Apprenda - Overview of the Apprenda Platform


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Apprenda - Overview of the Apprenda Platform

  1. 1. The .NET Private PaaS for the EnterpriseThe promise of Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the pinnacle of cloud computing: developers upload a web or SOA application thathas no knowledge or special configuration for servers, OS’, or networking and let the PaaS do its magic by dynamically deployingand managing that app for you. Today, PaaS is commonly delivered in a ‘public’ (or outsourced) context, meaning that a PaaSprovider o ers the platform runtime and operates the platform as a 3rd party. While this may work for small development shopsand certain enterprise use cases, it by no means covers the broad-based needs of enterprise IT. Constraints such as SLA needs,latency, regulatory concerns, risk management, and co-located integrations are real concerns that prevent you from leveragingpublic PaaS. Clearly, PaaS o ers tremendous value as a technology layer; it would be a shame to let PaaS’ public-only accessibilitybottle up its value and prevent it from being used across the broader set of IT uses cases. What if you could leverage a PaaSdeployed within the walls of enterprise IT, giving you the benefits of this powerful cloud abstraction without the hassle or barrierspresented by public counterparts?Apprenda delivers on the vision of giving you the power of an advanced PaaS without the constraints typically associated withadopting public PaaS. Apprenda is an out of the box private PaaS that you can own and operate on either a public infrastructure orwithin your own datacenter environments, providing an accessible foundation for the hundreds or even thousands of Microsoft.NET web and SOA apps in your enterprise IT app portfolio. Apprenda stitches together any number of load balancers, WindowsServer, SQL Server, and IIS assets (including your existing server and virtualization investments) into a single, multi-tenantresource pool – e ectively creating an application fabric that makes your databases, user interfaces, and web services first classcitizens of its distributed runtime. Fundamentally, Apprenda allows development teams to write an application as a traditionalone-, two-, or three-tier web and SOA architecture using standard Microsoft technologies and deploy it to the Apprenda fabric,where it automatically inherits an advanced set of cloud behaviors and capabilities.Apprenda’s focus is to simplify the development and deployment of enterprise apps, trivialize management of those applicationsthrough codified workflows, and allow enterprise IT to provide app developers a set of high value shared architecture capabilitiesto drastically slash app development time. This transformative approach to custom software delivery a ords across-the-boarddevelopment and operational e ciencies.Apprenda, Inc. www.apprenda.com3 Corporate Drive, Suite 103Clifton Park, NY 12065 1.877.PASSWEB
  2. 2. Apprenda Benefits Reduce Application Time to Market Trivialize Application Scale-out from as high as 30 days to less than 5 minutes at all tiers of your application Boost Infrastructure Utilization Provide Software Layer High Availability up to 10x beyond what virtualization to all guest applications already provides through shared OS multi-tenancy Automate Operating Workflows including application provisioning and Remove Manual Burdens application updates for both major of network management such as and point releases load balancer updating Reduce Cost and Time Standardize Application Deployment required to build applications by eliminating application specific configuration by 50%-90% Leverage Shared Application Services Build Upon Your Existing Investments rather than replicating services that are lost in silos in hardware, virtualization, systems management, monitoring, analytics, and backup toolsApprenda’s Capabilities at a GlanceApprenda provides a robust set of capabilities and shared services that merge cloud architecture patterns, operations and networkmanagement, configuration management, analytics, and application lifecycle management into an abstract hosting container foryour web and SOA applications. Some of Apprenda’s pioneering functionality that will save you significant development andoperations cycles include:• Application Deployment and Execution Fabric – Upload application packages and let Apprenda deal with deploying the app tothe underlying infrastructure and managing workload tra c• Application Lifecycle and Release Management Tools – Leverage Apprenda’s patch management and release tools to pushincremental application changes out to the network with minimal downtime• Isolated Identity, Federated Identity, and Role Management Systems – Tap into Apprenda’s generalized identity and authoriza-tion services as a drop-in architecture to integrating with your corporate directoryservices• Automatic Infrastructure and Application Level Multi-tenancy – Gain e ciency through both shared OS multi-tenancy and zero-e ort single instance, multi-tenancy for app components like databases• Seamless Scale-out and Application Partitioning – Button click scale-out and system reconfiguration to take advantage of extracapacity• Provisioning, Entitlements and Chargeback Analytics – Use Apprenda’s application usage metering and entitlements APIs toweave in entitlements and provisioning capabilities into otherwise traditional web and SOA applicationsApprenda, Inc. www.apprenda.com3 Corporate Drive, Suite 103Clifton Park, NY 12065 1.877.PASSWEB