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Which of the following is least likely to improve employee engagement copy


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Which of the following is least likely to improve employee engagement copy

  1. 1. Business Management 331Which of the following is least likely to improve employee engagement? (Points : 1) Identifying workers for job enlargement Assigning workers to jobs that utilize their skills Treating workers with trust and respect Encouraging workers to be innovative2. What type of ethics is involved when a HR manager knows that it is wrong to discriminate but does soanyway? (Points : 1) Type I Type II Type III Type IV3. The implied, enforced, or felt obligation of managers, acting in their official capacities, to serve orprotect the interests of groups other than themselves is known as __________. (Points : 1) business centered morality human resource ethics corporate social responsibility environmental morality4. What recruitment method was Google using when it sponsored its Code Jam? (Points : 1) Open house Competitive games Event recruiting Internet recruiting5. Dan works for a U. S. accounting firm in its Singapore office. Over the weekend, Dan plans to completeone of the firms training courses using his home computer. Which of the following most likely describes thetype of training in which Dan is participating? (Points : 1) Just-in-time training Dynamic training Reinforcement training Static training6. Corporate downsizing in the 1980s and 1990s cast aside millions of __________. (Points : 1) technology experts Generation Xers
  2. 2. Baby Boomers Generation Zers7. The Supreme Court ruling in Bechtel v Competitive Technologies Inc. upheld which federal law? (Points :1) Sarbanes-Oxley Act Taft-Hartley Act McCarran-Ferguson Act Davis-Bacon Act8. As an HR manager at a global electronics firm, you have employees who practice many differentreligions. As a result, you have a number of employees who are prohibited from working on certain days ofthe week. Which of the following would be the LEAST appropriate method for accommodating anemployees religious practices? (Points : 1) Changes in job assignments Voluntary substitutes Flexible scheduling Vertical movements9. With the case study method of training and development, students would most likely be expected to__________. (Points : 1) tweet about hiring decisions research the finances of firms interview organizational leaders provide computer assisted instruction10. What performance appraisal system has been described as fostering cutthroat competition, paranoia,and general ill will among employees? (Points : 1) BARS Rating scales Forced distribution 360-feedback11. The Rehabilitation Act is administered by the __________. (Points : 1) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Department of Justice Department of Labor
  3. 3. 12. Which Executive Order amended EO 11246 and changed the word creed to religion and added sexdiscrimination to the other prohibited items? (Points : 1) EO 11838 EO 11102 EO 10988 EO 1137513. Which term refers to specific means through which potential employees are attracted to thefirm? (Points : 1) Employment descriptions Recruitment sources Job postings Recruitment methods14. Firms are most likely using promotion from within more frequently because the policy__________. (Points : 1) meets EEOC requirements lessens the need for employee development improves employee motivation eases the repatriation process15. What is a goal-oriented conversation in which the interviewer and applicant exchange informationcalled? (Points : 1) Development interview Training interview Recruitment interview Employment interview16. What is essential when subordinates are given the opportunity to evaluate their supervisor? (Points :1) Training subordinates how to evaluate performance Benchmarking all evaluations Guaranteeing anonymity of the evaluators Teaching evaluators how to measure performance17. According to research, what characteristic is most frequently shared by firms that receive high rankingsfor corporate social responsibility? (Points : 1) Encouraging employees to participate in civic activities Linking compensation to ethical behaviors
  4. 4. Promoting integrity through ethics training Requiring managers to understand ethics laws18. Which term refers to the owners of a corporation? (Points : 1) Executives Presidents Shareholders Managers19. How does job analysis primarily benefit an HR manager? (Points : 1) Adheres to federal standards Improves public relations Outlines labor negotiation requirements Provides guidelines for staffing20. Historically, what type of security depended upon an employee doing a good job and keeping out oftrouble? (Points : 1) Job counseling Job development Job screening Job security21. Several applicants interacting in the presence of one or more interviewers is typical of what type ofinterview? (Points : 1) Role-play Board Stress Group22. Withholding appraisal data from employees hinders their __________. (Points : 1) profit sharing long-term strategic planning evaluator training developmental efforts23. The owners of a start-up company are in the process of developing a corporate mission statement.Which of the following questions is LEAST likely to help them create an effective mission statement? (Points: 1)
  5. 5. Should we emphasize financial stability to employees? What are the greatest threats to the success of the firm? What is upper management attempting to accomplish? Should we maximize profit and shareholders dividends?24. Which of the following is not a major provision in the SHRM code of ethics? (Points : 1) Fairness and justice Cultural understanding Professional development Professional responsibility25. What law prohibits the release of source selection and proposal information? (Points : 1) Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations Federal Contract Protection Act Sarbanes-Oxley Act Procurement Integrity Act26. You are a human resource manager with a large manufacturing firm. Yesterday you heard one of yourrecruiters ask an applicant the following question: "How old are you?" Would this be an employmentstandard to avoid? If this is an employment standard to avoid, what law or court, decision is it basedon? (Points : 1) Yes; Civil Rights Act of 1991 Yes; American with Disabilities Act No; it is an acceptable question Yes; Age Discrimination in Employment Act27. All of the following are most likely HRIS tools except __________. (Points : 1) applicant tracking system online assessment network career path automated reference checking28. In a workgroup consisting of a supervisor, two analysts, and four clerks, how many jobs and positionsare involved? (Points : 1) 6 jobs; 1 position 1 job; 6 positions 3 jobs; 7 positions
  6. 6. 7 jobs; 3 positions29. What implies security in one job, often with one company? (Points : 1) Job development Job counseling Job security Job screening30. What does recruitment involve? (Points : 1) Attracting and selecting employees for the firm Selecting qualified people for employment at a firm Determining sources of employees Encouraging qualified people to apply for employment with a firm31. What human resource management task involves protecting employees from injuries caused by work-related accidents? (Points : 1) Accident prevention Safety Injury analysis Job analysis32. All of the following were changes that resulted from the ADAAA being enacted in 2008 except__________. (Points : 1) eliminating the "substantially limited" requirement defining and expanding the term "major life activities" minimizing protections for current illegal drug users expanding the definition of "disability"33. Steve works as an HR generalist at FedEx, but he would like to become a benefits specialist. Whichorganization would enable Steve to earn the designation of Certified Benefits Professional? (Points : 1) WorldatWork HRCI ASTD SHRM34. Which of the following is not required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? (Points : 1) Publicly traded firms must not discharge employees who report ethical abuses. Publicly traded firms must disclose whether they have a code of ethics for top executives.
  7. 7. Bank-holding companies and SEC reporting banks must have codes of ethics. Corporations must not provide financial loans to executives or directors.35. Which term refers to the use of software to automate paper-based HR processes that require amanagers approval and support the managers job? (Points : 1) Corporate support systems Manager support service HR information systems Manager self-service36. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are examples of __________. (Points : 1) search engines computer platforms e-mail accounts social networking sites37. Learning that looks beyond todays job and has a more long-term focus is referred to as__________. (Points : 1) orientation development training instruction38. For most firms, what is the primary reason for establishing corporate universities? (Points : 1) Aligning with educational institutions Offering degrees to employees Providing e-learning for expatriates Creating organizational change39. Which of the following occurs if women and minorities are not hired at the rate of at least 80% of thebest achieving group of applicants? (Points : 1) Negligent hiring Disparate treatment Adverse impact Geocentric staffing40. Which external factor would most likely be opposed to performance appraisal systems? (Points : 1) Labor unions
  8. 8. Professional organizations Trade associations State and federal governments41. Which term refers to a company that leases employees to other businesses? (Points : 1) Professional employer organization Shared service center External employer organization Human resource provider42. Which of the following terms refers to a goal-oriented process that is directed toward ensuring thatorganizational processes are in place to maximize the productivity of employees, teams, and theorganization? (Points : 1) Team strategic management Career development Performance management Organization development43. Which of the following is least likely to be included in a job description? (Points : 1) Specific details about benefits and compensation Performance standards to be achieved Major duties performed Percentage of time devoted to each duty44. Which term refers to a statement of the values adopted by the company, its employees, and itsdirectors? (Points : 1) Code of ethics Ethical policies Code of conduct Vision statement45. What selection method continues to be the primary method companies use to evaluateapplicants? (Points : 1) Background checks Assessment centers Cognitive ability tests Employment interviews
  9. 9. 46. The utilization of individuals to achieve organizational objectives is known as __________. (Points : 1) human resource planning human resource management human resource staffing human resource leadership47. As an HR specialist at a large auto manufacturer, you have noticed that many of the techniciansemployed by your firm are bored with their jobs, not meeting performance goals, and frequently absent.Which of the following would most likely resolve some of these problems among technicians? (Points : 1) Downsizing the firm Implementing a job rotation program Initiating a hiring freeze Conducting a new job analysis48. What human resource task pervades all functional areas of human resource management? (Points : 1) Health and safety Research Training Development49. Individuals are more likely to be committed to a development plan, which is __________. (Points : 1) long range broad general specific50. Tyra, an HR manager at an automotive parts facility, received 500 online applications for 30 jobopenings in the production department. To determine if an applicant is qualified, Tyra will most likelycompare the information provided in each application to a __________. (Points : 1) job-knowledge test gainsharing assessment job description merit pay programTime Remaining: