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Brooks position shift basketball ppt1 final


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Brooks position shift basketball ppt1 final

  1. 1. From Ignorance to AppreciationPOSITION SHIFT-BASKETBALL
  2. 2. “Remember this, the choices you make in life, make you.” – John Wooden
  3. 3. Overview My first memories of basketball My introduction to Georgetown’s culture & the GU Midnight Madness experience Aftermath
  4. 4. NBA Finals 2000 The first game I ever watched the game I understood absolutely nothing Little did I know, Kobe Bryant (the player most despised by my entire family) would become my favorite
  5. 5. Georgetown University The view from the outside is much different from the one on campus
  6. 6. After experiencing the Georgetownbasketball culture, I loved it andchanged as a person Midnight Madness led to season tickets and soon I had come out of my shell 1st game I went to
  7. 7. After a few months of watchinggames almost daily.. I learned the game & developed a genuine appreciation for it I made a lot of new friends & was “the girl that knows about basketball” A friend blending into a wall in my room at Georgetown
  8. 8. Reaction of my family They were extremely surprised, especially my father I had to prove that I actually liked the game & wasn’t just interested in the men running around in shorts Eventually they accepted it & we found something new to bond over & spend time together doing
  9. 9. Now I fit right in with the basketball crazed fans here at UK!
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