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Google forms


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The link tot the Google Apps version so you can use the links:

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Google forms

  1. 1. Google Forms Jan-Marie Kellow
  2. 2. Uses of Google forms Quizzes Tests Prior Knowledge Feedback Surveys Collecting information Permission Slips Book Reviews Reading Logs Bibliographies More Classroom Uses
  3. 3. Getting Started Creating 1 Question Types Finish Creating Adding images/video Sharing 1 and Sharing 2 Misc 1 and Misc 2 View Responses Analysing Embedding in email In blogs/websites In Google Sites Self-marking forms Classroom Uses Contents
  4. 4. Preferably use Chrome browser
  5. 5. Getting Started Log in Click on the 9 dots in the top right corner. Click the Drive symbol. Click Create and select Form
  6. 6. Creating Creating a form video A Google How To on all aspects of forms
  7. 7. Question Types Question types explained
  8. 8. Add images or video Click the down arrow and select image or video Select a file from your computer, Google drive etc. Select once uploaded. Add separate questions referring to the image or video. Or create the question first. Adding Images Video
  9. 9. Misc. You can edit, duplicate or delete each question Mostly these get left but you may sometimes want to use them
  10. 10. Sharing Click the options you want then Send Form Copy the link or Invite specific people Or you can embed the form in an email or in a website.
  11. 11. Misc 2 At the top you can change the theme, View the responses spreadsheet Turn the form on and off and view the live form The first you make a form you will be asked to choose a response destination. Unless you have a spreadsheet already, choose new spreadsheet
  12. 12. Responses
  13. 13. Analysing In the spreadsheet >Form > Show summary of responses
  14. 14. Embedding in email Click Send Form Enter email addresses Tick Embed Form in Email Embed form in email (first 2 ½ mins of video)
  15. 15. Embedding in blogs or websites Click File then Embed Copy the embed code Paste it into the HTML section of the website or blog Embedding forms in Blogger Weebly
  16. 16. Embedding in Google Sites Or you can embed directly from a Google site Click edit then Insert >Drive > Form Select the form Save Embedding forms in Google Sites
  17. 17. Get Flubaroo Watch theFlubaroo video Make a test in a form. Let Flubaroo do the work. If you can’t see the Add-ons tab after installing > Tools >Script Gallery, search Flubaroo & Install. It will get its own tab Google Self-grading forms
  18. 18. Using Forms Google Forms Quick Overview video 86 Interesting Ways to use Google Forms 80 Ways to use Forms in the Classroom 10 Ways to use forms in Tablet classroom Innovative Ideas for Using Google Forms Google Forms in the Classroom ignore the first section, scroll to the video and links
  19. 19. My details @jkellow on Twitter 10 h