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Participant Reports


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Participant Reports

  1. 1. Participant Reports
  2. 2. This is a great opportunity to acquire knowledge & skills in a convenient setting. I also appreciate that KY spends so much money for these courses. I have done them before & it worked out really well. - Jacqueline Heide
  3. 3. I am working on my Rank I by completing the Continuing Education Option. This course looked like it would be an excellent opportunity for professional development. I especially love the flexibility of completing a course online (as I truly am in my PJ's!) - Elizabeth Erwin
  4. 4. Free was a big reason for joining this class, the number of PD hours is also a plus. The biggest reason is to better learn how to use the WWW in class by taking a class on the www. This class could easily serve as a model for my future lessons in class, ESS, or in summer school. - William Polstron
  5. 5. I love online PD, and I actually enjoy doing coursework that will give me information and training I need and can use for myself and others! Also, I really like being able to complete the PD in my comfy sweats or PJ's! I think the e-Learning Kentucky online courses are awesome and the quality of training is excellent. - Elizabeth Willett
  6. 6. I signed up for this course so that I can become a more effective librarian for my students and teachers. By taking this course I hope to gain more confidence and improve my skills. - Sandra Messinger
  7. 7. I signed up to help in my endeavor for the National Board Certificate. And, I am using this as a refresher course as it's been since 1994 since I finished my masters. - Amy Cross
  8. 8. I signed up so that I could learn more about how to effectively run my school library. I am so glad that educators are given the opportunity to learn more about their field in an environment that provides easy accessibility and opportunities to communicate. - Jayna Graham