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Year 10 Romeo & Juliet Trip                       ‘Designer of the Year’ Award

Science University Ambassador Programme                   Science Live!

The Science Department welcomed Jumina Qureshi
Sweet Science                                             Pancake Day
On Friday 27 March, a group of 14 Ye...
Teens & Toddlers                                         Combined Cadet Force Expedition

Three students from JKGTC comple...
Crisis – Natasha, Yasmin, Ethel, Anastasiya, and           poem off by heart (remember it)? If you do, it can
Safa again a...
Smart boards and Promethean boards have also            Christmas Cards
been installed in every classroom and are among th...
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  1. 1. Newsletter April 2009 Kashmir Education Foundation CONGRATULATIONS: John Kelly Girls’ Win the Citizenship Foundations Mock Trial Competition Attached is a message I received from a key member of the Kashmir Education Foundation for whom we have raised money for the last 2 years from our International Week activities. It is heart warming to know that we contributed in some way to the building of this school and have helped secure the future happiness of the children. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause and I hope that we can raise even more money for the children of Kashmir next year. th On Saturday 14 March 2009 we took two groups of John Kelly Girls’ students to the Brent Magistrates Court for the Citizenship Foundations Mock Trial competition. The Girls were up against groups from Alperton, Kingsbury, Bushy Mead and John Kelly Boys’ School. Team A; Fariha Blaaza, Baiyan Al-Lameh, Arisha Kadiri, Zarah Ashraf,, Sarah Khan, Cloe Ezechie, Shannon Gordon, Fahmo Yusuf, Bushra Jaber, Shiwangi Bagoan, Shanniqua Henry, Samana Gurung, Safia Jaghoori. The school’s first assembly Team B; Juhi Navin Yasmin Warsame, Nur Kua, Dear Mrs Shah Freya Jewett, Nafisah Saraf, Amina Adan, Yasmin Choaie, Asha Pindoria, Lahiruni Dantanaraya, Mariam Mahmoud, Anushri Khetani, Hana Dahir, It is a great opportunity for me to inform you Aaliah Hector, Hansae Belhadj. about another remarkable achievement of The substitutes were Zahira Choudry, Natasha KEF in the shape of Banjosa Valley Public Shahriman, Shannon Davey and Frouzon Ahmadi. School. It was set up in operational state on Team B were the winners of the competition, and will 24th of March 2009. This has been be going to the final at Enfield Magistrates Court on accomplished by your generous help, th 16 May. encouragement and continuous support from time to time. Thank you to all the parents/carers who supported the girls, the teachers who allowed the girls to prepare and the students themselves. They worked Javed extremely hard, helped each other and proved that Kashmir Education Foundation JKGTC is the best school in Brent! Mrs Shah Director of the Languages Specialism Samana Mr Kavieris Head of Citizenship
  2. 2. Year 10 Romeo & Juliet Trip ‘Designer of the Year’ Award Pupils were nominated by their Technology teachers On Monday, 9th March sixty-three Year 10 students for a ‘Designer of the Year’ award. These students made a trip to the Globe Theatre to watch 'Romeo were outstanding in Technology: and Juliet'. The performance was really inspiring and Year 10 represented JKGTC very well. Everybody Year 8 Year 7 was standing in the Courtyard as a real 'Groundling' Laura Bruzaite 8K Niveeta Vijayakumaran 7J true to a real Shakespearean performance! A great Amelia Newton 8T Maryam Tellia 7K start to their GCSE 'Romeo and Juliet' coursework Kubra Shah 8C Karishma Magan Bica 7C too! Bushra Nasir 8C Bunsi Vekaria 7C Thanks to Ms Kittoe, Ms Xamdi, Ms Aziz, Ms Suganya Lambothararajah Nicole Ramsay 7C Georgina, Ms Dhillon and Ms 8J Daria Avram 7C Najma and Ms Nicholls for all their help on the day! Aruni Palamandadige 8T Hanin Kua 7T Noreen Khokhar 8K Yuser Abaes 7G Ms Waseem Aviarme Ramachandran 8C Pana Ahmadzai 7K Shilan Ahmad 8K The criteria for ‘Designer of the Year’ was: Is their book/folder well organised? Do they complete homework regularly? Do they show excellent ‘model’ behaviour at all times? Are their practical work and skills outstanding? Do they show initiative and work independently? Do they have the ability to help/teach others during lessons? During DT week in June, as a reward, we will be organising an educational visit to London design museums and exhibitions. This will only be available to our award winners. Congratulations to these girls. Keep up the great work! Ms Vekria KS3 Coordinator of Technology Cheerleading Performance at Dance Showdown JK Exclusives performed brilliantly at the Capital Cross Country Competition th City Dance Showdown on Thursday 26 March. There was a packed audience and the girls were the rd On Tuesday 3 March 16 girls from years 7-10 took final performance of the first half. They closed the part in the Brent cross country competition at Fryent first session superbly and got the theatre all cheering. country Park. It was a horrible day, cold, windy and There were a variety of performances from ballet, to raining - not ideal for cross country running! However street, to cheerleading. all the girls made it around the course in one piece. Another great show, well done girls! We even had Jawahir Roble in year 10 complete the course in second place. This means she is now entered into the mini marathon in central London on 26th April. Well done girls and congratulations Jawahir! Miss Naisbett Head of PE Miss Naisbett Head of PE
  3. 3. Science University Ambassador Programme Science Live! The Science Department welcomed Jumina Qureshi once a week during the spring term to work with Year 8 students. Pupils greatly enjoy her stimulating experiments and demonstrations. They saw that learning Science can be fun. Here are Jumina’s own words: I am a final year undergraduate at Kingston University studying Pharmaceutical science. I am doing the University Ambassador scheme because I am interested in teaching science, and it is part of my final year project. The aim of the scheme is for me to have experience Dr. Maggie Aderin talking to a packed Great Hall in teaching and to provide a role model to younger students. I wanted to choose a subject/theme which th On Friday 6 March, 15 Year 10 students attended would interest younger students and chose to do 'fun “Science Live!” at Westminster Central Hall. with science' chemistry experiments. My aim was to try and make science appealing to younger students Westminster Central Hall is a spectacular building by showing them practical demonstrations, and opened in 1912. It has seen meetings of the allowing them to do experiments themselves. I also Suffragettes in 1914 and the first ever General taught them why these reactions happen. We have Assembly of the United Nations in 1946. Famous looked at flame tests and volcano experiments and speakers at the hall include Mahatma Ghandi in 1931 experiments with luminous chemicals. and Winston Churchill in 1945. More recent speakers include Prince Charles. The domed ceiling is said to I have enjoyed my experience at John Kelly and I be the second largest of its type in the world. hope that the students have learned something interesting. I have definitely found John Kelly a During the event at this historic location the girls very friendly and helpful place to be in and would like attended a day of lectures by top scientists, given in to thank the Science Department for giving me this the Great Hall, which included spectacular opportunity. demonstrations and the opportunity to ask the scientists questions. Students added The lectures included Ben Goldacre, who writes the Mentos mints to “Bad Science” column in The Guardian newspaper bottles of Diet Coke. A demonstrating how a little basic research can show vigorous chemical you that some ‘scientific’ stories in the media are reaction makes a rubbish. fountain higher than some of the pupils! Dr. Greg Offer heads a team at Imperial College who are researching hydrogen fuel cells and other Don’t try this indoors!! alternative ways of powering cars. He gave a talk on alternative fuels and showed how an electric car can accelerate faster than a Ferrari. Dr. Andrea Sella of University College London demonstrated various chemistry experiments while Two students the day finished with Dr. Maggie Aderin excitedly making a explaining what inspired her to become a scientist volcano by and the amazing places she has worked during her mixing water, career working for the European Space Agency. detergent, food colouring, sodium, The students bicarbonate and sat awaiting vinegar the next exciting talk.
  4. 4. Sweet Science Pancake Day th On Friday 27 March, a group of 14 Year 7 students visited Brunel University for a whole day’s activities on how we taste things. The girls joined pupils from John Kelly Boys, Wembley High and Capital City Academy and were split into groups so that students from different schools worked with each other. The House students on Pancake Day For the first experiment the students had to taste various unknown substances. They learned how we Come Dine with JKGTC taste the difference between sweet and sour, and which parts of your tongue detects different tastes. Thank you girls for signing up for the cooking club, Next was an experiment to see if you can still taste we will be giving you the opportunity to learn new things as strongly if your pinch your nose, so you skills, make new friends and entertain each other can’t smell. while you enjoy a healthy meal. Why come dine with JKGTC? Well for those of you who have not seen Then the students had the chance to make popcorn. the channel 4 programme. It is a group of four or five They had four different types of unpopped corn and people who cook for each other. You cook a starter, found out which made the most popcorn. They could main and a desert for the other guests. Then you all eat the regular popcorn after they had popped it! give the person who has cooked a score out of ten and the person who has the most marks wins. We In the afternoon the students designed and made th have had our first group of students on Friday 13 . their own sweets. They melted milk, dark and white Kamesha and Cloe (yr 10) cooked for Rianne and chocolate together and added colouring, hundreds & Renee (yr 11). thousands and coloured icing to make their own unique sweets which they could eat. “I liked it because we did lots of experiments and even got to see Mentos mints fizz up in a big bottle of coke. We melted chocolate in hot water and made our own sweets, that was cool” Osnia 7K Starter Main Dessert “I liked the whole trip; learning to work together with new people from different schools was the best thing” Nuha 7K The girls are measuring how much popcorn they made. The girls cooked all three meals themselves from scratch and received positive feedback for the menu choice, presentation and for being great hosts. We are looking forward to the next group. Natasha Smith House Mentor Decorating hand made sweets. Mrs McCann and Mr Gulliver Science Faculty
  5. 5. Teens & Toddlers Combined Cadet Force Expedition Three students from JKGTC completed the project and attended the graduation ceremony in Brent Town th Hall on 10 February 2009. Kamesha Francis, Shanice Akoto and Carmel Lucien all committed Thursday afternoons to work with toddlers at Braincroft primary school. Tired students at the end of the expedition The cadets from John Kelly Girls’ and John Kelly Boys along with Highgate went on a field day on the th 17 March to Brown down camp. Although we were tired after the coach journey we managed to survive that and the late night and the Year 7 Tea Party very early 5.30am start. Then we had to cook our own breakfasts from ration boxes. Then we were split th The Year 7 Tea Party took place on Thursday 26 into teams with Forest School cadets. There was a March in the hall and was a fantastic event. The girls mixture of students from year 9 to year 12. We had worked hard to produce a range of participated in activities and worked together all day. performances, including poetry, drama, music and dance. Some parents and siblings attended, as did We did field craft, an obstacle course, orienteering, some teachers. Our Y7 students proved themselves weapon handling and shooting and drill. to be confident and talented individuals – with a love of biscuits and juice! A special well done to Yuser By the end of the day we had all made many new and Koloud who presented the event and to the friends and we can’t wait for summer camp. students who helped to clear away after the event – your help was much appreciated. Shannon Davey Year 9 Spring Festival I have just watched one of the best performances I have seen at John Kelly (and I have seen many over the 17 years I have been here). The opening piece was by The Stunners, performing La Bamba, with the fantastic Steel Pan Band accompanying them. Chante and Sarah were word perfect, using their excellent Spanish skills. This was followed by Sadia Masood, introduced as the ‘Queen of Bollywood’. Sadia’s dancing was mesmerising, every twist and turn enthralling. The next act was a Ms Halaka Year Director of Learning complete change of pace with Shannique, Chloe and Chelsea rapping with such enthusiasm, never College Council missing a word. Next were Shokan and Anatasyia and their band, they are all very talented. One of my favourites was the Cheetah Girls; the Congratulations to: dancing was entertaining with an infusion of Nafeesah Saraf who has been elected as new Head traditional and modern dance – an interesting twist of College Council. Nicole Hughes is Deputy Head on traditional Indian dance – loved it! How brave of and Asha Abdullah is secretary. Dujarana to sing a solo, watch out X Factor! Watching Siham perform her solo on keyboards ‘In a Ms Mary Strange Land’ by Schumann brought goose bumps to my arms, everyone listened in awe.
  6. 6. Crisis – Natasha, Yasmin, Ethel, Anastasiya, and poem off by heart (remember it)? If you do, it can Safa again are a very talented band (even if one of stay with you all your life like a song you know really the girls did get the giggles). Kerry-Ann and Lasharn well, only you get to choose the tune. (Hardest Crew) rapped at an alarming speed. The mood mellowed with Midnight Roses performing ‘A Ms Geddes Librarian Love Story’ and the ‘Case of the Ex’ with Riffet, Nafisa and Asha. ICT Outreach Team The final act was everyone’s favourite, the Cheerleaders, JK Exclusives – they were simply The ICT Outreach was set up by John Kelly Girl’s AMAZING! What a fantastic way to finish off the Technology College as a result of becoming part of term. We are so lucky to have so much talent at an Educational Action Zone in 2001 involving seven JKGTC. schools. Since then the project has grown to encompass a total of 30 schools in the London Ms Welstead Admissions officer Borough of Brent. The remit for the team is to provide front line ICT technical support for the Mad About Books Club schools who buy into the scheme. ICT Outreach is made up of six ICT Technicians The Mad About Books club tried making their own namely; Godfrey Oti (Manager), Veren Vaja (Deputy), plays, and finished the term with book charades. Youcef Ouldbezieou, Hassan Berrouane, Rajesh Next term they are writing poetry. Just to get you in Patel, Salah Al-Daheri. the mood try the following sites: The British Library has a free exhibition of old poetry books entitled quot;Twinkle Twinkle little batquot;. The library is near Kings Cross and any one can visit the Our work involves supporting and fixing ICT related galleries and see rare and original books. issues in up to 30 Primary schools, within the borough of Brent. The schools we support include: Braintcroft, Brentfield, Chalkhill, Donnington, Fryent, Gladstone Park, Kensal Rise, Kingsbury quot;Giggle poetryquot; is an American site but good for a Green, John Kelly Media, Lyon Park, Mora, laugh. The poetry library is on the South bank and Mpower, Newfield, Northview, Oliver Goldsmith, welcomes children, there is a poetry trail. Or if you Park Lane, Stonebridge, Uxendon, Wembley, prefer to do your learning from a computer chair try Wykeham, Convent of Jesus and Mary Infants, Our the Children's poetry Bookshelf, or quot;poetry classquot; if Lady of Grace Infants, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. you want tips on writing poetry. Josephs Infants, St. Mary’s CE, St Mary’s RC, St. Robert Southwell, Woodfield and Wembley Don't forget you can also borrow poetry books from Learning Zone. the library at number 821. The support we provide includes maintaining a We also have a post it note board in the LRC where school’s networked and stand alone computers. The you can display book titles on post it notes, under the network suppliers vary from RM Community headings cool read, ughh! or whatever. Ask the Connect3 / Community Connect4, Cannon Network, library staff for the post it notes and stick on your Beebug Network, Viglen Network, CSC Network and suggestions, or check out other people's ideas to Mac operating systems. help you decide what to read next. Recently, primary schools have been installing laptop It's been great to welcome the primary school trolleys. The number of laptops can vary between 40 children to after school reading and more are – 100 laptops per school. These are usually welcome if they wish to come. It's lovely to see lots wirelessly linked to the school’s main network. of students reading together from other years too. We have also been busy changing individual schools from Web mail to the new Staff mail, in order to meet Some of you will have revision to worry about but for the July deadline. the rest of you don't let your brain cells vegetate feed them with reading. Have you ever tried to learn a
  7. 7. Smart boards and Promethean boards have also Christmas Cards been installed in every classroom and are among the peripherals we support. Printers, scanners and all Thank you to all students and staff who brought in ICT tools that help Teachers perform their duties their Christmas cards into College for collection after efficiently are also supported by our team. the Christmas break. We also advise individual schools on software and The cards were collected by Brent Council staff and hardware available, thus ensuring that these are taken to Tesco Brent Park, who provided cages to relevant to their needs. store them until The Woodland Trust picked them up. Mr Godfrey Oti 31 Brent schools took part and a combined weight of 674.5 kg was collected. Although John Kelly Girls did not collect the most cards we can be proud of how well we did in helping The Woodland Trust and Environment diverting waste from landfill. Year 11 recently had an Active Tutorial about As a multi faith school we celebrate many different Environmental Crime given by Mrs Crace of Brent festivals so from September 2009 I hope to be able Council. to collect all greeting cards (birthday, Eid, Diwali etc) ready for next years collection by Brent. Although those attending may not have thought everything they were told was of relevance, how we Ms M Shepherd Environment Officer treat the environment is relevant to us all. Environment crime is illegal and those who are caught face a fine or the possibility of a court appearance. Dropping litter and leaving chewing gum all over the Help John Kelly Girls’ Technology College place is an environment crime which is not only earn prizes costly to clear up but spoils where we live and work. In the last edition of Student News I asked for help in Take a few moments to look around the playground earning Leaves from Generation Green for JKGTC. on a nice sunny day as break or lunch time ends and see how much litter has been left behind! The only Generation Green is a schools and community reason the seagulls and pigeons flock there is programme from British Gas, which encourages and because of the food that is dropped. supports ‘green’ behaviour through a combination of green lesson plans and activities. Each and every one of us should take pride in ourselves and our environment which includes our College and where we live. There are plenty of litter Each school which registers for Generation Green is bins in the playground and in the College please use given a leaf goal and once the appropriate number of them. leaves have been achieved they can then be exchanged for green rewards. Ms M Shepherd Environment Officer If you have not yet completed the British Gas Energy Savers Report please take a few minutes to do so. The report can be found under the heading “Families and Friends” on the Generation Green website on Possibly your daughter might like to practise her computer skills and DIARY DATES complete the report with you. Tuesday 21st April – First day of term You will not only be helping the College but you could also save some money on your gas bill. Tuesday 5th May – Year 10 Work Ms M Shepherd Environment Officer Experience Friday 22nd May – Break up for half term Monday 1st June - Return to School