Entrepreneurialism FTW!


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The employment business model fits industrialism, which is failing. As entrepreneurialism emerges we need to replace employment with empowerment - the ability to earn a living


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  • I am Jonas Klevhag, business advisorwith Teknopol across the street and across Skåne.I would like to talk aboutwhy I believe industrialism is a thingof the past and why the futurebelongsto the entrepreneur.
  • This is an example from the mobile industry.Jun 29th 2007 is a memorable date for the mobile industry.
  • Up until this date the market leading oil tankers of mobile industry had been cruising the big oceans steadily ahead.
  • On June 29th the iPhone was introduced.At first it was just regarded as an annoying speedboat trying to get some market attention, much like the activist boats “jeopardizing”the safety of everyone.Today we know this little speedboat has redefined an industry.The key advantage turned out to be speed. Lack of heritage and profound customer understanding gave iPhone the lead.As technology provides small companies and even individuals more and more powerful tools for production, distribution and communication this will start to happen more and more often.
  • As a consequence we have seen the oil tankers do more of this. Instead of regarding the speedboats as annoying and pointless safety risks, oil tankers are increasingly regarding speedboats as useful tenders to explore the beaches they previously could only assessfrom a distance.But development is slow.One major obstacle to get big and small companies to collaborate is time. Large organizations have and need long lead times. Small companies have and need short lead times.Although it makes sense for both to collaborate – small companies need access to the large resources and big companies need to be quicker on their feet – it is not enough to make it happen.The one thing that makes small and big companies overcome the time differences is real business opportunities.
  • But we also see this. Speedboats are getting increasingly better at organizing themselves in larger, temporary formations, presenting a new kind of threat to oil tankers.Some even argue that we are done with industrialism and rapidly moving into the era of entrepreneurialism. I am one of them.
  • For those who feel it’s scary to leave the safe idea of a comfortable life and leap into self-employment: It’s not a choice about security.For all you know the oil tanker you work on may be sinking so slowly you don’t notice it. What kind of security is that?So you don’t replace security with insecurity. You replace it with control.You replace size of impact with speed of impactYou replace loyalty to someone else with passion for what you care about.
  • There is no reason why this emerging entrepreneurialism should only apply to business.The industrial logic where size is king, has reigned for 150 years and thereby been the foundation for education, politics and city planning.Imagine the world when all these areas have been reformed by entrepreneurialism!I think it is a more sustainable world.
  • Entrepreneurialism FTW!

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