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Audio Test Deck


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Audio Test Deck

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing By Scott Chapin
  2. 2. 54.9%Percentage of U.S. mobilephone subscribers using asmartphone as of June 2012Nielsen
  3. 3. 64%Percentage of U.S. adultson 3G (January 2012)Informa WCIS+ via KleinerPerkins
  4. 4. 40M+Tablets sold within the the past two yearscomScore
  5. 5. 15%Percentage of search donefrom mobile phonesGoogle
  6. 6. 8%Percentage of eCommercethat is mobilecomScore via KPCB
  7. 7. Weekday Device Usage
  8. 8. Weekend Device Usage
  9. 9. Platform Basics mCommerce Location-based Augmented SMS Services Reality Digital Web Activation Mobile Digital Podcast Media Apps Payments/Cou pons Email
  10. 10. Wrigley’s Orbit
  11. 11. Kraft Foods
  12. 12. Evaluating MobileFour questions to consider: • Where is your consumer? (traveling, at home, at work) • What do they need? (location, information, entertainment, support, purchase) • What devices do they have? (smartphone, tablet, laptop) • What content do you already have? (product information, coupons, video) 12
  13. 13. Thank You.