Drinking Water Filter


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Drinking Water Filter

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Drinking Water Filter

  1. 1. Drinking Water Filter Best Drinking Water Filter For You Get To Know the best Drinking Water Filter I Bought It And YOU Realy Need To Read This Review Before Buying IT Too: http://www.drinkingwaterfiltershop.com/ Get The Best Drinking Water Filter For You Health Living http://www.drinkingwaterfiltershop.com/
  2. 2. I've observed that it's the tree-hugger types that drink lots and lots and lots of bottled water. Think about this. If there are, by a very conservative SWAG estimate, 5 million Americans (or about 1/50th of our population) drinking four 12-ounce bottles of water a day, that's 7,300,000,000 plastic bottles being added to our landfills every year. That's seven billion, three hundred million. If you laid those 7.3 billion bottles end to end, with no gaps between the bottles, that'd be a *really* long line. (According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, about 1/3rd of Americans drink bottled water "regularly.") My point is, Brita water pitchers and filters have the potential to keep countless billions of plastic bottles out of the waste stream. That's a massive benefit. Now that I'm well into my fifth decade, I drink lots of water each day and I think Brita filters are the best thing since sliced banana nut bread. No kidding. It filters out all kinds of nasty toxins and provides clean, tasty, healthy water - at a FRACTION of the cost of bottled water. Plus, despite the popular criticisms of our municipal water systems, they do provide a good, reliable supply of healthy water. Our generation (baby boomers) may not fully appreciate this, but thanks to water treatment, chlorine and filtration, this country hasn't had a water-borne case of cholera or E. Coli in many decades.
  3. 3. Color me skeptical, but I have my doubts about the purity and safety of bottled "spring water" that costs 500 times more than tap water. Pouring your tap water (which can contain heavy metals and other nasties) through a Brita drinking water filter is the best of all worlds. Cheap water, clean water and healthy water. If I were queen of the world (and it shouldn't be long now), I'd put the bottled water companies out of business and ask folks to turn wholly to filtration systems (such as Brita) to provide clean, pottable water. And re-use those billions of water bottles for brita-purified water. The only thing that'd make Brita drinking water filter better ---> create a new filter that also filters out flouride. Their current filters do not and I'm not convinced of the safety of flouride. If you’re interested in getting more free content and information, just access the Drinking Water Filter page. Cheers, Lucas