December 2008 Newsletter


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December 2008 Newsletter

  1. 1. OFSTED SUCCESS A very proud Mrs Bell!! I am delighted to be able write to all our parents/ carers, students, staff, governors and partners in the community. By the time you receive this newsletter, our college community will all have received the Ofsted Inspection Report which took place 12th /13th November 2008. Our overall grade was GOOD with OUTSTANDING features. I want to share with you all some quotes from the report: John Kelly Girls’ Technology College provides its students with a good quality education where students thrive both academically and personally. As one parent commented, ‘ I am really proud that my daughter goes to this college, as it provides so many opportunities for her to become an independent adult in later life’. ‘A major strength of this college is its sense of community…As one of the students commented, ‘one of the best things about this school is its diversity’. This is one of the outstanding features of this college’. ‘Care, guidance and support is outstanding… Excellent transition arrangements ensures that new students…..settle quickly and happily into college life’. ‘Much of the college’s provision for extending community links is innovative and well targeted to meet the needs of the local population’. It goes without saying that the overall judgement was down to every single member of our JKGTC community and the wider community of our South Brent Education Improvement Partners, Central Brent Education Improvement Partners and all our feeder primary schools. During the inspection, many partners supported us in particular, those who gave up their time to come in to speak to our Lead Inspector: Paola Riddle- Headteacher from Brentfield Primary School, Tariq Ahmed – CBEIP Director, Rocky Dean- Traveller Support Worker, Easter Russell – our Inclusion Officer, Pat Harrison and Barbara Hammond – Governors who were interviewed, Sue Kayser – Chair of Governors who came in both to greet the team and to support the Senior Leadership Team during the feedback session and Margaret Craig – the college School Improvement Partner (SIP) Thank you to all the parent/carers who returned their questionnaires, the inspectors were overwhelmed by your commitment and dedication to our college as well as being truly amazed by your support of the college. Many of our staff were selected for interviews as well as the girls themselves, and everything that was said was taken very seriously by the inspection team. The four inspectors left our college very envious that they were not working at JKGTC, and the whole experience has left me feeling extremely proud of each and every one of you. I have been inundated with requests from girls who wish to join the college, so as we enter our next stage of working towards becoming OUTSTANDING! YOU HAVE ALL MADE MRS BELL VERY PROUD!! Well done to you all, thank you and I wish you all a very merry Christmas. Mrs Bell Mosaic Awards Ceremony Academic Mentoring The Mosaic Network Group (part of the Business in the Community and the Prince’s Charities) continues to work with some of our Year 11 students. The professional expertise and mentoring support they bring is invaluable. On Wednesday 26th November HRH The Prince of Wales, founder of Mosaic, was joined by HRH Princess Badiya bint El Hassan of Jordan, to celebrate the achievements and positive contributions made to society by young emerging Muslim talent at the Mosaic Talent Awards at the Natural History Museum. The first of its kind, the evening was held to mark Mosaic's inaugural year and showcase the outstanding successes of the finalists. HRH Princess Badiya said of the Awards, "These awards recognise the talent that can be unlocked through the types of initiatives Mosaic develops, and I hope you will see for yourselves that this is very much deserved." Newsletter December 2008
  2. 2. Ms Mngaza and Icram Serroukh (Deputy Head Girl) attended the award ceremony. This is Icram’s account of her meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Charles. “I felt extremely privileged to have received an invitation to attend such a prestigious award ceremony. I enjoyed the night immensely and to be amongst such amazing people was a real honour. I was also lucky that His Royal Highness took time to talk to us about the support the college receives from the Mosaic mentoring group. Before he spoke to us we were terrified but once he started talking to us it was like we had known him for a long time. I believe the award winners and all those nominated were very deserving and I hope this recognition continues with many award ceremonies taking place in future.” Icram Serroukh (Deputy Head girl Sixth Form Jack Petchey Award Ceremony November 2008 Cross Curricular French and Geography Trip to France. On Saturday 22nd November forty two year 10 and 11 students went to North of France. They visited the seaside town of Wimereux to look at the coast and river mouth and at the way the town is protected by a sea wall which is part of their GCSE Geography coursework, then they visited the Christmas market in Lille . We had an early start 5 o’clock in the morning and a late return to school. It was very cold by the sea but some girls managed to go on the beach with Mrs Sheehy. The girls had a great time shopping and buying lots of presents for their friends and family. Mrs F Hemamda, Mrs E Sheehy, Mrs M Shah, Mrs P Webber, Mrs F Amao and Mrs A Mngaza. Year 9 Languages workshops with HSBC Bank On November the 28th , all y9 students were involved in a really exciting workshop with HSBC employees. They all use languages in their working life and they talked to the girls about the importance of languages in the world of work. The girls took part in different activities using languages in work place scenarios. All the girls had a good time and in their evaluation said that they now understand the value of learning a language. Many of them said they enjoyed learning “Happy birthday” in Chinese and some even learnt a few Italian words. This was a worthwhile experience and we shall be running this again next year. Just to let you also know the year 9 this year are following the GCSE course so could you support them by buying them a dictionary and making sure that they complete the homework set. Winning pupils from John Kelly Girls’ and 13 other secondary and special schools across Brent were presented with medallions by the Mayor of Brent, Councillor Ralph Fox, for their individual achievements at the third Jack Petchey Achievement Awards on 6th November 2008 at the Advait Cultural Centre, Wembley. The students received their awards in front of their parents and Mrs Bell and Mrs Webber. We were all very proud of them. Mrs Webber
  3. 3. Languages Spelling Bee Competition On November the 18th , ten students from year 7 went to Capital City Academy for a spelling competition. They competed against four other schools; John Kelly Boys, Queen’s Park, Claremont and Capital City. The girls did extremely well and knew how to spell all the words. We came an honourable third. Prior to the competition, the girls came during break, lunch time and after school to practise their spellings. Thank you to Nejla’s dad who came to support his daughter and the school. Well done to all of you. Mrs Hemamda and Mrs Shah Mock Council of the European Union On Thursday 27th November 2008 the college participated in a Mock Council of the European Union in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The event was organised by the British Council, the Foreign Office, the Office of the European Commission in association with the French Embassy and the cooperation of a number of other European Embassies. The event was aimed at 16-18 year olds and allowed students to debate key EU issues as well as getting an insight into the way member states participate in decision-making in the EU. The event was held in the prestigious Locarno Rooms of the Foreign Office and its structure was this of a formal EU meeting. Twenty eight schools participated, each representing an EU country and the European Commission. John Kelly Girls’ Tech College represented Portugal. Our two “ministers” were two of our sixth form girls - Faduma Hassan and Fathima Haider. The girls worked exceptionally well. They researched the three issues that were going to be discussed on the day, prepared notes and presentations and tried very hard to present the Portuguese positions on the issues as accurately as possible. The issues were: • Climate Change • Migration • Food safety and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) After their initial research we contacted the Portuguese Embassy. Our contact there, Silvia Raposo, gave us invaluable information that helped consolidate the girls’ research and enabled them to present a very strong and well structured case on the day of the event. Neil Kinnock – the former Labour Party Leader and current Chairman of the British Council, chaired the first meeting and commented: “You (the students) have discussed the issue in an excellent manner! It is a privilege for me to have chaired this “mock” council. Having been in many “real” ones, this council is more diverse, livelier and considerably better looking!!!” This was a fantastic experience and I would like to thank Faduma and Fathima for all their great effort and excellent conduct on the day. They made the college proud. We would like to thank the Portuguese Embassy for the information they gave us and Mrs Webber for insisting we participate in the activity. Mr E Kavieris
  4. 4. SSAT Autumn Conference Ms. McCann and Ms. Mngaza attended the SSAT meeting at the Ellen Wilkinson Specialist Science College this Tuesday 2nd December 2008. Both teachers were proud to represent John Kelly and gave a presentation on the STEM project (for which the Science Department was awarded £10,000) and CPD project for which the TDA have provided £12,000 funding. The STEM project aims to offer innovative and exciting events to give pupils positive experiences of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It also aims to build teachers’ confidence and have long term impacts on raising the achievement of students. The CPD project is designed to explore innovative ways to support professional development of teachers, outside the traditional approach of sending them on courses. The Science department has been able to improve teaching practise, and the students say the lessons are better! We would like to thank the Science Club for sharing their video for the presentation, and Nizba Khan & Nadia Rachid for their student voice feedback. Thanks also to Angus for technical help putting together the video clips and presentation. The Science Department would like to share these projects with other departments as cross-curricular events. Ms McCann BA Crest Award The Science Faculty would like to congratulate the following year 9 girls on achieving their BA Crest Bronze Award from the British Association for the Advancement of Science: Madiya Amin, Samaira Ashraf, Zohra Ebrahimi, Sunna Hussain, Iram Khan, Kamila Wafai, Zanera Zafar. The students completed work on electromagnets, and felt the project was fun and educational. “I really enjoyed the project with the electromagnet, I really learned a lot” Zohra Ebrahimi “I really enjoyed this project. I would like to do a lot more projects in the future, it was really interesting” Sunna Hussain “I learned a lot about electromagnets. I hope to do a project in the future again” Madiya Amin A-level TRIP sponsored by Aim Higher: BODY WORLDS EXHIBITION at the O2 Ms Van der Walt, Mr Fabian and Mr Akintunde took 30 A-level Biology and Chemistry girls to see the Body Worlds exhibition. The students learned about the anatomy, physiology and health by viewing real human bodies. The bodies have been preserved by a process called plastination – a groundbreaking method for preservation invented by Dr Gunther von Hagens in 1977. Comment by one of the G&T students: “A really enjoyable and educational travelling exhibition! It is definitely worth seeing, especially if you are fascinated by the intricacy of the human body and the anatomical structures within.” Nagina Mangal Ms Van Der Walt Medical Ethics Master Class Nobody ever thinks about the right to live and the right to die when you want to be a doctor. What does a doctor do? Try to alleviate pain and try to prolong the quality of lives’ of patients. So why argue about who dies? I was given the opportunity to attend a Medical Ethics master class at the University of London. During the class I learnt that patients always come first; so if a patient says ‘I wish to die, the pain is too much’- the doctor really has no right to object, if the patient is of sound mentality and are mature enough to make a decision. The class helped me understand why Hannah Jones was able to refuse a heart transplant - because she’d rather die at home with her family where she would be happy. It also prepared me for the dilemmas doctors have to face on a regular basis and has opened my eyes to the difficult ethical decisions I may have to face in my chosen career. Fareeda Sohrabi 13S Year 9 Make a Mint
  5. 5. Ten students from Ms. Amao’s Year 9 Science class took part in an event designed to inspire young people. “Make a Mint” by NESTA took place on 20th November 2008 and required students to come up with a product and business plan, which was pitched to a team of judges just like in Dragon’s Den. The John Kelly girls ended up as the overall winners of the event, they received trophies and the Science Department will get £300 to buy new equipment. You can see a video of the event at The girls representing John Kelly were Fariha Blaaza, Ayan Farah, Mariam Mahmoud, Colby Gnagbo, Alaa Shamsi, Ethel Fuenzalida, Asha Abdullah, Safa Haji, Yasmin Warsame and Kinga Pilarska. “I loved the trip, it was hard work and challenging and makes you think. You will know what hard work it is in business” Fariha Blaaza “I think the NESTA experience was one to never forget, I totally enjoyed every moment. I was proud of myself for taking part with my classmates, and our business was very successful” Ayan Farah “We all learned a lot about mints, and how the products are made. I enjoyed making our own product, and wining!” Kinga Pilarska Cheer leading Competition in Brentwood. On Saturday 29th November JK Exclusives took part in the Future Cheer Winter Wonderland Competition in Brentwood. The girls were fantastic and did John Kelly Girls proud! The crowds roared as we performed both the pom dance and the cheer dance. JK Exclusives came fourth in the pom category and third in the cheer. It was a great result and proved all the hard work and training had paid off. Well done girls! Year 9 Girls Active Day On Wednesday 3rd December the whole of year 9 spent the day at Willesden sports centre for Girls Active Day. The day involved trying out lots of different activities that we do not get to do at John Kelly. The activities included tae-kwondo, boxercise, dance, cheerleading, tennis, ice blading, skateboarding and a gym induction. Each group had forty five minutes on five of the activities. All the girls worked extremely hard and were well and truly exhausted by the end of the day! We hope you had fun during the day, if there are any clubs that you would like to be started at school, come and see Miss Naisbett in the PE office. We hope the day has opened your eyes up to some of the activities that are available to you and that we see you taking GCSE PE next year! Ms Naisbett Launch Anti-Bullying Week, Diversity –“Being different, belonging together” Monday 17th November saw the Brent Launch of Anti- Bullying week at CSD Brentfield Road. I attended with our two Brent student anti-bullying council reps. It was a great launch with over 100 staff and student representatives from all education establishments in the borough. The afternoon started with an inspiring talk from Sophie Allen – Head teacher at Stonebridge Primary School and presentations by four year 6 students about the work that they do to celebrate diversity, working together to enable every member of their school community to feel that they belong and are valued. We then split up into various workshops and students looked at how they can help to promote anti-bullying work within their schools and staff had a choice of 3 workshops: - Bullying based on race, religion and culture - Bulling of students with SEN/learning difficulties - Tackling Homophobic bullying Ms Ayles
  6. 6. Many schools were impressed that here at JKGTC we have Peer Mentors which we train ourselves and the use of the bully box and the fact that it is placed in a prominent area of the school so students are aware that we take bullying seriously. Some of the secondary students want to take this idea back to their school and start their own Peer Mentoring programme. Ms N Prussia (Learning Mentor) Brent Active Citizens Project Volunteers Awards ceremony This event took place on Monday 1st December 2008 at Brent Town Hall. The award winners were: Icram Serroukh and Premila Kerai Icram has represented John Kelly Girls' Technology College at the Dollis Hill Safer Neighbourhood Ward meetings for the last two years. She attends the meetings once a month and has made many valuable contributions, including helping to set up a website. In college she was a volunteer co-tutor for a year 7 form. She is always available to help at parent’s evenings, to organise events and is an excellent ambassador for the college. Although Premila has now left John Kelly to attend college she still returns every Tuesday as a voluntary worker in the crêche. Her help is invaluable to the staff, and she is willing to undertake any task. The children look forward to seeing her every week because she is kind caring and fun. Congratulations to them both. John Kelly Cookbook I would like to extend a massive thank you to all of you who have contributed recipes for the cookbook. All of them sound delicious and I look forward to trying them out. We are still in need of more recipes however, so please keep them coming in. To celebrate the John Kelly half-centenary we intend to design and publish a John Kelly Girls’ Cookbook, with recipe contributions from staff, students, parents and carers. The intention is to have the cookbook split into sections by country, to celebrate the many cultures represented at the College, and to be published by July. Please donate any tried and tested recipes you would like to be included in the cookbook; they do not have to be typed or written out neatly as we will do that. Many thanks. Mr M Jayapal Half-centenary Celebrations. During January and February 2009 each year group will be celebrating a decade in the school’s history. If you yourself were at John Kelly or know somebody who attended the school who would like to take part please could you contact as soon as possible. The school is also setting up a journalism club and they will be putting together a bumper addition of the JKGTC magazine. Contributions are welcome from any student- past and present (these may include- short stories, photographs, poetry, and photographs/profile of what you are doing now, success stories and celebrations). Any contributions you would like to make should be emailed to (magazine contributions) We are also putting together an international JKGTC cookbook. Please email any recipes etc to Mr Jaypal at Angela Mngaza will be working with faculties on recreating lessons from the past. If you were a student at JKG at any time and would like to share experiences- or are in possession of any artefacts that you feel would be useful please let Angela know on The International Cultural Fair through the decades will take place on Saturday 4th July. The PSA, Mrs Webber and the Year Directors of Learning will provide you with further information on how you can all contribute towards this nearer the time. Finally don’t forget that we will be hosting a magnificent Banquet to mark our half centenary. This will take place on Saturday July 11th . We are hoping to give opportunities to students past and present who may wish to perform any special talents that they might have. Please contact Sharon Hyare on if you want to contribute. Tickets for this very special event will go on sale in February. If you want to attend and would like to make group bookings please email Sharon Hyare. Price of tickets to be confirmed. Finally please spread the word to anybody you know- face book seems to be a good place!! and Friends reunited. Together we can make this a year to remember in the history of our very special school. Mrs S Hyare
  7. 7. Library News We are starting a drop in session for parents in the library on Friday mornings, 9am-11am run by Zainab. Come for a coffee and a chat. You can also get help with form filling and advice or reading. If we do not speak your language we will try and find someone who does. Year 7 students have received their free books. We have been filming students reading aloud for a competition. Our seasonal tree has been covered with suggestions for books for the library which we will try and buy in the New Year. We now have some board games available to use. Next term we will be "Shadowing the Carnegie" If you are very good at reading and would like to try reading and discussing some unusual books see Mrs Geddes. Ms Geddes Parents/Carers Saturday Beginners ICT and English classes In January we will be running a Beginners ICT and English course for any interested parent/carers or community members. This course will provide you with a firm foundation of basic ICT and give you the confidence to either seek employment or go on to take accredited ICT courses. The course will begin on Saturday 17th January at JKGTC. Each three hour lesson will cost £5. If you are interested in joining please contact Sharon Hyare immediately, either through your daughter or by email or leave a message on 0208 452 4842 ext 232 Mrs S Hyare Lost Property Even thought winter is upon us we currently have 9 coats/jackets which have been handed into lost property together with jumpers, gloves and pencil cases. If your daughter has lost any items please ensure that she asks if it has been handed in or telephone the college on 020 8452 4842 between the hours of 10am to 3pm to check Ms M Shepherd Win a Voucher for Claire’s Accessories! The College counsellors, Sue and Lesley, will be running a poster competition. We would like you to design a poster which will tell students about the counselling service. How can it help you? Why might you come? What difficulties might you want to talk about? Watch out for more details at the beginning of next term. Sue and Lesley Environment News Brent Council will be collecting Christmas Cards again from schools within the Borough. The money raised from this scheme helps the Woodland Trust to create new woods and save existing ancient woods in the UK which is very important for the environment as trees absorb CO2 and help combat global warming. The school that collects the most cards will receive a tree for their grounds and it would be great if we could win, so I’m hoping we can improve the amount we collected last year. All greeting cards can be collected (birthday, Eid, Diwali etc) so please send any cards with your daughter when she returns to College in January. Ms M Shepherd Environment Officer DIARY DATES Monday 5th January 2009 1st day of term start: 8.35am Tuesday 13th January 2009 Year 11 Parent’s evening *NEW DATE Wednesday 11th February 2009 6th Form Open Evening