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GSM Industrial Ventilation and Air Pollution Control Capabilities

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Apc Presentation

  1. 1. Mechanical Contracting and Industrial Ventilation and Air Pollution Control Services• Industrial Ductwork Design• Fabrication Services• Turn-key Installation Services• Access Platforms, Stairs and Ladders• Structural Steel• Make-Up Air Systems• Exhaust Gas Recirculation• Heat Recovery• EPA Method 204 PTEs
  2. 2. + = Fred Gooding Begins Roofing GSM Industrial is New GSM branding and Company created & becomes The Gooding website launched separate entity from Foundation Sales Team Reinforced Roofing formed Gooding DE moves to Maryland Fritz Mackes with Sheet Metal skills joins the team 1974 GSM 1987 2006 Industrial 2011 is Born Gooding1946 Simpson 1983 1988 2009 & Mackes is born 3rd Generation Jim Towers leads of Gooding “Gooding Fabrication Division family in place Delaware” is Bill Simpson was of Gooding, GSM Industrial at GSM established welcomed in Simpson & Mackes, moves to Roofing since he had a as President. current truck to Lancaster New leadership contribute location transition plan begins at GSM Industrial
  3. 3. Qualifications > 8 Field ForemanOUR INDUSTRIAL TEAM: > 10 Field Technicians75 Full-Time Employees > 2 Shop Supervisors > 3 Working Shop Foreman > 35 Shop Technicians > Office and Support staff
  4. 4. QualificationsFully insured:> $10M Umbrella Liability coverage> Bonding capacity to 10mm> Job size history from $100- $4.0mm
  5. 5. SAFETYBetter Experience Modification Rate!
  6. 6. This is What GSM Industrial Offers:• General Contracting to Integrate Your AirPollution Control Devices and/or ManufacturingEquipment•OEM Subcontracting• In-house Design, Fabrication, and InstallationServices
  7. 7. Industrial Ventilation• Particulate Control Systems• Oil Mist Collectors/Separators• Air Makeup Systems
  8. 8. Equipment Installation Services• Particulate Control: o Bag Houses o Cartridge Collectors o Cyclones• VOC/HAP Control o RTO’s o Catalytic Oxidizers
  9. 9. Industrial Ductwork• Design, Fabrication, Installation• Duct Sizing via System Loss Analysis• Light to Heavy Gage Designed to SMACNA andASHRAE Specifications• Fugitive Emission Capture Systems: o Hoods, Floor Sweeps o Permanent Total Enclosures (PTE)
  10. 10. Emission Stacks• Vortex Shedding Analysis• Active/Passive Vibration Damping o Helical Strakes oTuned Mass/Liquid-filled Dampers
  11. 11. Structural Steel• Equipment Platforms• Building Modifications• Duct Support Structures
  12. 12. Access Platforms and Ladders• Handrails• Stairways• Ladders• Walkways and Mezzanines
  13. 13. Custom Fabrication Services• Exhaust Gas Recirculation• Heat Recovery•Internal/External Insulation
  14. 14. Piping• Process Piping• Utilities: Natural Gas, Compressed Air• Grooved, Welded, Threaded
  15. 15. Aftermarket Services• Equipment Repairs• Bag House Filter Replacement• RTO Media Replacement• Burner Modifications/Upgrades
  16. 16. OEM Equipment Fabrication Services• Make Up Air Systems• Plenums• Process Filter Houses• Vessels
  17. 17. Design Services• AutoCAD 2D and 3D• Procurement of Field Measurements• General Arrangement Drawings
  18. 18. Turnkey Projects• Expert Project Managers• Professional Field Crews• Cradle to Grave Project Management
  19. 19. Shipping• In-House Shipping• Over-Size Loads• Equipment Staging and/or Storage
  20. 20. www.gsmIndustrial.com John Kleinfelter Vice President – Field Services Direct: 717-207-7765 l Main: 717-207-8985 Mobile: 717-725-7885 3249 Hempland Road l Lancaster, PA 17601 jkleinfelter@gsmIndustrial.com