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Methodology: Innovative Mobile Applications


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A brief overview of the deliverables required for producing mobile applications.

Methodology: Innovative Mobile Applications

  1. 1. Methodology: Innovative Mobile Applications Presented By: Jessica Lowry
  2. 2. In my first presentation, I advised implementation of social tools and web 2.0 capabilities to engage with users. Using the information readily available on your own website reduces the amount of third party research is required for creating enhancements and new applications. Plus, all of the information is specific to your products and services.
  3. 3. Conduct a Competitive Analysis Because there are already lots of mobile apps look for ways to add value or simplify an existing experience.
  4. 4. User Needs Documentation Compile metrics from user behaviour, activity, rated content, overall downloads and feedback on existing applications.
  5. 5. Give the people what they want, by understanding what they do most.
  6. 6. Brainstorming Personas Who do you foresee using the application most?
  7. 7. Create a Usability Test Plan Once you know the requirements and functionality involved a detailed strategy for testing is a crucial component.
  8. 8. Producing engaging applications begins with research, and ends with ongoing management.
  9. 9. Monetization & Reach
  10. 10. What behaviour do we need to encourage?
  11. 11. Stages of Application Development Implement a plan using the right information.
  12. 12. Example of Elements of Strategy Documents for Development
  13. 13. Not all phones are created equal.
  14. 14. Application support is an ongoing process.
  15. 15. Summary The following deliverables need to be produced: Consistency of vision. Reduce risk by creating solid requirements and strategies. Accountability. Ensure decisions are clearly understood and implications have been researched. Leave a paper trail through appropriate documentation. Monetization strategy. Define metrics and tracking for ongoing promotion and marketing efforts.