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Day4 solarSYSTEMS - Brochure

  1. 1. FRANCHISETHIS The world’s energy source. Your new profit centre.
  2. 2. THE SUN IS RISINGGlobal demand forsolar energy is surging.The need for renewable energy is evident. And growing.As worldwide energy demand increases, the supply of fossil fuelsdecreases. Coupled with global warming caused by greenhousegas emissions, a growing number of governments around theworld agree the current energy model is simply unsustainable.One answer to this dilemma is as old as the planet itself.In just one hour the earth receives more energy from the sunthan the world uses in an entire year. Yet solar energy productionaccounts for less than 1% of total global energy demand. But thisis changing rapidly – solar energy demand has grown by at least30% a year for the last 15 years, largely driven by the installationof photovoltaic (pv) modules.The future role of solar energy is undeniable. As the only trulydistributed, fully scalable energy source, it has the greatest potentialto address the global need for additional energy – its generationand distribution. And with the capability to be installed at the pointof consumption, solar pv can improve reliability and reduce the costof electricity.By 2014, worldwide demand for solar energy is expectedto double.
  3. 3. Solar energy –the dawn of a new opportunity.The market for renewable energy is evolving. Over the past few years, government sponsoredsubsidies encouraged large scale investment and development. As a result, the cost of electricityfrom renewable energy is fast approaching parity with traditional sources of electricity. In thesemarkets, renewable energy is now considered by consumers and businesses as a truly viablealternative to address their electricity needs.As advanced renewable energy markets make this transition, the demand for distributed energyis poised to grow dramatically. And as the only truly distributed form of renewable energy, solar isuniquely positioned to capitalize on this significant opportunity.New markets are rapidly emerging.As access to secure, abundant and affordable energy is essential to economic growth, new marketsfor solar pv are rapidly emerging. As standards of living improve in the developing world, demandfor electricity will continue to grow. Many of these regions lack the necessary transmission anddistribution infrastructure to deliver electricity from conventional, centralized sources. At the sametime they enjoy a strong and steady source of solar exposure. The necessity of a distributed formof energy like solar cannot be denied.Germany and Italy remain the world’s two largest solar pv markets. And the U.S. is projected toincrease from $10 billion to $78 billion by 2015. With strong growth anticipated in existing markets,and countries like India and China expected to develop quickly into multiple megawatt opportunities,solar pv will play an increasingly important role in meeting global energy requirements.Day4 Energy can help you capitalize on the opportunityof a century. Introducing solarSYSTEMS from Day4 Energy.As a leading organization in the solar photovoltaic industry, we are looking for organizations thatcan help us bring our advanced technology to markets across the globe. As an industry first,solarSYSTEMS is a franchise that enables you to manufacture, distribute and sell certified DAY4branded solar modules in your region. It’s a revolutionary approach – a turnkey manufacturingpackage that allows you to swiftly establish a production facility and generate revenue growth.The world’s sources of energy are changing. The time to be a first-mover is now. To build a business.And an industry.
  4. 4. Our business model is revolutionary.solarSYSTEMS is the final stage of our business model. The first step was to perfect our solartechnology. The next was to develop and refine the manufacturing equipment and processesto produce that technology, enabling mass production and ensuring market acceptance.Now we license our proven technology and provide our partners a franchise to manufactureDay4 branded modules for their local markets.solarSYSTEMS enables us to expand the Day4 brand beyond our core markets and continueour long-term focus on discovering new innovations. It’s the logical result of a business modeldesigned to accelerate the global acceptance of solar power.
  5. 5. Your business opportunity is solarSYSTEMS.We offer a comprehensive program for manufacturing and distributing one of the world’s mostadvanced solar modules. We supply an integrated manufacturing package that includes: licensesfor our patented technology and products, proprietary manufacturing processes, set-up and designof your manufacturing facility, installation of production lines and equipment as well as extensivesales and marketing support.Complete training is provided for your production staff, as well as technical and maintenance support.With solarSYSTEMS, you have access to our suppliers and technology partners – and benefit fromleveraging the combined purchasing power of the entire solarSYSTEMS network to gain the costadvantages of a significant international buying group.Finally, you have access to a solid pipeline of pv innovation ensuring you remain at the forefrontof the industry.
  6. 6. Our solarSYSTEMSrevolve around you.We reinvented the way solar cells and modules are engineered.Now we’re reinventing the way they’re manufactured and marketed.Day4 solarSYSTEMS is a comprehensive franchise system designed to maximize your earningpotential and ensure your path to success. In addition to specialized manufacturing equipment,proprietary technology and processes, our people are involved from the design of yourproduction line through equipment installation, production ramp-up and beyond.We assist in the set up of a new location or work within your existing facilities. Based upon yourbusiness requirements, we design the appropriate level of automation – manual, semi or highlyautomated, and our engineering and technology advisors help configure our proprietarymanufacturing processes and equipment into an efficient operation.A custom-designed manufacturing package.As part of solarSYSTEMS, you receive specialized manufacturing equipment, proprietary technologyand specifications including product certifications, all relevant training and documentation. And bestof all, our end-to-end pv cell to module manufacturing technology eliminates stringing and tabbing,reduces cell breakage rates and enables a lower cost per Wp.Our specialized equipment and processes are designed to be modular and scalable to meet initialneeds with the capability to grow with increasing demand. Depending on your production line(s)configuration needs, your package can include:G foil cutter with punch unit G function-specific conveyers G laminating unitG manual module buffer G cooling press G various cross-conveyers and trolleysG cutting tables G profile frame feeding and dispensing unit G framing press G crimperG junction box setting and dispensing table G cleaning and visual inspection station and turntableG flasher cabinet G module handling robot G programmed software for your production lineWe put our energy into the right place – your success.Comprehensive training, continuous service and sales support.Our success depends upon your success. We take partnership seriously and provide guidanceimplementing Day4 quality procedures and processes necessary to guarantee product integrity.To maximize your manufacturing output we oversee complete training for your production staff,provide initial and ongoing technical and maintenance support and help establish your supply chainto facilitate beneficial vendor relations.We coach your sales and marketing team to help them understand how best to promoteDay4 branded solar modules, and supply them with effective sales support materials.You receive continuous support long after you’ve manufactured your first Day4 solar pv module.As our solarSYSTEMS expand, so do your economies of scale.And your access to the latest technology.As a solarSYSTEMS partner, you join a network of international manufacturers who form a substantialinternational buying group. The more partners, the greater the cost benefits are relative to yourcompetitors. You also have the opportunity to capitalize on our pipeline of future technologicaladvancements. Again, a significant competitive advantage.
  7. 7. Our core businessis solar poweredFounded in 2001 and headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., Day4 Energy is a leading global providerof solar photovoltaic products and solutions based upon advanced, patented technologies.Over the past three years, we completed the industrial scale-up of our proprietary manufacturingprocess and built a strong track record of superior field performance and quality behind the Day4brand. Today, with solarSYSTEMS, we are making this next generation technology platform availableto partners across the industry.Our corporate mission involves empowering the growth of the solar industry by perfecting thetechnology, facilitating production and growing markets. To achieve this, Day4 Energy has four linesof business:solarMODULESResearch, development and sales of leading solar pv modules.solarPROJECTSConsulting, design, operations and project management, and maintenance services for large-scalesolar installations.solarSERVICESWe are developing a suite of specialized services for owners and operators of solar pv installations.solarSYSTEMSComprehensive franchise system for the manufactureand distribution of Day4 branded modules.
  8. 8. Day4 technology shines brighter.The proprietary and patented technologies usedin Day4 Energy modules deliver cost efficiency andsuperior performance in real world conditions.Day4 Electrode®The new standard for manufacturing pv cells, as well as contacting and interconnectingthem during module fabrication.The core of our technology is the patented Day4 Electrode that interconnects solar electriccells and collects the power they generate. The Day4 Electrode is a direct replacementof the conventional solar cell soldering process.The technology is comprised of a polymer film embedded with a number of copper wires speciallycoated with a proprietary, low-temperature melting point alloy. This establishes a low-resistanceelectrical contact with the surface of the pv cell creating over 2,100 independent electrical contacts.This seemingly simple change to the standard process triggers a number of far reaching benefits,including improved PV cells efficiency and mechanical stability, exceptional pv module power densityand long term field performance where it truly matters – under real field conditions.The result is more kilowatt hours over the lifetime of the product with virtually no power losses.It also improves power output and performance in both low light conditions and higher temperatureenvironments compared to standard solar modules.Guardian™ TechnologyIntelligent shade protection for optimum performance and energy yield.Shade can reduce the efficiency of solar pv modules. Day4 Energy’s Guardian Technologyenables optimum performance from each solar electric module by maximizing the energy yieldunder real world operating conditions such as shade from trees, building obstructions, leaves,moss, snow or dirt.Conventional solar modules contain three strings, or zones, of interconnected pv cells. When evena small portion of one string is partially shaded, the entire zone may no longer collect energy,significantly reducing the module’s capacity.The flexible cell layout of the Day4 Electrode allows us to design a module with nine operatingsegments that function independently. If one is shaded, the other eight keep working. This meansthat with Guardian Technology, Day4 Energy pv modules are three times less sensitive to the effectsof shade and debris than traditional pv modules with the ability to install more modules in a fixedproject area.
  9. 9. Advanced Technology. More Electricity.Why Day4 solar pv panels are superior.Day4 solar pv modules incorporate significant technological advances, all designed to accomplishone thing – provide more energy in daily operations and over the life-time of the product. Theproprietary and patented technologies used in Day4 Energy modules provide key advantagesover conventional crystalline pv module technology. Here are just a few.Advantage 1: Superior collection in low light conditions.Day4 Energy pv cells are designed to perform at higher efficiencies under low light conditionscompared to conventional pv cells. Low light conditions include early morning and late afternoon,cloudy weather or shade from other buildings. Our pv cells are produced with less silver thanconventional modules that require cell soldering. The introduction of silver in the pv cell generallyleads to reduced levels of cell efficiency under low light conditions.Advantage 2: Better connection, reliable collection.The Day4 Electrode® offers a higher level of redundancy in the interconnection of pv cells, resultingin more electrical contact points distributed throughout the surface of the cell. When exposed tothermal stress from the daily heating and cooling of the pv module, this yields greater connectionstability compared to traditional, solder-based processes.Advantage 3: Industry’s best temperature performance.In pv modules, higher operating temperatures result in lower energy yields. The Day4 Electrodewires act as a heat-sink. This “self-cooling” pv cell technology helps deliver one of the besttemperature performances in the industry.Advantage 4: Engineered and built for maximum durability.The Day4 Electrode continues to collect power from cells even after they break. Our micro-crackresistant cell technology means that the energy output from Day4 modules is less sensitive to pvcell breakage than modules made from traditional cell technology. Also, Day4 Energy modules arebuilt with watertight back-sheet material that contains aluminum foil. This prevents water vaporfrom penetrating the module and provides optimal protection in harsh environments.Advantage 5: Continues collecting when partially covered.The flexibility of the Day4 Electrode led to the development of Guardian™ Technology. Day4 modulesare three times less sensitive to the effects of shading, debris, snow or even a single leaf. This allowsfor installation in previously unsuitable areas.
  10. 10. See the light. Reap the profits.Become part of Day4 solarSYSTEMS.We’re looking for forward-thinking and innovative entrepreneurs excited about manufacturing andselling high performance solar pv modules in their local markets. Whether inside or outside the solarenergy sector, the ideal solarSYSTEMS partner is interested in growing their existing business withina targeted region and who has:G Access to initial and working capital commensurate with the size of manufacturing facilityG An established sales organization and distribution networksG Local knowledge within their chosen marketsG Manufacturing experience in a large volume, high quality marketG Renewable energy market experience, preferably pv solarInterested in owning your own solarSYSTEM?Please send us your name, contact information, and company details by email to:solarsystems@day4energy.comPartnership applications can be downloaded at more information about Day4 Energyvisit
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