Detroit lions campaign presentation


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Detroit lions campaign presentation

  1. 1. Detroit Lions
  2. 2. Lions Franchise  The Detroit Lions organization and franchise has been a respectable one. Yes we have experienced our ups and downs and a very tough couple of years. However there is a lot of excitement and buzz amongst the fans surrounding the 2013 season. We have the pieces to the puzzle, now it’s time to put it all together. I have a very good feeling that this season is going to be a special one.
  3. 3. Brand Awareness  Increasing the Detroit Lions brand awareness will help drive up the ticket and merchandising sales.
  4. 4. Target Audience  We are going to focus our efforts and ad campaign towards families and specialized group ticket deals. This will maximize our ticket sales and profit.
  5. 5. Campaign Goals/KPI  Increase ticket sales and try to sell out as many games as possible every season.  Sell the Lions; make the fans want to pay to come watch the games.  Make them aware of the ticket packages and ticket deals that are offered.  Create lifetime customers; make them want to come back.  Influence people to come to the games that may be on the border.  Sell the experience of coming to the games and how it is more fun than sitting on the couch.  Make the public more aware of the Lions.  Increase page views about the Lions.
  6. 6. Social Media  We are going to do a better job in updating and sharing more information about the team and ticket/merchandising deals using twitter, facebook, and instagram accounts.  We will also have a full time blogger that will talk and interact with the fans about all the good stuff that happens throughout the season with the team
  7. 7. T.V./Radio  We will constantly run TV/radio ads that will help increase the publics interest.  By running these ads it will definitely help in the increasing of ticket and merchandising sales.
  8. 8. Internet/Pay Per Click  We will do a lot of internet marketing through the use of keywords:  Detroit Lions, tickets, schedule, football, a nd NFL.  Pay Per Click will raise our brand awareness, which will help lead to the increase in ticket and merchandise sales and profits.
  9. 9. Big Idea  The Big Idea for this campaign is selling the team/players to the people and fans around the NFL.  Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, Reggie Bush, and Suh  By focusing on selling these big name players in Detroit to the public it will force fans to want to buy tickets to come watch the games, and it will help increase the merchandising sales because people will want to buy their jerseys.
  10. 10. Budget  We estimate the campaign as a whole to reach somewhere between $5.5-6 million dollars.  A lot of money will be spent on paid media outlets, internet advertising, management and workers, and the implementing of certain aspects.  This is the kind of money that we have to spend to make the Detroit Lions a brand name known to all, and to make them successful.