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Week With G & P


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My week with Grandma and Papa

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Week With G & P

  1. 1. While Daddy and Momma were in Florida celebrating their 10 th anniversary…
  2. 2. and doing things like this….
  3. 3. I was at home running wild with Grandma and Papa.
  4. 4. We went to feed the ducks. Grandma was bit while saving me from a goose. Thanks Grandma. (Papa thought it was funny!)
  5. 5. This is me…showing my silly side.
  6. 6. Again, silly, thanks to Derek putting the Cheerio on my nose!
  7. 7. Only a totally awesome Grandma like mine would get into a pool like this.
  8. 8. I think Papa loved having me as an excuse to go down the slide.
  9. 9. Check out the teeth. 11 and counting…
  10. 10. I love to swing
  11. 11. Thanks Papa and Grandma. I had a great week with you. I love you!