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  • Chateaux keynote

    1. 1. Les Châteaux de la Loire Charming Châteaux de VillandryBy: Ju li a n ne K eb er : )
    2. 2. What are chateaux? Who built them?Châteaux are castlesthat were built byFrench Kings.
    3. 3. Loire Valley...Where? What?The Loire Valley is locatedbetween Maine and Sully-sur-Loire, basically in the centralregion of France.The Loire is known as “TheGarden of France,” and “TheCradle of the French Language.”It is a beautifully constructedcultural landscape.
    4. 4. When/Why were they built?Châteaux were builtduring the 10thcentury because thelocal French Kingsdidn’t want to be farfrom the seat ofpower.
    5. 5. Villandry : )
    6. 6. !Architecture!Built by Jean le Breton.This chateau was indeed built up from a previous 12th century castle, that from which Jean onlykept an old tower, located behind the main courtyard.The next owner, after Jean and his family, built Classical style outbuildings which are on eitherside of the front courtyard.This next owner was named Marquis de Castellane and he also redesigned the château’s interior tofit the 18th century standards, that of which resemble much of what we have now-a-days.After Marquis, the Villandry was then owned by his Great-Grandfather Dr. Joachim Carvallo. Hedevoted himself entirely to the Villandry and fixed up the gardens that were destroyed during the19th century. The new gardens were in sync with the Renaissance architecture of the rest of thechâteau.
    7. 7. MagnificentFront Tower Garden Main Courtyard
    8. 8. *Famous Event*July 4, 1189 was thedate the “Paix deColombiers,” wassigned at thischâteau.
    9. 9. Stay in a châteauName: Château TourellesLocation: Courcelles-de-TouraineChâteau’s history: This is a 19th century romantic château that holds up to 27-28 guests. It has spired turrets,shiny slate, and white stone, all of which help capture its fairytale image.Interior Description: Each and everyone of it’s rooms are beautiful and have a girly type fairytale taste to them.It has gorgeous spiral white staircases that lead from the downstairs to the upstairs. The entrance has a hugetower on each side, giving the feel of an old time castle with a drop down door. The ceilings are decoratedbeautifully just like the ceiling of the sistine chapel.Amenities: When I first selected this particular château, I loved the picture of the spiral staircase, which I thinkis the cherry on top of a castle fit for a princess. I also noticed the pictures of weddings that have taken place atthe château Tourelles; if I could I would probably have my own wedding here.What to do here?: While at this château you can enjoy great wine, historic shops, and an impressive cathedral,along with golf, tennis, horse riding, and a great chance to visit the coast which is not too far away.Date to stay: I would depart on June 26 and stay until June 30, because I would love to spend a birthdayweekend here at this château. Cost is 8,107.00 euros and $11,499.37 US dollars.
    10. 10. Tourelles
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