Collective Worship Policy


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Collective Worship Policy

  1. 1. John Kelly Girls’ Technology College Collective Worship and Spiritual and Moral Guidance Policy Definition of Collective Worship Collective Worship is a time when the whole school, or groups within the college meet together in order to consider and reflect on common concerns, issues and interests. It offers all students an opportunity to worship through engaging in relevant, meaningful experiences and provides opportunities for the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Aims For the College: Collective Worship contributes significantly to the ethos of John Kelly Girls’ Technology College and it is our aim that it is a time when the college community can:  share common aims and values  celebrate achievement and special times  explore together the world in which we live  develop a community spirit For the Student: We also intend that Collective Worship contributes to the development of the student as a ‘whole’ person by providing opportunities to:  consider spiritual and moral issues  explore their own beliefs  develop their own spirituality  reinforce positive attitudes  participate and respond  reflect on what it means to be human To ensure Collective Worship provides opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development it should address a wide variety of themes and topics, use diverse stimuli and resources and provide students with the opportunity to ‘respond’ on their own level. LEGAL FRAMEWORK The Collective Worship Policy at John Kelly Girls’ Technology College pays due regard to statutory requirements, and has taken account of the guidance offered by Brent through its SACRE and in recognition of statutory requirements. The 1988 Education Reform Act requires that ‘all pupils in attendance at a maintained school shall on each day take part in an act of Collective Worship’. We seek to do our best to keep the spirit of this legislation seeking to provide as many high quality acts of worship as is practically possible. RESPONSIBILITIES The Governing Body in consultation with the Principal, staff and parents/carers is responsible for the establishment and review of the College’s policy collective worship and spiritual and moral guidance. The Governing Body will ensure that there is no differential application of this policy on grounds of ethnicity, religion, culture, disability, class or gender: that it is communicated to students and is easily available to parents/carers.
  2. 2. To ensure the continuing appropriateness of the policy it is kept under review by the Principal and staff and through the Governors’ policy review system. The Principal is responsible for the overall management of the policy and for supporting staff in its implementation. CONTENT Planning Acts of Collective Worship The content of all acts of Collective Worship will be considered carefully, to ensure relevance and suitability for the ages, aptitudes and backgrounds of all students. A yearly assembly rota for Upper and Lower college assemblies (Included in the appendix) list themes, special occasions and events, but will be flexible to allow the inclusion of current and topical issues. Year Directors of Learning also hold weekly year assemblies which will include current and topical events The Act of Collective Worship A variety of teaching and learning styles and active and interactive methods are appropriate in acts of Collective Worship. Any and all of the methods employed in the classroom can be used effectively in acts of Collective Worship. Leaders will choose the style/method and resources which are appropriate to the content, the age, aptitude and the background of the students. Withdrawal Any parent/carer who objects to their daughter attending an act or acts of Collective Worship may request that she is withdrawn. Parents/carers are encouraged to discuss this with the Principal. COLLEGE POLICIES AND PRACTICES The effectiveness of the Collective Worship and Spiritual and Moral Guidance Policy is reliant on its interrelationship with other college practices: Teaching and learning Personal development Partnerships with parents, carers and others within our sphere of influence and all other policies, including: Race Equal opportunities Attendance and punctuality Anti bullying Safeguarding children
  3. 3. APPENDIX 1 ASSEMBLY ROTA 2008 - 2009 Week beg. Theme Member of staff 8th Sept A fresh start JN 15th Sept Ramadan SWA/FSM 22nd Sept European Day of Languages FH/RA 29th Sept Jeans for Genes Day (3rd Oct.) EDW 6th Oct. Black History month SF 13th Oct. International week MSH 20th Oct. Celebrations BB 3rd Nov. Remembrance Day or Diwali? BB or SHY? 10th Nov. Road Safety week KMA / EK 17th Nov. Anti Bullying week PW 24th Nov. Jack Petchey awards BB/PW 1st Dec. International Human Rights Day (10th) RMC 8th Dec. MOCKS 15th Dec. Christmas BB/HT 5th Jan. Welcome back / New year resolutions BB 12th Jan. Decade celebrations 1958 - 1968 JN / Year 10 19th Jan. Decade celebrations 1968 - 1978 FA / Year 11 26th Jan. Decade celebrations 1978 - 1988 JE / Year 9 2nd Feb. Decade celebrations 1988 - 1998 SHA / Year 8 9th Feb. Decade celebrations 1998 - 2008 TAY / Year 7 23rd Feb. World religions LKA 2nd March International Women’s Day SHY / PW 9th March Comic Relief – Red Nose Day (13th) SF / EK 16th March Healthy Schools week KMA 23rd March World Day for Water (22nd) AM 30th March School Travel plan PW 20th April Welcome back BB 27th April Achieve your Potential LKA 5th May The Environment KMA 11th May National Walk to School Week RMC 18th May Cultural Diversity Day AM 1st June EXAMS 8th June EXAMS 15th June EXAMS 22nd June EXAMS EXAMS 29th June EXAMS 6th July Specialisms at John Kelly RMC / MSH 13th July Looking back / Preparing for the next stage BB 20th July Concert