Distributor $99.95__ Fast Track Pack (One-time-only opportunity to purchase $640 of product at a 53% discount) - $300__ Auto-Ship Order (16 cassettes: Four packages of four cassettes each) - $120Start-Up Tool Kit__ Orientation to Distrib tor online Back Office (See Page 4 attached) Distributor__ Orientation to Distributor Replicated Web Site (See Page 5 attached)__ Complete Support & Training Resources form (See Page 6 attached) • Contact numbers for upline support team/leaders • Schedule for business overview conference calls, meetings and training sessions.__ Review Start-Up Toolkit materials Start Up__ Begin Prospect List (See Pages 25 -32 attached) A note to newly enrolled Independent Distributors: In the beginning, it is very important that you not talk to family members, friends or prospects about enrolling as a customer or Independent Distributor, without the benefit of upline leadership support being on the phone or at your side. Although it makes no sense, there are those who will instantly become experts on the subject of our products or network marketing. Although they may mean well, they quite j g g y y y possible no nothing about either. Do not let them steel your dreams of financial independence! Having the support of an experienced distributor by your side, will allow for questions and/or concerns to be confidently answered. 3
  4. 4. Day One Check-List | Replicated Web Site Orientation Start-Up ToolkitDistributor Web Site Address: Checklist for orientation to your replicated web site Bottom-Portion Links __ Review all website information/features Business Opportunity __ Tell me more: Distributorship information, more Distrib torship information Top Tab Links Compensation Overview download, etc. Did you receive one of our samples or free gifts? Products __ Feedback portal for ‘10 Free Gifts’ sample recipients to __ Overview: Product information/ingredients confirm receipt of sample and __ Technology: Terminology, Video, etc etc. product information __ Testimonials: Customer testimonials Charity Opportunity __ Find our more: Overview of enlyten’s partnership with __ Overview: Distributorship information, Compensation JAM charity Overview download, etc. __ View the JAM video from enlyten’s launch event here. __ Events: National calendar of events, Business Overview Link to JAM video download and Training meetings, Webinars, etc. Contact Us (Bottom) __ Video Contest: Information, procedure, etc. __ Link to Distributor contact page Enroll __ Online enrollment portal for new distributors Charity __ Overview of enlyten’s partnership with JAM __ Link to JAM video download Shop __ E -Commerce portal to order products online Login __ Distributor portal to access Back Office __ Practice Login/Logout 4
  5. 5. Day One Check-List | Distributor Online Back Office Orientation Start-Up ToolkitChecklist for orientation to your online back office. __ Review/Edit all Virtual Back-Office information to ensure accuracy and to familiarize yourself with all available business management tools gDistributor Summary Resources__ Name/ID#/Contact Info __ Email Inbox: Review features, procedure, etc.Volumes __ Downloads: Review information and forms available__ Highest Paid Rank / Current Rank / Personal BV / Group __ Contact Us: Review enlyten corporate contact informationCharityCh it __ 10 F Gif Review and complete names/contact info Free Gifts: R i d l / i f__ Personal and downline generated weeks of supply for JAM ShopCompany News __ Manage My Autoship: Review/edit information and set up__ Announcements/Updates/Contests, etc. from enlyten $120+ autoship corporate __ Order Product for Myself: Review information/procedureToday __ Order Product for Someone: Review information/__ Distributor Summary: Ensure all information is correct procedure__ Company News: Review for latest updates and information __ View Merchandise: Review choices/ Order Business__ Personal BV: Personal Business Volume Cards/Tools__ Downline BV: Group Business Volume for you and your __ View Order History: Review information organization My Account yBusiness __ Account Info: Review and/or Edit__ Downline: Review to ensure that your enroller’s name is __ Billing Info: Review/Edit correct __ Password Info: Review/Edit__ Downline Tree: Review features, views, etc. __ Direct Deposit Info: Review/Edit__ Waiting Room: Review features, procedure, etc. __ Auto-Ship Info: Review/Edit__ E ll N Member: Enroll New M b __ W b it Info: Review/Edit/Add Website I f R i /Edit/Add__ Commissions: Review features, procedure, etc. __ Email Preferences: Create/Review/Edit__ Rank Report Card: Current rank and requirements for next __ Email Broadcasts: Opt In - to receive company information promotion by email 5
  6. 6. Start-Up Toolkit | Support & Training Resources Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitUpline Leadership SupportUpline Leader: _____________________ Home: _______________ Cell: _______________ Email: _______________________Upline Leader: _____________________ Home: _______________ Cell: _______________ Email: _______________________ pEnroller Name: _____________________ Home: _______________ Cell: _______________ Email: _______________________Sponsor Name: _____________________ Home: _______________ Cell: _______________ Email: _______________________Your Name: _____________________ Home: _______________ Cell: _______________ Email: _______________________Schedule of Business Overview Presentations and Training OpportunitiesBusiness Overview PresentationsConference Call Day: _______________ Time: _______________ Phone#: _______________ Code: _____________________Conference Call Day: _______________ Time: _______________ Phone#: _______________ Code: _____________________BOP Meeting Day: _______________ Time: _______________ Location: _______________ Contact: ___________________ gBOP Meeting Day: _______________ Time: _______________ Location: _______________ Contact: ___________________ yTraining Meeting Day: ______________ Time: _______________ Location: _______________ Contact: ___________________Enlyten Distributor SupportDistributor Support: Phone: 888-436-5983 Email: 6
  7. 7. Start-Up Toolkit | Launching Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitFirst 48 Hours | Checklist__ Begin sampling product to family, friends and associates__ Read enlyten Policies and Pro ed res enl ten Poli ies Procedures__ Complete the Start-Up Toolkit Training materials __ Goal Setting section __ Prospect List__ Conduct Three-way calls with your upline leaders to your top 20 prospects__ B i d l i a close working relationship with your upline team leaders/partners Begin developing l ki l i hi ih li l d /First Seven Days| Checklist__ Attend the next Business Overview Presentation meeting in your area (Take notes)__ Participate in all available Business Overview Presentation Webinars (Take notes)__ Attend the next training meeting in your area (Take notes)__ Read and Study enlyten Independent Distributor Manual__ Read & Study enlyten Policies & Procedures Manual__ Read & Study enlyten Policies & Procedures Manual__ Organize and prepare your home office and work space__ Order flat rate or discount long distance and three-way calling phone service “Money isnt the most important thing in life Money isn t life, but its reasonably close to oxygen on the "gotta have it" scale”. Zig Ziglar 7
  8. 8. Start-Up Toolkit | Goal Setting Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitGoal Setting | The Power of Setting GoalsGoal setting is vital to your success!Hopes and dreams become goals when they are written down with a plan of action. Your goal should be so exciting that actionit’s the first thing you think of in the morning, and the last thing you think of as you drift off to sleep at night. Setting a specific goalunleashes the power and determination within us to overcome any challenge or obstacle in our path to it’s achievement.The Yale Graduating Class of 1953 – Study3% had specific written goals p g97% had incomplete goals or none at allTwenty Years Later – Study Follow-upThe 3% who had set specific goals had accomplished more and achieved greater wealth than the other 97% combined "Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal." Eli Joseph Cossman "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Whatever believe achieve“ Napoleon Hill "The achievement of your goal is assured the moment you commit yourself to it.“ Mack R. Douglas "Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success." Stephen A. Brennan 8
  9. 9. Start-Up Toolkit | Goal Setting Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitGoal Setting | The Anatomy of Goal SettingFour key components of effective goal setting…Goal = Target | Future Picture | DestinationDecision = Conviction | Motivation | Certainty | Fuel y "The more intensely we feel about an idea or aPlan = Road map | Strategy | Way-points toward goal goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep inAction = Initiative | Applying constant pressure toward goal our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.“ Earl NightingaleGoals must be… Big = Exciting, Fulfilling, Attainable Long-Range Long Range = One year or more “Always bear in mind that your own Always Measurable/Quantifiable = Specific number, amount, etc. determination to succeed is more important than Time-Specific = Specific deadline attached to goal any one thing.” Abraham Lincoln Daily = Broken down into daily action steps Specific = Vivid, detailed vision of goalGoal statementA goal statement combines the specific details surrounding your goal (measurements, descriptions, deadlines, etc.)and is formatted in the present tense to create a vivid future-picture as if the goal has already been achieved. Example: It is January 9, 2010 and I am a Regional Executive with enlyten. I lead 2,500 IDs in my organization and have developed $300,000 in GBV. I earn $25,000/mth and I drive a black, 2009 Range Rover with gray leather interior, iPod integration kit and panorama sunroof. I am financially independent.Tools for maintaining a consistent focus on your goalsDecision: Decide, with absolute conviction, that nothing can possibly stand between you and the accomplishment of your goal.Goal Board : Cut-out pictures from magazines, brochures, etc., of your detailed goals (or that remind you of your goals). Place them on a bulletin board in a location where you will see them multiple times every day.Visualize Your Goal: In your mind’s eye, visualize your detailed goal while repeating your present-tense goal statement to yourself when you wake up in the morning, several times during the day and before going to sleep at night. 9
  10. 10. Start-Up Toolkit | Goal SettingGoal Setting | Goal Setting Worksheet g g Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitSpiritual Goals: ________________________________ Income Goals: One Mth $_______ Three Mths $_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Six Mths: $_______ One Yr: $________ Five Yrs: $________________________________________________________________Family Goals: ___________________________________ Savings/Retirement Goals:________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to retire at the age of _______ in the year of ____________________________________________________________ Years to retirement:______ Months to Retirement: _______ retirement:Personal Goals: ________________________________ I would like to have $_______________ in savings when I retire.________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Savings ÷ months to retirement = $________/mth saved for retirement____________________________________________________enlyten Achievement Goals: 30 Day Goal: Achieve Business Builder Position by: ____ /____ /____. Date Month YearPersonally Enrolled IDs per month: _________ Per week: _____ Personally Enrolled IDs per month: _________ Per week: _____Total fT t l of _______ ID in my organization b __________ 20 IDs i i ti by 20___ T t l of _______ B i Total f Business B ild Builders d developed b _____ 20 l d by 20___Total of _______ Business Builders developed by _____ 20___ Promotional Level of ________________ by __________ 20___Goal Statement:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _________________ Signature Date 10
  11. 11. Start-Up Toolkit | Goal Setting Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitGoal Setting | The Law of Cause and EffectSuccess is not a mystery. It is designed and accomplished on purpose and as a result of considerable effort. You willrealize a measure of success that is in direct proportion to the effort you put forth. ‘As you reap, so will you sow’Give little effort…get little results Give recognition to others...Get recognition from othersGive medium effort…get medium results Treat people fairly…get fairly treatedGive tremendous effort…get tremendous results Give help to others…get help from others "We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service." Earl Nightingale “You can get everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want”. Zig ZiglarGoal Setting | Personal Time CommitmentTo attain your goal, you must put forth an amount of effort that is equal to your expected results. y g ,y p q y p“I have decided to consistently dedicate a minimum of ______ hours per _______ to building my enlyten business for aperiod of ______ year(s). This represents an average of _______ hours/day, _______ hours/week and _______hours/month. _____________________________________ ID Signature 11
  12. 12. “Never, never, never quit!” Winston ChurchillOnly with your permission; can others temporarily steal your dreams. You are the only one who can steal them permanently. 12
  13. 13. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your BusinessTaking Action | Three Basic Skills Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitThere are three basic skills necessary to build a successful network marketing business…1. Prospecting: Identifying those persons who will be your personally enrolled customers and/or IDs2. Recruiting: Contacting, inviting and presenting product and business opportunity information to prospects, overcoming possible objections and enrolling them as customers or independent distributors3. Follow-Up: T ki personal initiative to contact prospects, customers or distributors as needed/requested t answer3 F ll U Taking l i iti ti t t t t t di t ib t d d/ t d to questions, deliver requested information or products or to determine a prospect’s interest and answer questions following the prospect’s attendance at an enlyten business overview presentation.Preparation vs. WorkingAlthough it is vital to set goals and develop a specific plan of action, the three basic skills are the only activities that willmake progress toward the achievement of your goals.Preparation/Activity = Goal setting, planning, organizing, training, analyzing, thinking, ordering supplies, arranging office space, etc.Working/Accomplishment = Prospecting, Recruiting and Follow-Up “Things may come to those who wait...but only the things left by those who hustle.” Abraham Lincoln “Don’t mistake activity for accomplishment" Zig Ziglar 13
  14. 14. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTaking Action | ProspectingProspecting - Identifying those persons who you will be your personally enrolled customers and/or IDs • List Building - Build a prospect list of 200 or more prospects using the memory jogger (See Pages __ - __ attached) • Asking for Referrals - Train yourself to consistently ask for referrals to identify customer and Independent Distributor prospects The question “Who do you know……” is a powerful tool for receiving referrals for your business. o Customers: o “Who do you know who might have an interest in our enlyten products”? o “Who do you know plays on a sports team or exercises regularly, that could benefit from enlyten’s Electrolyte strips”? o “Who do you know who has a child that plays on a sports team?” o IDs: o “Who do you know who might have an interest in earning significant income by owning their own home-based business as an enlyten distributor? •P ti from a cold market - Id tif prospects th t may h an i t t as you are out i th community Prospecting f ld k t Identify t that have interest t in the it o Enthusiastic, motivated, effective people o Business owners, employees, managers, teachers, neighbors, etc. 14
  15. 15. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTaking Action | Recruiting Recruiting - Contacting, inviting and presenting product and business opportunity information to prospects and enrolling them as customers or Independent Distributors Preparation for Recruiting o Read and understand all product related information, terms, phrases and pronunciations o Study and master Overcoming Objections (See Page ___ attached) o Practice and master the One Minute Infomercial (See Page ___ attached) o Study Three Way Calling info and practice the three way calling script (See Page __ attached) Three-Way-Calling three-way-calling o Identify and calendar all upcoming business overview opportunities in your area The Invitation o Three-Way Calling: Utilize your up-line leadership for validation of the product and the opportunity by placing three-way calls to… y • Inform your prospects about the technology and the opportunity • Offer to let your prospects sample the product • Invite your prospects to see a business overview presentation The Presentation o Two-On-One Presentations: Utilize your up-line leadership to present a Business Overview Presentation to your prospect while you watch and learn to do it yourself. o Home Meetings: Utilize your up-line leadership to present a Business Overview Presentation to multiple prospect s at an informal setting at your home. o Lunch Meetings: Luncheon: Invite your prospect to have lunch while viewing an enlyten Business Overview Presentation at a lunch meeting taking place in your community/area o Evening Meetings: Invite your prospect to attend an enlyten Business Overview Presentation at an evening meeting taking place in your community/area o Internet Webinars: Utilize Internet Webinars to allow your prospects to view the Business Overview Presentation 15 from the comfort of their own home, by watching it on their computer.
  16. 16. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTaking Action | RecruitingOvercoming Objections - Effectively answering /addressing the prospects questions or concernsQ: Is this a pyramid scheme? Q: I don’t have the money?A(a): No. This is a powerful distributorship that enables A: That’s exactly why you need this opportunity. If youyou to tap into the multi-billion dollar Nutraceutical industry don’t make a change, will anything be different about that next yand i capable of generating thousands of d ll i monthly d is bl f i h d f dollars in hl month, next year, five years from now? If you keep doing whatresidual income. you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve beenA(b): Yes, we’re all going to jail and we were hoping you getting. Let’s work together to figure out how to come up with the money so that you can take advantage of this extraordinarymight join us! Do you honestly believe that I would invite you to opportunity and work toward creating financial freedom for youget involved in some kind of illegal pyramid scheme? and your f il d family.Q: I don’t have the time? Q: Been there, done that, got burned.A: I didn’t think I would have the time either. But even a A: So have I. But this opportunity is different. It’s ancommitment of only a few hours a week can b enough to start i f l f h k be h innovative product that no one else can provide. Thegrowing your own business. And with my help and support and compensation plan has 12 income streams and was designed tothe support of your upline leadership, we can make the most of use all the good parts of other network marketing comp plansthe hours you’re willing to commit to this business. Besides, if and leave out all the parts that don’t work. If you have a badyou don’t make a change, will anything be different about that experience at a restaurant, you don’t decide to stop eatingnext month next year five years from now? If you keep doing month, year, out…you j t d id not t go back to that specific restaurant. t just decide t to b k t th t ifi t twhat you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been Please don’t rob yourself of this powerful opportunity justgetting. Let me show you a business that will create time because you had a bad experience with another company.freedom for you. 16
  17. 17. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTaking Action | RecruitingOne Minute Infomercial – Answer to the question “What is enlyten?Memorize, p , practice and role-play this answer until it becomes second-nature and as comfortable as saying your name. p y y gy You’ve seen Listerine Breath Strips, haven’t you? Well, enlyten uses a patent-pending thin-strip technology to deliver active ingredients, like electrolytes, 10 times faster than that of pills, capsules or liquids; that’s two to three minutes instead of 20-30 minutes. We have secured the exclusive, world-wide distribution rights for all over-the counter drugs, nutraceuticals and vitamins, using this new technology and we just launched on January 9th. We launched with four products; Energy strips, Electrolytes, Antioxidants and Melatonin strips. There are over 50 other ingredients in research and development and over 500 ingredients that can be delivered effectively utilizing this new technology. Here, would you lik t t one? Thi is an Energy strip. H ld like to try ? This i E ti I am working to put together a team of distributors in this area. Who do you know who might like to use these products, or would be interested in earning significant income through a part-time home- based business as an Independent Distributor with enlyten? p y 17
  18. 18. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTaking Action | Recruiting Three-Way-Calling Preparation for Three-Way-Calling o Arrange for Three-Way-Calling feature/telephone service for your phone o Identify scheduled Business Overview Presentation opportunities for the coming week o Decide on specific purpose for the call(s) (Ex. Invitation to Business Overview Webinar Presentation) o Interview the upline leader who will be assisting on your call(s) to identify information to be used in transferring authority to them at the beginning of the Three-Way-Call(s) The Three-Way-Call o Transfer of Authority o Greet prospect with energy and ask if they have a minute; or remind them if they knew y would be calling. p p gy y y you g o Introduce the leader with respect for their authority ( example on script ) o Do not speak. You have introduced them as an expert and interrupting them will nullify this. o Listen , learn and take notes. In the future, you will be facilitating these calls for your distributors. 18
  19. 19. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your BusinessTaking Action | Recruiting Start-Up T lkit St t U Toolkit Three-Way-Calling Script (Example) Ring…Ring… Prospect: Hello You: Hi _____, this is_____ how are you doing? Prospect: Fine, How are you? You: Couldn’t be better ! Have you got a minute? Prospect: P t Sure S You: Great I am on the phone with a business colleague of mine who is a very successful business man/woman and one of the most respected in our industry. I asked for his/her assistance this evening, to speak with you briefly this evening to introduce y you to a significant financial opportunity that we are working with. g pp y g His/her name is ______ . Or… if they are aware it is NWM: You: Great! Listen. I am on the phone with a business colleague who is p g incredibly successful in the network marketing industry. He/She is a person you will be working with as well. He/She is a top earner and trainer with our company and one of the most-respected people in the industry." His/Her name is_______. Leader: Hi ________, how are you doing this evening…….. 19
  20. 20. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTaking Action | Follow-Up Follow-Up - Answering questions, delivering requested information or products or determining a prospect s prospect’s interest and answering questions following the prospect s attendance at an enlyten prospect’s business overview presentation. Preparation for Follow-Up o Study Distributor Manual, Policies & Procedure Manual, Compensation Plan and all available product i f d information etc. to ensure that you can confidently answer questions f i h fid l i from you customers and downline distributors. Follow-Up o Follow through on all requests made by prospects, customers or IDs in your organization, for information, materials or product samples samples. o Following your prospect’s attendance at a Business Overview Presentation, follow up by calling them and and answering any questions they might have about our business. Ask them to join you as an enlyten Independent Distributor, or to utilize our products by being your customer. o Upon enrolling a new distributor, personally walk them through this Start-Up Tool Kit to ensure that they get a successful start in their enlyten Business. 20
  21. 21. Independent Distributor Goal: Business Builder in 30 DaysAdvanced Marketing Kit $ 99.95 - Two Qualified Legs ($500 BV/ea)Fast Track Pack $300 00 $300.00 - Two (2) Personally Enrolled IDsMonthly Auto-Ship $120.00 - $2,500 GBVInitial Total $520.00 First Order Bonuses: $546Monthly Auto-Ship $120.00 You Residual Income: $48/MthLevel 1 (5%) $147 ID ID $147 E1 E1Level 2 (5%) ID ID ID  ID  E2 E2 E2 E2 $63 $63 $63 $63 This simple model of success… enrolling twoLevel 3 (5%) ID’s and helping each of them enroll two IDs of p g their own, will be duplicated again and again for every person in your organization. 21
  22. 22. Business Builder When you personally enroll a new ID, your focus should be to assist them, and every distributor in their organization , in achieving the Business Builder promotion/position. BB This is the simple and duplicatable model of success for growing your enlyten business business.L1 (5%) ID $147 $147 ID E1 E1L2 (5%) ID ID ID  ID  $63 E2 $63 E2 E2 $63 E2 $63L3 (5%) ID ID ID ID ID ID ID ID 22
  23. 23. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your Business Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitTaking Action | Prospecting | Building a Prospect List Your Prospect List is one of the most powerful tools in your business • B ild a li t of at least 200 names using all available t l Build list f t l t i ll il bl tools - Criteria: Every person you know on a first name basis who is 18 years of age or older. Do not edit your list in any way. Everyone knows someone who could do well in this business. - Tools:Email contacts, address book, club and church directories, cell phone contacts, yearbooks, etc. contacts book directories contacts yearbooks etc Remember to include contacts in other areas, cities and states. Use the attached Memory Jogger as a reference. - This is a sorting business. You will be sorting through prospects to discover those that want to be your customer, those who want to become a distributor and those for whom the timing may not be right (yet) to do either. • Prioritize your list based on the following profile and question… - Profile: Successful - Regardless of their chosen profession, strive to be the very best Positive - Positive mental attitude; outgoing personality Influential - Well respected; opinion valued by others Well-Connected Well Connected - Has many contacts Takes Initiative - Gets things done; driven to succeed Enthusiastic - High energy People Person - Never met a stranger; can talk to anyone - Question: Who fits this profile better than anyone on my list? Prioritize your list 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. based on the answer to this question. 23
  24. 24. Start-Up Toolkit | Taking Action to Build Your BusinessMemory Jogger | List Building Tool Start-Up T lkit St t U ToolkitRelatives Actor/Actress Word Processor Car/Truck do you play cards withParents Police Chief Police Officer Furniture are your college friendsGrandparents Carpenter Car Salesperson Boat is active in your churchBrothers EMT Flight Attendant Office Supplies is a prominent business ownerSisters College Professor Business Owner Business Clothes do you respect a great dealAunts Podiatrist Veterinarian Vacuum Cleaner are your parents friendsUncles Dry Cleaner Pastor Computer already takes vitaminsCousins Plumber Dancer Carpets/Tile has influence with othersWho is your... Landscaper Lab Technician Curtains is from an old jobHairdresserH id Neighbor N i hb Telephone Lineman T l h Li Storm Windows St Wi d teaches your children t h hildDoctor Who do you know who is a… Surgeon Aluminum Siding is a fashion modelAttorney Golf Pro Architect Vacation Package are your golf partnersMechanic Physical Therapist Company Executive Air Conditioner has a booming businessMinister Chemical Engineer Student Secretary Groceries is in a jobMailman Accountant Radio Announcer Jewelry wants more out of lifeBest FriendBest Friend Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineer Anesthesiologist Telephone System Telephone System has a very stressful job has a very stressful jobNetwork Marketer Bartender Contractor Lawnmower business is from civic activitiesPrinter Pharmacist Electrician T.V./Stereo is President of the PTABaseball Player Artist Office Manager Who do you know who… rides to work on the busVideo Store Owner Aerobics Instructor T.V. Reporter is on your Christmas list edits a newspaperAttorney Accountant Dietitian Journalist is very ambitious is a friend of the familyPediatrician Plant Foreman Plant Foreman Photographer is the life of the party is the life of the party is health conscious is health consciousFootball Player Salesperson Restaurant Owner is considered a leader often seems tiredChiropractor Airline Pilot Optometrist is looking for a new profession wants to lose weightBank Teller Politician Barber is known by everyone in town is active in local politicsReal Estate Agent Teacher Supervisor  is a Consultant or Trainer likes to exerciseNurse Social Worker Day Care Provider was in your wedding party gets things done pReceptionist Bank Manager g Insurance Agent g is in your Fraternity/Sorority y y/ y attends a civic clubMusician Computer Programmer Counselor is in a high profile job coordinates activitiesFinancial Planner Fire Chief Who sold you your...  runs a local deli is enthusiasticGraphic Artist Business Manager House runs a local bagel shop is respected by others 24
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