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Field tripppt


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Take a virtual trip to Kenya, Africa. See the children.

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Field tripppt

  1. 1. Let’s Travel to Kenya, Africa
  2. 2. Oh The Things We’ll See!• Nairobi, the Capital• Karen’s Museum• The children• The slums• The schools
  3. 3. But Wait!What travel documents do we need?What vaccines do we need (if any)?
  4. 4. Click to select the correct travel document required. 1. NC Driver’s License 2. Birth Certificate 3. Passport
  5. 5. Sorry… Try again.
  6. 6. You’re absolutely correct ! !All travelers traveling to foreigncountries are required tohave a passport from theirnation of citizenship.
  7. 7. The CDC has information aboutvaccines. Select the correct definitionof CDC.1. CDC is the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention sponsored by the United Nations.2. CDC is the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention, sponsored by the US government..3. CDC is the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention, sponsored by the Africangovernment.
  8. 8. Sorry… Try again.
  9. 9. You’re absolutely correct ! !The CDC provides vaccine information for US citizenstraveling to foreign countries.Click on the link below. vaccines (if any) are required for US citizenstravelling to Kenya?
  10. 10. Kenya Things you should know• Population of 39.8 million people• Kenya is 224,962 square miles in size• Like NC, it has an east coast location• Kenyans speak Bantu Swahili and English• Kenya’s currency is the Kenyan Shilling• 150,000 Kenyans died due to aids in 2003*• Death by aids is decreasing**
  11. 11. Which of the following image(s) doyou believe are of Nairobi, the capitalcity? 1 2 3 Find the Answer on the next slide
  12. 12. Nairobi is a poor butindustrial city. Visitors willsee Mercedes cars anddonkey-drawn woodencarts.There are beautiful gardensin Nairobi.One of the world’s poorestslums is in Nairobi.
  13. 13. Sights and Sounds of Nairobi (Mrs. James’ trip, 2010)A street beggar trying to sell puppies to our van as we drove by.
  14. 14. The street-side ‘cafes’Can I take your order?
  15. 15. City Streets
  16. 16. The market of thelocal craftsmen andwomen
  17. 17. The Movie Out of Africa was filmed near Nairobi, Kenya. It was based, in part on the life of Karen Blixen.Click on the poster to watch a film clip of the movie.
  18. 18. Scenes of the real Karen Blixen’s
  19. 19. African ‘help’ at Karen’s home.
  20. 20. Scenes from inside Karen’s home as reconstructed in the Karen Blixen Museum in Nairobi..Karen’s homes in Nairobi and in Denmark have each beenconverted to museums.
  21. 21. The beautiful children of Kenya Click the image to watch a video of the children.These children live in the slums of Nairobi. They receive 3meals per week; 2 of porridge, and one of rice and beans.
  22. 22. Pre-school in Kenya Children are required to wear uniforms.Without uniforms, they cannot attend school.
  23. 23. Have you ever lived in a slum, only had 3 meals a day, and cared for youryounger sibling? Both girls and boys shave their heads due to lice.
  24. 24. The one-room school buildingThe playground
  25. 25. A very special treat of ice cream and cake. For some, the ice cream was too coldto eat. They stirred it until it almost became warm milk.
  26. 26. The Older Children at School
  27. 27. whiteboards, here.
  28. 28. This is a boarding school. The students live here for 9 months. Each week,they must wash their clothes, which is ONE uniform per student .
  29. 29. They are the lucky ones. Unlike the children who live in the slums, they geta snack of porridge and a lunch of rice, beans, and cabbage every day.
  30. 30. School in Kenya• Without a uniform, a child can’t go to school• Without school, the child will have little to eat• Without an education, they live a life of poverty• Children try desperately to go to school• Children study and work very hard in school• Students have ONE chance to take the 8th Grade Cummulative Exam• If students fail the 8th grade exam, they can NOT return to school....ever!
  31. 31. Your AssignmentCreate an assignment comparing and contrasting your life as a youthand as a student to the children in Kenya. You may choose topresent your assignment from one of the formats listed below: Create an avatar or 2 (American and Kenyan) to tell the differences Write a one to two page, double-spaced paper Create a tri-fold poster-boardYou must include the following:• 3 differences• 3 similarities• Identify which lifestyle you think is best, explain your opinion• Recent facts (within the last 2 years) of child poverty rates, and child death rates due to aid in Kenya• At least w photos or drawings to support your opinion (bullet 3)• Did the field trip change your personal opinions about your school, why or why not